What Kind Of Subwoofer Box Is Loudest

There are certain factors you ought to take into consideration when you want to shop for a subwoofer box, and what kind of subwoofer box is the loudest is one the questions that needs to be answered. Listening to sounds that are not loud enough whether you are watching a movie, listening to music, or gaming can make the experience boring.

This is why you need a subwoofer box that will offer you loud sounds, and this is what this post will be addressing today. There are two different subwoofer boxes you will come across on the market, and we are talking about the ported and sealed subwoofer boxes. There are several misconceptions people have regarding subwoofer boxes.

The fact still remains that making a choice between which subwoofer box you want isn’t as easy as most people think it is, and how loud the sounds should get is one of the questions you need to answer before making any payment. Everything we have said so far points in the direction of shopping for a subwoofer box isn’t an easy task.

One thought that might be crossing your mind is why subwoofer boxes are these important nowadays, but what you should know is subwoofer boxes are important if you want to enjoy detailed, rich, and fuller sounds. The easiest way to get the type of sound you want from your subwoofer is by making use of a good subwoofer box.

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What Kind Of Subwoofer Box Is Loudest

What Kind Of Subwoofer Box Is Loudest

The ported subwoofer box is designed to sound louder than the sealed subwoofer box when you compare both boxes. It doesn’t matter what type of music you are listening to, but the reason for this is because ported subwoofer boxes comes with vents or ports that allows sounds and air to pass through it with so much ease.

The vents or ports are tasked with redirecting the sounds that will come from the back and front of the cone, and you can trust this process to increase sound output significantly. The opposite will happen when making use of a sealed subwoofer box, and this is because sealed subwoofer boxes comes with no openings, ports, or vents.

You are going to enjoy louder and fuller sounds when you make use of ported subwoofer boxes, and making use of ported subwoofer boxes means you no longer have to bother about using an amplifier in enhancing sounds. Amplifiers are only used when you want to improve or enhance sound quality.

What Types Of Subwoofer Box Is The Strongest Bass Producing

One of the easiest ways to get full sounds out of your car stereo is by adding a subwoofer box, and you will get impactful sounds no matter what type of music you are listening to. There are two types of bass lovers, and these are the ones that enjoy boom bass and the ones that enjoy tight bass sounds.

The type of bass sounds you want is going to be your choice, and the style of music you listen to can also influence your decision. The type of subwoofer box you install in your car is also going to determine what type of bass you are going to get, and the ported subwoofer ensures that you get boom bass sounds inside of your car.

Tight bass sounds are guaranteed when making use of the sealed subwoofer boxes, and the ported subwoofer box guarantees that you will enjoy strong bass sounds. Bass responses will be reinforced thanks to the ports on the ported subwoofer box, and this also makes sure that strong and powerful bass sounds are produced.

One fact we want you to have in mind is a ported subwoofer box needs to be larger than a sealed subwoofer box for it to offer you the strong bass sound you desire. The fact about subwoofer boxes is people will opt to go for the ported subwoofer box over the sealed one. This is why heavy metal music and rock lovers always go for the ported sub box.

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How Do I Make My Sub Hit Harder

If your subwoofer box doesn’t hit as hard as you want it to, you will not enjoy whatever it is you are listening to. There are few things you can do to make your subwoofer hit hard, and these are things we will be showing you in our next lines;

  • The audio subwoofer and the amplifier installed inside of your car must be compatible, and go for an amplifier with a power output that matches that of the subwoofer
  • A bandpass box is required if you want to get maximum sound from your subwoofer box, but you need to carry out a research on what bandpass box will work with your subwoofer as not all bandpass boxes works with every subwoofer out there
  • Changing amplifier and stereo unit settings is also vital if you want your sub to hit harder, and sound is going to improve generally when you eventually do this
  • Ensure that the subwoofer you have doesn’t have any sound problems of its own before you carry out any of the steps we have discussed in this post. Listen to the subwoofer and feel the sounds it produces before you come to a conclusion, and vibrations coming out from the subwoofer gives an insight if the subwoofer is working fine.

How To Make A Subwoofer Box Louder

What Kind Of Subwoofer Box Is Loudest

One fact you should know about subwoofer boxes is they are designed to be loud, but you will get to a point where you want them to sound louder. People turn to subwoofer boxes when they want to get louder sounds, and this is because subwoofer boxes have proved to significantly.

There are simple steps you can follow when you want to make your subwoofer box sound louder, so check out these steps below;

  • If you want to get rich and full sounds, fill up your subwoofer box using polyfill or any similar material
  • Go for a subwoofer box that is made out of sturdy materials, and this is guaranteed when using sealed subwoofer boxes
  • Tuning your subwoofer if you want sounds to be massively improved, but make sure you are tuning to the right frequency
  • Go for the right size
  • Do not forget to tune your amplifier

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Bigger Sub Box Make It Louder?

Yes, bigger subwoofer boxes guarantees loud sounds. Having a subwoofer box that is twenty percent larger in size than the recommended size guarantees obtaining louder and fuller sounds. This is what all audiophiles want, and you are going to get the bang that you desire.

Is A Bigger Port Better?

No. Making use of smaller ports also guarantees that you will get a full bass sound production, and a deep tuning frequency will be required if you are making use of a critical port. A subwoofer port on the other hand should be deeper and not wider.

Rounding It Up

We are hopeful that all we have said in this post answers all of your questions, and we will love to know what your thoughts and opinions are in the comment section of this post.

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