What Is A Bass Guitar

What is a bass guitar is a question that newbies ask often when introduced to the instrument for the first time, and if you are reading this post then you must be searching for answers. You could either be a beginner , or trying to gain more knowledge on the bass guitar, and it will interest you to know that you have found the right page with all the answers you need. Welcome to this interesting and exciting post on the bass guitar.

The double bass was frequently used for many years in concert halls, but things changed when we stepped into the mid-century. Bass players found a new instrument they could play more easily on, and we are talking about the bass guitar. The bass guitar is also known as the electric bass, and this instrument is versatile as it can be used for playing in genres like pop, hip hop, country, jazz, classical music, and even rock. First, let us tell you what a bass guitar is.

What Is A Bass Guitar?

What Is A Bass Guitar

A well plucked musical instrument that is designed to have the style of an electric guitar is what the bass guitar represents, but the difference between the bass and electric guitar is that bass guitars produce low frequencies. Sounds are produced on the bass guitar when metal strings are caused to vibrate, and this vibration happens over one or more magnetic pickups.

The pickups are responsible for transmitting signals through an instrument cable, before passing the signals to an amplifier. This is why it is possible for you to hear the sound of the bass guitar at various sound volumes. Since the bass guitar isn’t similar to the electric guitar, you might be wondering the number of strings the bass guitar comes with. Surprisingly, most bass guitars possess about four strings, but there are other stringed bass guitars.

What this simply means is you will find five, six, and seven string bass guitars that so many players love to play with, but it will interest you to know that the four string bass guitar is tuned in 4th’s traditionally. There are specific tuning of the bass guitar, and we will show you these specific tuning below.

  • The 1st or highest string can be tuned to the G2 string, which is later called the G string
  • Stringing the 2nd string to the D2 string, making it the D string
  • Stringing the 3rd string to the A1 string, making it the A string
  • Stringing the 4th or lowest string to the E1 string, making the the E string
  • If there is a 5th string, it is used for lower pitches, ensuring it is tuned to the BO
  • A 6th string bass guitar is for higher pitches, and it ends up getting tuned to the C3

These are the specific tuning that is associated with the bass guitar, but this is just the beginning of what you need to know about the bass guitar. The strings is just one aspect of it, but there are other aspects of the bass guitar you need to be familiar with. How do you play the bass guitar? If you are looking for an answer to this question then stick around as we will be addressing it in the next line.

How To Play The Bass Guitar

You will find it very simple and easy to play the bass guitar if you already have a knowledge of playing the guitar, and this is because bass guitar and regular guitars fall in the same section of a rhythmic band. Playing the bass guitar has to do more with playing root notes, but playing the regular guitar has more to do with focusing on chordal harmony. This doesn’t mean you cannot bring out your creative side when playing any of these guitars.

However, there are few things you need to keep in mind when playing the bass guitar.

  • A player will have freedom in connecting with root notes when he plays along the walking bass line
  • The four bottom string of the electric guitar is the same with the notes found on the four strings of the electric bass guitar, but the strings of a bass guitar is known to have a lower length scale
  • Plucking string guitar with their fingers is common with most bass guitar players, while picks are used by other guitar players
  • Learning how to play with a teacher is the easiest way to learn how to play the bass guitar. Offering knowledge about how to play the bass guitar will be passed across easily by a teacher
  • Having a good knowledge on composition and theory can only be taught by a teacher, so you need a teacher when learning how to play the bass guitar

Professional Tips For Playing The Bass Guitar

If you are playing as a member of a band, every bassist serves as a bridge between drummers and chordal instruments. Every bassist should stick to the following rules when learning how to play this high quality instrument.

  • It is very crucial that a bassist plays in harmony and synchronization with the drummer, and doing this makes sure every sound produced is fantastic and harmonious.
  • Every bassist should focus on playing rhythm and roots, and this is because the first duty of every bassist is to provide support for every singer. Providing support for any other instrument playing solo is the duty or responsibility of a bassist.
  • A bass player should learn how to play in tune, and we can’t emphasize how important it is that you must play with a well tuned instrument. Playing with a heavy and big bass strings guarantees that you might never go out of tune, and we all know how playing out of tune can put the crowd off. This is one of the things you have to avoid if you are a bassist.
  • Even though bassist seems to be the rock part of every band, playing the instrument should be something he can have fun with. Creating simultaneous rhythm is very essential for all bassist, and creating a spotlight for everyone should also be one of the objectives of every bass player

Typically made out of wooden materials, bass guitars can also be made using light and graphite materials. Mahogany, ash, and alder are common wood materials used in designing the bass instrument, and it boasts of having fingerboards that are designed to be longer than that of the electric guitar. Having different waxes and lacquer can also alter the feel and look of a bass musical instrument, while some come with a hollow body design.

The hollow body design is responsible for the overall change in in resonance and tone of the bass musical instrument, while another important aspect of the bass musical instrument is its frets. There are bass instruments that do not come with frets, while other are known to have about twenty to thirty five frets. Picking, strumming, plucking, thumping, popping, and slapping are easy ways to play the bass instrument.

Just like we mentioned earlier, it is designed to be similar like the electric guitar you already know. This is where we come to the end of this interesting post, and we hope every piece of information provided in this post will come in handy for you.

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