What Guitar Did Kurt Cobain Play

A popular fact about Kurt Cobain is how good he was when he played the guitar, and there are quite some instruments Kurt Cobain made use of when making good music. What guitar did Kurt Cobain play? What amp, strings, and effect pedals did he make use of? How good was Kurt Cobain when he played the guitar? Is it possible to sound like Kurt Cobain? These are questions that we will be taking a look at in this interesting post.

Kurt Cobain is one of the famous names you would call when making a list of high profile singers and guitarists of the past, and many people who knew Kurt Cobain knew him as the front face of Nirvana.

The truth is being Nirvana’s front face isn’t Kurt Cobain’s only achievement, but being the one that started pushing the alternative and counter culture rock music contributed to him being very popular.

Making conscientious lyrical songs is one of the attributes of Kurt Cobain, and the fact that he found a way to combine this type of lyrics with wild pop made it very easy for his type of songs to attract any heart and mind that cares to listen.

The moment people started paying attention to his kind of music, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana released a song titled love buzz, and this was the song that proved that there was still a lot to expect from the man.

However, it took as long as waiting till 1991 for something of great importance to happen for people to love and adore the name Kurt Cobain.

Back in 1991, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was an era changing song Kurt Cobain released, and it is very easy to tell that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana were already one of the bests on the planet before they ended up as digitalized characters. Why is Kurt Cobain loved this much till this present day?

This is because he found a way to fuse decent musical aesthetics, punk music, and good sounds together, and this built the basics for all of his hit songs.

Behind all of Kurt Cobain’s good music and hits, who you are reading about right now was also a good guitar player. Several guitars have been pictured being used by Kurt Cobain over the years, but the one associated with him back in 1969 was the fender mustang.

There are thoughts that Kurt Cobain made good use of the Fender Mustang for a very long time in his career, and what intrigued people about this guitar was the fact that it had a left handed version.

It will interest you to note that Kurt Cobain was also left handed when playing the guitar, and this explains why he shared a very deep bond with the Fender Mustang guitar. He once revealed the difficulty that came with being left handed and playing the guitar.

He disclosed that it was challenging for a left handed guitar player to find a left handed guitar with a reasonable price.

What he meant was finding a left handed guitar came at a very high cost, and he also disclosed in one of his interviews about how pleased and in love he was with the Fender Mustang despite all other high quality guitars available at that time. However, there were other guitars he was pictured with and not the Fender Mustang alone.

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What Guitar Did Kurt Cobain Play

What Guitar Did Kurt Cobain Play

Another guitar that he played during his career was the Fender Jaguar guitar, and what intrigues people the most about this guitar is the fact that it comes with some very important accessories to play with.

This guitar’s bridge position came with a Dimarzio super distortion, and you will also find the Dimarzio PAF pickup at its neck region. Having an extra volume control and original pickup selectors was another highlight of this guitar.

You can see for yourself that this is one of the guitar that gets you prepared and ready to play the moment you take it out of the box, so you have minimal things to shop for when working with this guitar.

The Fender Mustang and the Fender Jaguar were all electric guitars Kurt Cobain played in his time, but these weren’t the only guitars he worked with. Kurt Cobain was also believed to have made use of an acoustic guitar, and this guitar was the Martin D-18E acoustic guitar.

On the other hand, there are people who are also of the opinion that Kurt Cobain still worked with other acoustic guitars later on in his career.

Anyone who has ran a research on Kurt Cobain can say that the man was always interested in working with very rare instruments. He always loved playing guitars you won’t come by easily, and the Martin D-18E guitar was manufactured for a single year alone.

An interesting fact about this acoustic guitar is it came with electric pickups, and there is nothing you would find on Kurt’s opinion after making use of this guitar.

Despite having no record of reaction made by Kurt Cobain about this guitar, it is still one of the most iconic guitar the man ever played. Kurt Cobain was rarely pictured playing this guitar on numerous occasions, except for when he delivered some outstanding performances like “where did you sleep last night” and “The man who sold the world”.

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How To Sound Like Kurt Cobain

There are people who aim at replicating or single like Kurt Cobain. The truth is it can be achieved but there are couple of things you will need to work with, so let us show you some of the instruments you can work with if you are aiming at sounding like Kurt Cobain.

Effect Pedals

If you are aiming to sound like Kurt Cobain the you need to consider working with a distortion pedal, and the BOSS DS-2 amplifier is one that Kurt Cobain made use of during his time. Another effect pedal he made use of is the Electro Harmonix Small Clone Chorus, and the wobbly effect produced was seen in his “smells like teen spirits” song.


It is necessary that you make use of a decent amp if you want to replicate Kurt Cobain sounds, and you will also be required to work with a clean channel. You can also consider adding a distortion pedal, and combining a combo amp with a 50 watts amp will get the job done for you. You can also invest in a modeling amp if you need something you can practice with indoors.

Strings And Picks

You will need Dean Markley Heavy Strings if you are aiming at sounding like Kurt Cobain, and you will also need to get a pack of Dunlop Tortex 60mm picks.

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