Why Do Singers Use Autotune?

So many music lovers are of the opinion that singers should quit the style and habit of making use of autotune when singing. You might wonder why people feel this way, and people claim singing with autotune is some kind of musical cheat. This makes people ask why do singers use autotune? Some people believe autotune shouldn’t be a part of music.

Following the moment it got introduce to the music world, autotune has gone on to be a very important part of music. Autotune helps singers avoid repeating bad pitches, and the reason why so many artists today make use of autotune is how it helps in correcting sharp or flat pitch. This will save a singers time and cost in the studio.

There are people who do not want to spend so much time in the studio, and making use of autotune can be of great help. There are artists that love listening to the robotic tune their voice produces when they sing, but this robotic tune is as a result of the autotune effect. You can see that making use of autotune in music isn’t totally bad.

Why Do Singers Use Autotune?

Why Do Singers Use Autotune?


Autotune will make you sound better and different, and this clearly explains why singers make use of autotune. Correcting high and flat pitches and notes is what using the autotune will help singers achieve, and this isn’t something bad if we are being realistic. The only downside is there is a limitation to how good you can sound when using the autotune effect.

This shouldn’t be much of a problem for you if you are a very good singer as all that is required of you is to stay in tune with what that is being played. This ensures that you can maintain a perfect pitch even when you are making use of the autotune effect.

There are several other aspects that can make you very good or help you improve when it comes to singing, and these aspects are;

  • Lyrical articulation
  • Stage presence
  • Emotion whether you are performing or recording a song
  • How to control breath

Everything we have said so far points us to the direction that making use of autotune will correct pitches and notes so you can sound better when recording. What we want you to know is you are likely going to sound like a robot if you make use of autotune in excess, and this is one of the problems people have with singers using autotune.

On the other hand, sounding like a robot could be what you really want. There are artists that prefer people hear them sound robotic, but it is not always good for business when you are constantly making songs to sound like a robot. You should try all you can to avoid sounding like this or risk losing your fans.

Despite all of these advantages an artist is exposed to when singing with an autotune effect, there are people who strongly think that making use of autotune shouldn’t be supported or encouraged. Before we go ahead to talk more about why singers make use of autotune, let us give you a brief history about autotune.

History Of Autotune

Why Do Singers Use Autotune?

Dr Andy Hilderbrand invented the use of autotune, and the musical effect has never gone out of trend since it was first introduced to the world of music. It wasn’t till the 90’s autotune started gaining popularity all over the world, and this was when several musicians started using the autotune effect to their advantage.

There are several modern day artists that have made use of autotune at some point in their career, and we are talking about artists like Snoop Dogg, Drake, Kanye West, and several other popular artists. Another singer that used autotune very well was Cher, but do not forget what we explained autotune to be at the beginning of this detailed post.

Like we mentioned earlier, autotune is an effect that can be used in correcting a singer pitch, while a phase decoder can be used for when an artists is singing or recording with the autotune. The phase decoder is designed to function when the microphone is used for singing and an instrument is playing.

What this means is the phase decoder is going to adjust the voice of the singer to match what the instrument is playing. Bearing these things in mind about autotune, you should know that there are about three aspects of autotune you should be very familiar with. These are;

  • Input type
  • Retune speed
  • Key reference

When working with the key reference, an artist’s vocals or instruments are properly corrected. You are going to find it very difficult when you want to autotune a track if you fail in making use of the key reference, and this is because there is nothing you can compare it to to provide you with the voice or tone that you need.

Retune speed on the other hand is the speed at which an autotune is set to make corrections and identifying notes. Setting the retune speed between 150 to 200 is the slowest speed, but the speed is at its fastest when you set it to the zero level or point.

Finally, input type implies figuring out what you want to get or what the result of using an autotune comes with. Working with autotune plugins is going to open you to various autotune options, and these options could be soprano, alto, piano, or guitar sounds.

Can You View The Use Of Autotune In Music As Cheating?

One of the negative ideas people have about the use of autotune today is that autotune is cheating, and this is because so many music lovers have groomed themselves to always look for authenticity when a singer puts his or her music out there for everyone.

Only when you want to obtain robotic sounds can you overuse the autotune effect, and you should also know that several artists have been shamed so many times for their choice to make use of autotune music. So many people are after listening to an artist’s raw voice, and this is why anyone that makes use of autotune will be slandered.

No matter what, artists will keep on making use of autotune even in the future, and this is something everyone needs to get used to. It doesn’t mean an artist that makes use of autotune cannot make music with their natural voice, but bear it in mind that the use of autotune in making music cannot be stopped.


Believe it or not, making use of autotune will bring out an artist’s creative side, but we also understand that you always want to hear your favorites sing with their raw voice. You should know that using autotune in music has come to stay, but other factors like having a good singing voice, proper use of diction, and practice makes you a good singer.

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