What To Drink To Have A Good Voice For Singing

You will be ranked and compared with several other established singers when you have a good idea about what to drink to have a good voice for singing. Having a good voice for singing means you will sound like a well established and renowned singer, and consuming the right drink will have a positive effect on your tone, vocal health, and stamina. Being enriched with adequate energy needed for a performance comes with consuming the right drink.

Trust me when i say you will fee very energized and great before a performance because you took the right drink for your voice, and worrying about what type of drink to take before a performance or gig is one feeling that is very common among singers. As much as this article pays attention to what to drink to have a good singing voice, what you eat too has the power to impact your singing voice positively or negatively. There ought to be a balance.

This article contains a detailed list of the best drinks that can help a singer in maintaining a good singing voice, and the outcome of a singer’s voice is greatly influenced by what the singer drinks or eats before a performance or a gig. Singers that are conscious of maintaining their good singing voice need to start paying critical attention to what they eat and what they drink, and this is because what you consume has the power to ruin or improve your performance.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as we are all aware of the health benefits that comes with keeping an eye on what you eat and drink. What a singer consumes is capable of affecting the quality of performance, overall health, and state of the vocal cords, so you can see how vital it is for a singer to monitor what he drinks before going on to perform at a gig or record a song. Even if you have a show to perform or not, warm drinks are the best for singers.

What To Drink To Have A Good Voice For Singing

What To Drink To Have A Good Voice For Singing

The warm drinks we are talking about should not contain caffeine or milk, and we have mentioned in other guides how milk promotes build up of mucus in the throat. Caffeine on the other hand causes tension in the vocal cords, so these are drinks you should stay away from if you sing. Warm water that contains honey, lemon, and ginger and herbal teas are drinks that are good for singers.

You can also count of room temperature water to hydrate the vocal cords, and these drinks are capable of protecting the vocal cords from injuries. These drinks have the ability to make the vocal cords more supple, and drinks should be wary of ice cold drinks as they are not idea for a singer’s voice. We all are aware of the feeling that comes when you gulp an ice cold drink on a very sunny day as it leaves a refreshing and satisfying feeling.

As satisfying and refreshing ice cold drinks provides the body, it is not the right type of drink for a singer’s voice. This is because ice cold drinks are likely to damage the vocal cords, leaving them vulnerable to infection and other illness. Taking hot drinks on the other hand causes the vocal cords to swell, and your audience won’t hear you loud and clear as hot drinks are capable of taking that effect away from your voice.

Making the vocal cords contract and tensed are what arises when a singer consumes cold drinks, but a singer should always have his vocal cords loose, relaxed, and supple at all times. Every singer should consider themselves as an athlete that warms up before competing in a field race, and we all know athletes warm up in order to free up some tension and muscles that must have built up one way or the other.

The same action should be applied by singers, as they ought to warm up their voice before they start singing. You might be confused at the idea of warming up the voice before singing, and staying hydrated is one of the best way to warm up the vocal cords before singing. This tells you that consuming water is a crucial aspect a singer should not ignore, because failing to consume water in the right quantity is capable of affecting ones performance.

It is okay to take water before a performance but its quantity should be monitors so you don’t end up wanting to use the bathroom right in the middle of a performance.

Types Of Tea To Have A Good Singing Voice

We mentioned earlier that there are herbal teas a singer can consume in order to have a good singing voice, and not all teas provides the voice with the benefits it deserves. There are teas with ingredients that might not be healthy for your vocal cords, so below is a list of teas you can search for if you want to boost your voice and have a good vocal performance.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea remains the best option to aid digestion, and we are aware of the benefits that comes with having a strong digestive system.

Decaffeinated Tea

Caffeine will hinder the growth and quality of your voice, so singers can always opt for a decaffeinated tea

Chamomile Tea

This is a great tea option that helps the body and muscle relax before going in for a performance.

Ginger Tea

Consuming this tea doesn’t just benefit the voice, but providing the body with all round benefits is what this tea does. Singers struggling with flu can take this tea as it contains anti-inflammatory properties to fight off the flu, it relaxes unease stomachs, and it will soothe a sore throat or vocal strain. It has warm properties that helps the voice take shape before a performance, while its antioxidants helps in maintaining overall wellness and health.

Green Tea

Providing the needed energy for a performance and getting rid of stress is what this tea does for the body

Wild Moss Tea

Singers can consume this tea in order to soothe a raspy voice, and this tea has been consumed by so many people for so many years because of its benefits.

Slippery Elm Tea

Popularly referred to as throat coat, the slippery elm tea protects the lungs, throat, and fights off sore throat infection

Honey And Lemon Tea

This tea can be prepared by singers as it can be prepared by adding lemon or honey to warm water. Soothing a voice that is threatened by cold and leaving the vocal cords hydrated are benefits of consuming this tea.

What To Avoid If You Want To Maintain A Good Singing Voice

Every singer should be concerned about their quality of performance and state of their voice, so staying away from certain foods and drinks is necessary. Junk foods and hot noodles are not what a singer needs to consume as they will affect the quality of a singer’s voice, and it doesn’t matter how much nutrition these foods provides the body with. What matters at this point is if it has the ability to make or break a singer’s voice.

Foods that produce excess mucus in the throat or foods that have a high cooling effect should be avoided, and we are talking about diary products like ice cream, cream, cheese, and yogurt. This is because they produce excess mucus in the throat that causes clogging of the throat. You will not be able to sound loud and clear when you have a clogged up voice.

Final Thoughts – What To Drink To Have A Good Voice For Singing

It doesn’t matter whether you are a solo singer or a member of a choir or rock band. What is important is that you find out the best possible way to keep your voice healthy. The state of your health has the ability to make or break your performance, so a little inside knowledge and common sense will help you do the trick in having a good voice for singing.

Banana provides the body with loads of benefits like releasing anxiety and tension, but the texture of a banana isn’t ideal for a singer’s voice. Taking bananas is okay, but it should not be taken right before a performance or recording, but there are other foods you can take to help deal with the anxiety or nervousness you feel before a show or recording.

Apricots, spinach, dark chocolate, kiwi fruits, turkey, almond, and tuna helps in dealing with all the stress, tension, and anxiety you feel before a show. We want you to understand that what works for another singer might not work for you, and this is why paying close attention to your blood type, allergies, blood sugar, activity levels, and body metabolism are very crucial in the life of a singer.

Paying attention to all of these will help you find out what will work for you so you have can have a successful singing career. We hoe we you found this article helpful, and you can tell us about your experience in your comment section.

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