What Is A Concert Ukulele

Ukulele musical instruments have so many differences amongst them today, and if you are not new to the ukulele musical instrument, you will be able to spot these differences with ease. There are ukulele musical instruments designed to be quite small, while others have little noticeable difference in their body size, construction, material, neck length, circumference, and neck width. What is a concert ukulele is what this post is going to address today.

Interestingly, every ukulele comes with individual definable characteristics that makes it easy for one to identify it in a particular category. The smallest of the ukulele family is the soprano ukulele, and the concert ukulele is the next size up after the soprano ukulele. The tenor ukulele on the other hand is bigger than the concert and the soprano ukulele, and you can see how easy it is for anyone to tell the difference between these ukuleles using their size.

What Is A Concert Ukulele

What Is A Concert Ukulele

The size in question here could be the body of the ukulele or the overall length, but it will interest you to know that all the ukulele sizes can be tuned exactly the same way to be played the same way and exhibit the same pitch. The question is, what makes the concert ukulele different from all other ukulele musical instruments? In this interesting post, we will tell you what a concert ukulele is, and how different the concert ukulele is from the two other types.

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Major Differences Between One Ukulele Instrument From Another

Size As The Primary Difference

We will not hesitate to tell you the easiest way to tell the difference between all the ukuleles is through size, and the three main types of ukulele we will be emphasizing on in this post is the soprano, concert, and tenor ukulele. The soprano ukulele measures about twenty one inches in length, which makes it the smallest ukulele musical instrument. It is followed by the concert ukulele that measures about twenty three inches in length.

On the other hand, the tenor ukulele measures about twenty five to twenty six inches in length, and this tells you that each of this ukulele instrument vary by a particular length that brings it closer to the length of the next ukulele instrument.

Size Has An Impact On Tone Production

One of the biggest difference you can use in differentiating between the ukulele musical instruments is its overall body and how this body impacts tone production. Just like we mentioned earlier, the soprano ukulele has the smallest size of all the ukulele instruments, but it is known for producing a shrill and higher tone. Trust the soprano ukulele to cut through various tones, and producing bright sounds is what it is designed to do with ease.

This is what helps the soprano ukulele to stand out from all other ukuleles out there, and the soprano ukulele was everyone’s choice at events until the time for sound systems at events came into play. Concert ukulele on the other hand is known for playing warm tones on the same note range, and its middle range is known to stand out more when compared to the soprano ukulele. Its tone makes way for deeper intricate playing and chords voicing.

The soprano ukulele is something that is considered as a strumming instrument as it is used in accompanying singers and every other musical instrument player. The concert ukulele on the other hand is known to be very versatile, which explains why it is often played as a solo instruments at events. Surprisingly, the tenor ukulele produces more warm tones than the soprano ukulele, and more warmth isn’t so good or very bad.

Depending on your personal preference, you should be able to select how much warmth you want your tone to have. There are ukulele players who are of the opinion that the tenor ukulele sounds more like a small guitar, less of an ukulele. These same people are pleased playing the concert ukulele as it produces the original ukulele sound, while adding a blend of more warmth and depth. Bigger sizes brings about an increase in the sound produced.

Just like we have stated earlier in this post, the tones produced paves the way for more intricate music, and this is the same case like having high amount of tension in strings. You will experience higher dynamic range when there is more tension in your strings, and it also makes it easy for the player to have total control over the volume of different strings being played. This is the best for anyone playing the chord melody style on each notes.

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Concert Ukulele And Its Unique Tone

What Is A Concert Ukulele

We have all seen how the ukulele musical instruments can produce different sounds and different tonal quality, and this doesn’t matter if the ukulele instruments end up getting tuned the exact way. The concert ukulele is the only ukulele musical instrument that so many players have said and believed that it sounds how the ukulele instrument should, and this explains why it is so common and on the lips of almost everyone.

The concert ukulele remains the best learning instrument in the hands of small people, and you can easily find it among performance groups. This tells you how good playing the concert ukulele is, and how everyone is pleased with the sound it produces and its overall performance. Of all the three ukuleles, the concert ukulele is said to produce the warmest tone, and this makes it easy for any player to blend in easily with other groups playing intricate styles.

The standard ukulele sound doesn’t really have much in relation to the sound produced by the tenor ukulele, and people believe that the tenor ukulele is designed to sound like the everyday guitar. The concert ukulele on the other hand offers good tone and range, and it creates an avenue for more intricate playing. There are so many options open to you when you play the concert ukulele, explaining why it stands out among all three of them.

Final Note – What Is A Concert Ukulele

No matter what instrument you must have chosen to match your style of play, the sound you want to obtain, your style of play, and the setting for playing are three factors that you need to take into utmost consideration. Trust me when i say there is no wrong or right choice when it comes to selecting between any of the three ukulele musical instruments, but experimenting as much as you can will open you to different styles and patterns of play.

You can proceed to buying all three if you can’t figure out which is best for you.

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