What Headphones Does Markiplier Use

Markiplier is one of the most popular names you will come across on Youtube as he is a name that has over six billion views and sixteen million subscribers to his name. Markiplier is a Hawaiian born Youtuber that lives in the United States Of America currently, and everyone who knows him knows he works with a headphone. The next question that pops us is; what headphones does Markiplier use, and that is what we will talk about in this post.

Born Mark Edward Fischbach, the Youtube millionaire is one that has made so much money on the internet. He is also more famous for donating so much money to charity, and some of his consistent works you will find on Youtube include gaming commentaries, comedy sketches, and his “try not to laugh” skits. This has prompted people to be inquisitive about the type of gear he works with when making his videos on Youtube.

This rise in curiosity that caused so many people to try digging deep in order to unveil what his gear secrets are, but at the end of the day, the gear he works with are not considered as secrets by Markiplier himself. Confused?

We will tell you why. This is because Markiplier is always willing to disclose the type of instruments or gadgets he has in his gear, and everyone knows the importance of a headphone when making a Youtube video.

Someone as famous as Markiplier will definitely not settle for low quality headphones, and this is the right place to start if you are considering working with the same headphone Markiplier makes use of in your own field.

Markiplier as we all know loves good music and gaming, and this is enough reason for him to invest in a high quality headphones. If you are going to make Youtube videos then you have to take sound quality into consideration as well.

For so many times, Markiplier has been seen working with a particular headphone. This headphone is the Sennheiser HD 598 CS headphone, and this is the same headphone he has been making use of since 2018.

You can see that he trusts this headphone so much to stick to it, and everyone who knows this famous Youtuber must have seen him working with this headphone.

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After carrying out a deep research on this headphone, we were able to tell that so many people expressed satisfaction over this headphone’s compatibility with other audio devices.

This means you will have no difficulty connecting this headphone to your Xbox, PC, PS4, TV, and even your smartphone. If you want to connect any of these devices to the headphone, it requires working with an adapter since the headphone has a wired design.

If you haven’t seen this headphone, you might be curious over what it looks like. So many people have asked this question on the internet, and one fact about the Sennheiser brand is its constant desire to make headphones that will meet up with your physical taste and design.

The Sennheiser HD 598 CS headphone comes with a classy and look and design, making users look extremely cool when they have it on.

It also boasts of having a unique feel thanks to its net covered logo design that makes it super attractive. Interestingly, there are people who are of the opinion that this headphone looks too simple.

On the other hand, it is impossible for anyone to say this headphone has a lousy design, so its appearance is still considered a win. Furthermore, the Sennheiser HD 598 CS headphone boasts of an open back design.

What Headphones Does Markiplier Use

What Headphones Does Markiplier Use

Having an open back design means you will be able to enjoy every listening experience, which is one of the benefits an open back headphone has over a closed back headphone.

You will enjoy working with an open back headphone more in a noiseless environment, and it doesn’t matter if you are using the headphone for gaming, music, movies, or recording. The sound this headphone produces is yet another angle users have praised about this headphone.

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Who Is This Headphone Designed For?

The target audience is yet another question that pops up when people think about the Sennheiser HD 598 CS headphone, and gamers are the more people likely to benefit from working with this headphone.

It has a high level of versatility that makes it a suitable option for movies and music, but there are several other tasks that you can count on this headphone. The fact that it provides you with noise isolating experience makes it worth the price tag.

Another advantage that comes with making use of this headphone is the fact that it is lightweight, meaning users will enjoy maximum comfort while making use of this headphone.

Connecting this headphone to a computer is simple which makes it a good option for gaming, and you can set its bass setting to meet your needs. There are no distortions that comes with working with these headphone, regardless of how loud it is.

This tells you that you will obtain excellent and clean sounds, and it doesn’t matter whether you are listening to rap, rock, hip hop, classical, and heavy metal songs.

Generally speaking, this headphone is designed to offer high quality comfort, while all the headbands it comes with can easily be adjusted to match different head sizes. This means you can wear this headphone for a lengthy period.

It comes with ear pads that also guarantees optimal comfort levels, meaning the ear will not experience any pain when wearing this headphone. This also tells you why Markiplier can wear this headphone for long hours, and the fact that it sells at an affordable price which makes it a very good choice for anyone.

Final Thoughts

In respect to all we have said, the Sennheiser HD 598 CS headphone is one that will offer top quality sound and a high quality build. This is another reason why Markiplier and other users have expressed satisfaction working with this headphone.

The truth is the Sennheiser HD 598 CS headphone might not be the best, but they will deliver one of the best performances when gaming, recording, watching movies, and listening to music.

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