What To Drink Before Singing High Notes

It is okay for every singer to want to hit high notes when singing, but there are a couple of things that such a person needs to consider if you want to turn out successful. First, do you know what to drink before singing high notes if you are new to singing?

Some professional singers sometimes get it wrong, so you shouldn’t feel bad if you have no idea about the types of drinks you can consume or stay away from.

Every singer should be aware that there are drinks that will be of great benefit to them, while other drinks will only affect their voice and sound performance.

What if I tell you there are drinks capable of enhancing your voice to sing better, and one mistake every beginner is likely to make is not paying enough attention to what needs to be consumed in terms of drinking and eating. Most singers are concerned about hitting high notes when singing.

A very common and popular drink is water, and consuming water in adequate quantities works effectively in lubricating and hydrating the vocal cords. Any singer that lubricates and hydrates the vocal cords will hit high notes with ease.

Water isn’t the only drink a singer should consume when wanting to hit high notes, but certain other drinks offer great benefits in addition to helping a singer attain high notes when singing.

Most of these drinks recommended for singers have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, ensuring your vocal cords stay protected and free from damage. We refer to drinks like ginger tea, honey tea, and lemon tea.

Singing is an actual way of life even though so many people find it hard to believe, and some so many people have turned out rich and famous today by practicing singing as a profession.

If you are concerned about practicing just so you can end up singing, then you might just be setting yourself up for a huge fall because becoming successful at singing either as a profession or as a hobby requires more than just practice.

You need to pay attention to what you eat, drink and have an immaculate diet. All of these factors will combine to help you come out tops when you enter a competition or when you perform in front of a crowd.

What To Drink Before Singing High Notes

What To Drink Before Singing High Notes

For anyone concerned about singing professionally, what you drink or eat shouldn’t be something you do just for fun anymore. What you drink now has a very significant role to play in either making or destroying you.

So you should also consider the possibility of hitting high notes when singing, and what you drink tends to influence that most of the time. Some drinks have the right properties to get rid of stress from your vocal cords.

Being able to eliminate stress from your vocal cord will make you get better at what you do, and this means you will get very good at hitting high notes if that is the area you are concerned about.

Being able to hit high notes consistently should be as easy as ABC for every singer, and it shouldn’t be something you can attain once in a while. Combining the right drink, singing exercises, and the right singing technique helps in hitting high notes.

One point we want you to note is every singer isn’t built to function or exist the same way, but consuming the right diet with the right drinks will be of great help when you want to hit high notes while singing.

This tells you that what you eat and what you drink goes hand in hand, meaning you will not achieve your singing goals if you do not eat or drink healthy regardless of how good your singing ability is.

Caffeine and sugary drinks are examples that you should avoid if you want to keep your vocal cords in good shape because caffeine and sugar do not contain the right properties or ingredients that help lubricate or hydrate your vocal cords.

These drinks are known to serve as an obstacle in every singer’s life, and another point you need to consider is the temperature of the drink you intend to consume.

How hot or cold a drink will affect your voice when it comes to hitting high notes, and consuming icy drinks causes your vocal cords to contract. This causes the voice to be altered for few hours, and you will never be able to hit high notes within the period that your vocal cord feels contracted.

So what drinks can you consume in adequate quantities to help lubricate and hydrate your vocal cords? Take a look at some options below;

1. Ginger Tea Drink


If you are a singer that you are bent on hitting high notes, ginger tea is one drink that will provide the vocal cords with so many benefits and ensures it stays in a healthy shape.

You will boost effectiveness and promote the health of your vocal cords when you combine ginger with honey and lemon, and singers have relied on ginger tea for so many years to help in dealing with most vocal problems they have been faced with.

Ginger tea has proved to be very effective over the years. This is because it possesses antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which will help a singer hit high notes for lengthy periods.

Trying to hit high notes for lengthy periods without taking care of your vocal cords or consuming the right drink will lead to damage to your vocal cord. Unfortunately, there are times when a ginger drink isn’t as effective as it ought to be.

This is when a singer has already noticed an injury to their vocal cord, and this isn’t how to consume ginger tea for singers even though it fights against inflammation and boosts recovery.

Taking ginger tea constantly is one of the tricks around hitting high notes for lengthy periods, and consuming this tea once every day opens you to its healing benefit and every other benefit that it possesses.

2. Honey Tea Drink

There are several honey teas you will find on the market, and this is because honey has the right properties that protect against injuries and heal injuries to the vocal cords.

Singing high notes for long periods might cause some injuries to the vocal cords, and honey will be able to deal with the situation as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Every beginner trying to hit high notes might end up injuring them, but you can prevent suffering a nasty injury if you consume honey tea before time. Also, when you place a strain on your vocal cords, you are likely to cause an infection on your vocal cords, but you can count on honey tea to get rid of any sickness or infection present on your vocal cord. Taking a teaspoon of honey is okay if you are not okay with taking honey tea.

Drinking honey tea or taking a spoonful of honey will help fight inflammation of the vocal cords if you give hitting high notes a try, and speeding up the recovery of an injured vocal cord is another reason why so many singers rely on honey tea too.

3. Warm Water Drink

For instance, you cannot get honey tea or ginger tea around you; what do you fall back to? A warm water drink is the best option for you to fall back to if you want to hit high notes while singing.

Many do not believe this, but water plays a perfect role in helping singers hit high notes, but the trick behind achieving this is consuming lukewarm water and not very hot water. Consuming water leaves the body hydrated, and that is what a singer wants.

Water will get rid of any mucous present on your vocal cords, and these mucous can be responsible for preventing a singer from hitting high notes. Consuming water slowly is a final point we want you to note, but taking few sips is more healthy than rushing down a large quantity of water down your throat.

The quantity of water consumed is the point, and singers need to try all they can to avoid consuming sugar.

Wrapping It Up – What To Drink Before Singing High Notes

Just like we mentioned earlier, taking sugar and caffeine would not help the vocal cord. The same also goes for rushing water down the throat.

This is the point where we draw the curtain on this guide, and we hope that every piece of information we have provided in this guide will steer you in the right direction of catering for the health of your vocal cord.

You can consider all of the drinks we have talked about in this interesting review, as they will provide your vocal cords with so many benefits.

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