Who Used Sony C800G Microphone

The Sony C800G microphone is one of the most elite microphones to ever find its way to the market, and being designed by a reliable and popular brand is one of the reasons why it isn’t just popular but also durable. People tend to ask questions like who used the Sony C800G microphone, and this post will be providing you with answers.

This microphone has a price tag that almost everyone can afford, and you will also appreciate the fact that this microphone is worth all the hype when you get to meet its amazing features and performance. What leaves people impressed about this microphone is how it is able to deliver that professional sound experience you desire.

Capturing silky breath is yet another significant highlight of this microphone, and having a high sensitivity design also guarantees that every sound it captures is captured in fine details. This is why all of its recordings are all outstanding and delicate, and it is best for recording vocals thanks to its high sensitivity design.

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Who Used Sony C800G Microphone

Who Used Sony C800G Microphone

You will be very curious about who and who has worked with this microphone based on the few things we have mentioned so far about it. You can bet that the Sony C800G microphone has been used by many popular artists like Dr Dre, Eminem, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, and even Mariah Carey. These are top and talented musicians.

It will be a good buy for an artist like Mariah Carey considering the fact that it is ideal for making recordings, and this is one microphone that makes it easy for you to transit between octave ranges when singing. If an artist like Mariah Carey can be pleased with this microphone then trust me when i say you will be pleased as well.

Delivering clear cut and perfectly detailed sounds is what this microphone is designed to do, and this is the microphone you can set your sights on working with if you want to make an acoustic recording. This is because it will provide users with crystal clear and crisp sounds, and what we like about this microphone is its noise floor design.

This means producing sounds with minimal distortion and high clarity, and users will also be impressed by the physical design of this microphone. It boasts of having a two parts aluminum design which ensures it lasts long. What you find surprising is how its construction helps in improving the quality of sound it produces.

Its construction makes sure users do not have to struggle with resonance and vibration when working with it. and this is why you are going to get well enhanced and crisp sounds when working with this microphone. It also comes with a dual diaphragm design that enables users to choose between the cardioid polar and omni-directional pattern.

The microphone is going to vibrate when both patterns are placed parallel to each other, and this is why users can carry out more than one pickup pattern at the same time. You will be reminded why you decided to make music when you decide to work with this microphone as every sound it produces has life inside of it.

This microphone also boasts of delivering the best in sound quality, while the combination of a cooling system and external power supply are two features that you are likely to not get from any microphone out there. Judging by all we have said so far, you can see why this microphone is loved by so many people out there.

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Sony C800G Microphone – Features, Pros, And Cons

The combination of a rare contemporary design and a vintage feel and look are two features that provides this microphone with the amazing look it has. So many users have found this appearance very attractive, and it is going to deliver silky, bright, and detailed sounds thanks to its capsule size which is designed like that of the Neumann K67 microphone.

Here are some of the top features of the Sony C800G microphone;

  • This is the best microphone for vocal recording and for film production
  • It boasts of having a dual pickup pattern which are the cardioid polar and omni-directional patterns
  • You will get a low noise sound production and minimal distortion thanks to its unique cooling system
  • It offers users with the best and quality sounds

There you have the top features of the Sony C800G microphone, and we also want you to note that this microphone will provide users with deep bass sounds. What we want you to note about this microphone is it isn’t designed for everyone to make use of it, and not being a skilled singer might affect you negatively from getting the best out of it.

Since you have an idea of what its features are, you should also have an idea of what its pros and cons are. You shouldn’t be surprised that a microphone as durable and reliable as this comes with some flaws of its own. This confirms the fact that there are so many products that are not free from having a flaw in their design.

Sony C800G Microphone – Pros

  • It will deliver high fidelity and pristine sounds
  • It is a microphone used by professionals
  • It doesn’t disappoint in terms of offering high quality sounds
  • It delivers clear sounds
  • Sounds are captured in real time
  • It isn’t expensive as most people thought

Sony C800G Microphone – Cons

  • This microphone isn’t recognized as a high end microphone


Is The Sony C-800G Worth It?

Yes, this microphone is worth being given a try. It has been used by several popular artists in making music, making it one of the favorites anyone can settle for. It offers huge bass, while the sound it delivers is crystal clear. It also offers sparky sounds, and it also boasts of having an incredible high frequency range.

What Is The Sony C-800G Used For?

It is used for film post productions and for vocal recordings. These are two areas where you can get the best out of this microphone, and it also guarantees offering the best results when you make use of it


From all we have said, you will agree with us that is one of the best microphones you can settle for when you want to make recordings. The fact that it delivers very clear vocals and sounds makes it a good buy, and it is going to provide you with the quality of recording you want even though it isn’t considered to be a high end microphone.

Our advice to anyone considering working with this microphone is to give it a try, and we want you to tell us what working with this microphone is like in our comment section. Good luck.

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