What Is Vocal Cry

One of the big questions that is being asked in the world of music today is what is vocal cry, and so many people are wondering how singers can apply the vocal cry technique when singing. Trust me, vocal cry is going to help you get better at singing a lot, and i understand hearing vocal cry for the first time is going to sound very strange to you.

Upon hearing it for the first time, you are going to find it a little bit difficult to understand. Paving way for better chord alignment is one of the benefits that making use of vocal cry brings, and it ensures that singers are able to sing with their entire and powerful voice. This is one singing techniques that has offered so many results for years.

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What Is Vocal Cry

What Is Vocal Cry

There are people who are might not be aware of this great technique, but there are several singers that have mastered it and used it to their very advantage. What is vocal cry? This simply means bringing out the cry baby in you when you hit the stage. You might not know but crying when singing helps in bringing out your potentials and ability.

If you have stayed with a baby or looked after your siblings when they were born, you will have an idea of how loud babies can be when they start crying. Babies tend to get very loud when crying, and this is one techniques you must adopt when you hit the stage to perform or sing a song. You might be wondering the ease at which babies cry.

When babies find themselves in a state of perpetual mix, it is very convenient and comfortable for them to cry as it pleases and suits them. What this means is you will never see a baby crying in a bad or wrong way, and this is because babies have no idea of how to fake crying. They haven’t gotten to the stage in life where they can fake things.

You might find this information a little bit strange but it is simply the truth. What vocal cry means if singers crying their way out during a performance, and singing is an action of the brain that involves doing something that has already been rehearsed for some time.

There are several benefits that comes with making good use of your muscles and ensuring that your vocal cords aligns when singing. You are going to be or remain at the same spot you have always been if you keep repeating the same action or technique you have been used to for so many years. There is fun in doing something different.

Creating a new muscle memory can be achieved when you try out vocal cry when singing, and singing with minimal stress and bringing your tone forward is one of the things you are going to achieve when you try vocal cry. Having a balanced stamina, improved control, more air and range are benefits of crying when singing.

So many people have been divided between themselves since the vocal cry technique was introduced. This is because there are some people who have been trying to understand the technique so they can gain from it, while other people have maintained their stand of not wanting to cry as long as they are out singing on stage.

People are of the opinion that it is ridiculous for anyone to go on stage and start crying when singing, while others thinks it doesn’t make any sense. Repelling the urge to cry is something the brain has been designed to do, but it is very necessary that you try out this crying technique from time to time if you are a professional singer.

You are going to find out so many benefits the moment you are able to look away from the embarrassment that comes with crying on stage. This means you are going to find carrying out this technique very simple and easy, and you won’t have the feeling of embarrassment whenever you hit the stage and carry out the vocal cry technique.

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Vocal Cry Technique Benefits

What Is Vocal Cry

Without wasting more of your time, we will like to show you all the benefits you will be entitled to when you try out the vocal cry technique.

  • Good chord connection
  • Better chord alignment
  • Boosts stability
  • Boosts control
  • Provides you with the right amount of air to sing with
  • It improves lateral tension

Belting when practicing vocal cry is something you do not have to do, and we want you to know that belting and yelling are not so different from one another. The two are things you should not do when singing as they leave a negative effect on the voice, but you should know crying has its way of aligning the vocal chords.

This is why we advise people to practice the vocal cry technique several times at home before trying it out on stage, and you should try to cry when singing no matter how absurd it might sound. There are people that will always find crying on stage very funny, but this is one thing you should avoid looking at because you know what you will achieve.

As a professional singer, you should be passionate about crying on stage, We will leave you with some professional tips that you can work with when trying out the vocal cry technique;

Professional Tips

What we want singers to not forget is they should avoid going overboard when it comes to crying on stage. This is why we encourage singers to practice this technique as many times as possible so they can master it. This technique isn’t something you are going to do everyday, so you should also avoid yelling when trying it out.

You can make use of nursery rhymes when trying out this technique, and you will amazed at all the benefits you will see when you start this. You shouldn’t see it as crying but you should see it as a technique that will help you get better at singing. Having the ideal mindset will make you see results in no time.


Why Do I Cry So Easily?

This is because you might be vulnerable to your emotions or feelings at any given time. There are people who think crying easily are signs of anxiety and depression, but there are also other neurological conditions that makes it easy for a person to cry.

Why Can’t I Sing Without Crying?

This is because you easily get overwhelmed by emotions and thoughts when singing, and it forces you to the point of tearing up. Being emotionally attached or connected to a song is another thing that can make you find it difficult to sing without crying.

Final Thoughts

One of the easiest ways you can improve yourself all round as a singer is by trying out several singing techniques, so we will love you to inform us about your experience when trying out this technique in the comment section.

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