What Is The Best Age To Learn Singing

Wondering the perfect time to start taking singing lessons? Do you think the time is right for you to commence vocal training? What is the best age to learn singing?

You are reading this page because you are searching for answers to these questions, and fortunately for you, this article will provide you with the answers you are searching for.

There is uncertainty surrounding the right age to learn singing, and one question often pops up on the internet. Chances are you are considering not taking singing lessons now till some years ahead, but starting now will be a wise thing to do if you intend to take singing as a profession.

That being said, singing is a skill anyone can learn at any age, and the proof can be seen in the lives of so many singers today. So, if you want to begin singing lessons, you should go ahead and read this detailed guide so you can find out all you need to know.

A natural, fun act anyone can engage in is singing, and it is also a natural talent found in so many people today. Of course, humans started making music thousands of years ago, but it is a bit different when learning how to sing.

Surprisingly, you will witness a singing session from childbirth when a child makes his entry into this world, but it is until when kids get to ages six or seven, they can start taking singing lessons on how to sing. After that, choristers, for example, attend several singing auditions and competitions.

It might take them as long as a year or two to get their voice trained, but not every child is ready to start taking singing classes at the age of six or seven. Generally, kids develop a thing for singing when they get to high school, and trust me when I say this is the point where singing becomes a serious thing for them.

There are various ages and stages where kids begin to start singing, and kids can humming sounds even before they start talking. You might not believe it, but kids hum sounds before talking if exposed to singing during prenatal stages.

Singing helps kids build up their motor and social skills, and enrolling a little child for intense vocal training might not necessarily be the right thing to do. But, on the other hand, a good teacher will help a child build up his singing skills at the current level, and several factors tend to fuel a child’s interest in singing.

It could be as a result of;

  • Peer group
  • A natural love for music
  • Interested in music as a profession
  • Watching someone who sings

Encouraging kids to sing is okay, and it is also okay to sing to your children too. Boosting parent and child bond is one of the benefits that come with singing to your child, but you shouldn’t forget that you can learn how to sing at any age in life.

Some teachers specialize in teaching certain age groups how to sing and trust me when I say it doesn’t matter if you are forty or fifty.

People who possess a natural knack for singing are already at an advantage, while others might find learning how to sing difficult. It means they have to find their way through several teachings and practices.

What Is The Best Age To Learn Singing

What Is The Best Age To Learn Singing

Ways To Learn How To Sing

Taking the one-on-one singing training method is one of the best ways to learn how to sing, but other methods have proved effective over the years.

These methods would not cost much, and joining a choir is one of the easiest ways to learn to sing if you cannot afford a one-on-one training option. In addition, there is a possibility of meeting up with some friends in the choir who can teach you how to sing for free or for a little fee.

Watching YouTube tutorials is another way to learn how to sing, but you will need to have the drive and motivation to meet up with live sessions and videos online.

These live sessions are not expensive as long as you can afford data, and it also puts you at an advantage of learning from an established singer. Furthermore, there are several singing competitions nowadays, and watching YouTube videos will help you learn quicker than you can imagine.

You can create a decent chance of becoming a singer for yourself if you take these online videos and training sessions seriously, but figuring out if you want to become a singer requires a different approach from deciding if you want to learn how to sing.

You need to take singing lessons and be good at singing before deciding if you want to take singing as a profession or not. In addition, you have to be mentally and emotionally ready for everything the music industry brings.

Becoming a professional singer requires dealing with social media criticism, putting up with a lot of hard work and pressure, and several other things. Considering all of these, you can see that there isn’t a specific time for anyone to consider taking singing as a profession.

The choice varies from one individual to another, as people desire to become singers when they hit puberty. Others might be when they get older.

Five Signs Your Child Is Ready To Sing

child singing

Instead of going through the confusion and hurdles of knowing when to sing, few signs can help identify when a child is ready to sing. These are these signs to help you know when your child is ready;

  • They have the ability to stay focused for thirty minutes
  • They have the motivation to sing
  • They make out time to practice
  • They have the maturity to stay committed and dedicated
  • They are patient enough to work on speech impediments

We were hoping you could note that it is never too late to start learning how to sing, and this is because the human voice has what it takes to mature throughout life. It is why students of any age can benefit from any singing class, and singing has also proved to be an effective way of keeping the body and soul sharp and active.

Can You Choose To Sing At The Age Of 13

A child will notice vocal changes when they get to age thirteen, and there is nothing to worry about as it has to do with the puberty stage.

Kids can develop soprano, tenor, treble, and bass voices at this stage. It is why thirteen is the generally accepted age a person (preferably a child) can start taking singing lessons. They should be given light training that will not put too much stress on their vocal cords.

This stage is vital to a male child who has experienced a voice break, so it becomes the duty of the singing tutor to tutor the child all he needs to learn and be aware of during this period.

Parents should not restrain their thirteen-year-old kids interested in learning how to sing, and popular singer Shakira also started her singing career at the age of thirteen.

Wrapping It Up

Everything we have mentioned in this article revolves around the fact that there is no perfect time or age to sing. It can happen as certain factors influence people’s decisions, but age thirteen seems to be the best time for a child to learn how to sing.

That being said, having an instructor you can easily get along with will make your learning process smooth and easy, and there are tutors with great bonding abilities.

In other cases, you might have to find the right match, but scheduling a trial session will help you know if you and the instructor can get along very well. Like you already know, learning how to sing is considered to be a universal experience.

Some kids enjoy singing very early, and people with little or no singing experience can also learn how to sing anytime they deem ideal. The ability to focus, making out time to practice, and self-motivation are the factors that will determine whether a person is ready to learn how to sing or not.

Learning how to sing has nothing to do with physical features. Learning how to sing varies from one student to another since singing isn’t dependent on coordination with instruments or possessing fine motor skills. However, being attentive to detail, having focus, and practicing makes learning to sing fun.

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