What Microphones Do Celebrities Use To Record?

One thing celebrities share in common is a personal and favorite microphone they enjoy working with. This makes you wonder what microphones do celebrities use to record? Providing an answer to this question isn’t as easy as you might think it to be, but we have conducted our research and will share what we have found out with you.

Any microphone you want to make use of for the purpose of recording should have a frequency range of 80Hz to 15KHz, and trust me when i say you are going to find several microphone scattered all over the market designed to operate within this frequency range.

Taking a look at the microphone market today, you are going to find so many popular microphones you will love to work with which boasts of delivering high quality results, but the problem lies in the fact that some of these microphones will work in some cases, while others will not. Its just about finding what works for you.

The number of people seeking information on the microphones being used by content creators and celebrities have risen over the years, and this is where you get questions like, what microphone does drake make use of? In this detailed post, we will be taking a look at so many celebrities and the microphones they enjoy working with.

One fact we also want to share with you about some of these popular microphones is they are perfect for making recordings. You can also count on this microphone to provide you with the high quality results you desire when in use or when making a recording. Without wasting time, let us show you the microphone celebrities use to record.

What Microphones Do Celebrities Use To Record?

What Microphones Do Celebrities Use To Record?

The microphone we want to show you are very popular, and there is a very huge possibility that you must have heard about them before today.

  • Sennheiser SKM 5200 microphone
  • Sennheiser SKM 9000 microphone
  • Audio Technica AT2020 cardioid condenser microphone
  • Audio Technical AEW-T4100 microphone
  • Telefunken ELA M 251 microphone
  • Shure Beta 54 microphone

This is a list of the types of microphone that rock artists would prefer to work with when making a recording, and you can see that these are microphones that you must have heard or read about. Let us show you a list of microphone used by rock singers;

  • Shure SM7B vocal dynamic microphone
  • Shure SM59 microphone
  • Shure Super 55 dynamic microphone

Take a look below at some of the microphones that are being used by rappers for recording;

  • DPA 4018 microphone
  • Audio Eden LT-386 microphone
  • Sony C800 condenser microphone
  • Shure Beta 57A vocal microphone
  • Telefunken wireless M80/WH microphone

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This is an updated list on the microphones used by several musical artists today, and these are microphones you can count on to take your career to the next level if you are just starting out. The fact about microphones found in recording studios is going to vary, and this explains why people wonder the microphone most celebrities use.

The more questions about what microphones celebrities use for recording keeps coming up, the more there is a need for people to carry out a research in order to provide an answer to this question. We mentioned specifically we were going to show you microphones some celebrities use for recording, so take a look at it below.

Microphone Celebrities Work With

What Microphones Do Celebrities Use To Record?

What Microphone Does Drake Make Use Of?

Drake has been switching microphones since 2011, making it a little bit difficult for anyone to tell which microphone he has used for recording over the years. Drake has made use of the Shure SM57 and SM58 microphones for recording vocals, while another microphone he has used is the Blue Spark in 2011.

He also made use of the Sennheiser 409 series when he needed to record pianos and guitars, but he preferred working with the Audio Technica microphone whenever he was going out to perform on stage.

What Microphone Does Barack Obama Make Use Of?

While he was still the president of the United States Of America, Barack Obama was pictured giving several speeches with the ElectroVoice RE20 and Shure SM57 microphones. Lately, he has been seen making use of the Audio Technica and Sennheiser 409 microphones.

What Microphone Does Bob Dylan Make Use Of?

Bob Dylan is regarded as one of the most influential songwriters in the United States today, and what you are looking at is a person that has worked with several microphones all through his career. The ACG Tube12A microphone and the RE20 ElectroVoice microphones are two microphones he has worked with for live shows and concerts.

When it comes to recording albums, Bob Dylan makes use of the Sennheiser microphone type.

What Microphone Does Taylor Swift Make Use Of?

Another celebrity that has worked with so many microphones all through her entire life is famous singer Taylor Swift, but the two main microphones she has used for her recordings, stage performances, and concerts are the Shure SM58 and Sennheiser e609 microphones.

The Shure SE-215 CL microphone is one she would rather work with on stage, and this is a microphone that is designed to come with a detachable and handy in-line cable.

What Microphone Does Eminem Make Use Of?

One microphone that Eminem has worked with since 2000 is the Sony C800G microphone, and this is one microphone he counts on to work with drums, guitar amps, and for vocals. You can also count on this mic to produce clean audio while eliminating background noise, ensuring that unwanted noise doesn’t interfere with recordings.

Eve though there are so many picture evidences that proves Eminem likes working with this microphone, he has also been seen working with several other microphone.

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What Mic Should Professional Artists Use?

The Shure Beta 58A dynamic microphone remains the best any professional artists can work with, and the fact that it is versatile makes it a good choice for live shows and for recordings. It also has an inexpensive price tag compared to other microphones on the market.

What Mic Does Kanye Make Use Of?

The Audio Technica 4050 is one microphone Kanye West has worked with more throughout his career. This is an exceptional mic that can be used in an acoustical environment, and it is one that also delivers the best sound quality performance.

Wrapping It Up

The list on celebrities and the microphone they make use of is a endless one, but we hope we were able to mention your favorite celeb in our short list. If we mentioned your favorite then you have an idea of what microphone they work with, and we will work on updating this list as soon as we get more information.

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