What Size PA System Do I Need

If you intend to host a lecture, meeting, conference, or even, one question will keep popping up when trying to make arrangements. What size PA system do I need is one question you will struggle with because the crucial aspect of any setup, meeting, or event is the type of speaker you need.

You will have to consider so many factors when identifying the PA system size you need. The factors to take note of are;

  • The use of the PA system
  • Client expectations and your expectations
  • The venue layout
  • Size of venue
  • The type of event you intend to host

Pin down an answer for any of these questions will help you narrow your search regarding what PA system size you need. A prevalent rule of thumb most people use is gauging six to eight watts for a single person.

But you can end up doubling the watts per person if the event is a wedding reception that will require a disco feel. This value should be doubled, and extra subwoofers can be provided to provide an additional bass feel.

One factor you have to consider about the size of the PA system you need is that loud isn’t always better. There is a certain amount of sound the ear can tolerate for a specific period of time, and everyone must have a good feel of audio quality without having funny sounds ringing in their ears. Positioning speakers, on the other hand, is what we should consider taking quite seriously.

I’m sure firing all the audio sounds at the people invited to your event isn’t what you need because people at the front will feel too much audio impact while the ones behind will barely hear you. So instead, the speaker should be set higher, considering the best speaker layout in mind.

Horizontal audio coverage is another aspect that needs to be considered when it comes to speakers and sounds and trying to cut down on overlap as much as possible is required.

Nowadays, so many gigs performed by solo artists, bands, and duos can be performed in small venues. However, these venues might not have their PA system, so it falls to the person performing to find a suitable PA system with the right size for the right occasion.

When picking sound reinforcements like a PA system, you need to consider transport, sound requirements, budget, and available space where the PA system would be positioned.

However, before deciding what size PA system you need, you need to answer a few questions to help you make the right choice. These questions are;

  • How much bass end will the PA system handle
  • Can your transport accommodate its physical size
  • How loud do you need this PA system to be

What most sound lovers love most about speakers isn’t about the amplifier power of the PA system you need, but it is mostly about the PA system’s ability to deliver clean sound pressure levels.

What Size PA System Do I Need

What Size PA System Do I Need

The size of your audience is a key aspect you need to take a good look at when selecting a PA system size that you need, and there are portable PA systems that will be enough for a crowd of 20 to 7500 people.

It doesn’t matter whether this crowd is indoor or outdoor, but working with a PA system that handles a large audience is preferable. You can turn the volume up and down to meet your needs, but portable speakers have an advantage.

Tips On Choosing The Right PA System Size

The next aspect of this post we want to look at is key tips that will help you choose the right PA system size for you.

Consider How Much Power You Need

The amount of power you need is one of the questions you have to answer before knowing what PA system size you need, and the kind of space you’re playing in and how big your audience is another point you have to note.

The PA amplifier is responsible for producing power, and the amplifier is tasked with boosting signals produced by the mixer before transmitting through the speakers.

It will interest you to know that you will end up producing distorted and cracked sounds when your PA system doesn’t have the required amount of power to cater for a specific event or venue. It is okay to invest in a different PA system if you perform in a large venue.

How Important Is Portability

What is the possibility of performing in the same space over and over again? This is why you need a portable PA system that you will find moving around very easy. Traditional PA systems are designed to have separate pieces, making them quite difficult to move around.

These numerous pieces also make setting up the PA system cumbersome, so you should consider a portable PA speaker with all its components enclosed in a single body.

Take Budget Into Consideration

There are many PA systems on the market, and getting a PA system with loads of unique features might cost a few dollars. It would help if you didn’t forget how much you have in your budget when shopping for a PA system.

You can get an all-in-one PA system if you want to perform for a smaller group or at a smaller event, and trust these affordable PA systems to deliver clean and outstanding audio sounds just like the expensive PA systems do.

Battery Or Non-Battery PA System

Your usage will determine if you are going for a battery-powered or a non-battery-powered PA system. For example, a non-battery-powered PA system would be ideal for an indoor event, and a PA battery-powered system without a battery pack will be straightforward to carry.

A battery-powered PA system will be ideal if your event is held outdoors where there would be no access to a power socket.

Having A Good Idea Of Your Mixers

Spending time with your mixers is essential regardless of any PA system you go for, and considering if your mixer is basic or complex is what you should determine before making a payment.

With so many knobs, faders, and buttons, mixers can be very complex to operate or understand. It would help if you understood that every button has a function of its own, and these functions help in unleashing the best sounds.

The Importance Of Effects To You

Several PA speakers come with onboard effects, and these effects are enough for all of your needs. You can go for additional processing gear if you want to enhance your options some more, and there are external gears you could use. These are chorus, delay, reverb, and signal processing.

Conclusion – What Size PA System Do I Need

It will interest you to know that the world of PA systems can be quite complicating. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun that comes with using a PA system. We hope that everything you have read in this guide will be enough for you to choose when considering what PA system size you need.

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