What Guitar Did Jimi Hendrix Play

A well known fact that is difficult to contest today is the fact that Jimi Hendrix will be listed among the best guitarists the world has ever seen, and his unique style of play involved the use of rhythmic cord changes and blending of riffs which ended up in influencing the entire world of music in his time. It is common fact that Jimi Hendrix is a popular guitarist, but what guitar did Jimi Hendrix play is what people are still getting confused about.

If you are looking for an answer to this question then we welcome you to this interesting post which has all the answer that you need, and what made Jimi Hendrix popular was the fact that he made use of an unorthodox style of play. There are several guitarists in the past that combined the pentatonic and string bending pattern of play, but taking the playing of guitar to a whole different level is what Jimi Hendrix was known for.

Taking a look at modern day guitarists today, it is easy to tell that most of them seek inspiration from Jimi Hendrix himself, and some have even gone as far as trying to copy their style. Now, copying Jimi Hendrix’s style of play isn’t something that is easy to achieve, but giving it a try can be worth it with time. There are several guitar instruments that Jimi Hendrix played in his time, and he also made use of several amps and pedals.

When asked what guitar did Jimi Hendrix play, so many people would have the stratocaster on their lips. This stratocaster guitar was so attractive as it boasted of having a shiny white color, and playing the guitar with the left hand and stringing upside down with the right hand are features that made Jimi Hendrix stand out from all other guitarists till date.

People have found it very challenging and difficult to equal this playing style.

Learning how to play like Jimi Hendrix starts with getting yourself a stratocaster guitar, and Jimi was very popular all over the world as he was constantly seen playing the white stratocaster guitar. Sounding like the influential and unorthodox Jimi Hendrix is what everyone desired to sound like, but there is one fact that you should know. The fact is guitarist can make a guitar, but it is impossible for a guitar to make a guitarist.

If you are looking for a list of guitars that Jimi Hendrix played then take a look at them below;

  • Gibson SGs
  • Flying VS
  • White Stratocaster
  • Les Pauls
  • Gretsch Corvette
  • Fender Duo Sonic
  • Les Pauls
  • Jazzmaster
  • Danelectro Shorthorn 3012
  • Other acoustic guitars

One surprising fact about the white stratocaster is it isn’t the first every instrument played by Jimi Hendrix, but the Ukulele was the first stringed instrument ever played by Jimi Hendrix. He found the ukulele among a lady’s trash, and the lady told him he could have it. The ukulele instrument in question here came with one string, and Jimi played with one string along to Elvis Presley songs.

Jimi Hendrix got his first ever acoustic guitar at the age of fifteen, but figuring out the brand is what no one has been able to accomplish. Jimi learned playing the guitar by watching other people play, and some of the people who influenced Jimi’s pattern of play includes;

  • BB king
  • Robert Johnson
  • Howlin Wolf
  • Muddy Waters

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What Guitar Did Jimi Hendrix Play

What Guitar Did Jimi Hendrix Play

The Velvetones was the first ever band Jimi Hendrix was a part of, but he also went on to be a member of the Rocking Kings band where he had the opportunity to play at various venues. During military service, Jimi Hendrix formed a band called King Casuals, and fellow military man Billy Cox was another member of this band. The duo formed the King Kasuals after military service.

We want to share more light on the type of strings Jimi Hendrix made use of during his time, and it will come as a surprise to you when you find out that Jimi made use of strings that were not in a set. Picking strings himself is the reason why it is impossible to find his strings in the same set, and this is another interesting fact in the life of Jimi Hendrix. However, we are not advising anyone to start copying Jimi’s idea of picking his own strings.

Replicating Jimi’s style of play isn’t something you can achieve no matter the amp, guitar, or set of strings you make use of, but the combination of the right instruments and constant practice will give you a shot at playing like Jimi Hendrix. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix is one thing, but you should have it in mind that you can never replicate Jimi Hendrix’s style of play.

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What Type Of Music Did Jimi Hendrix Play?

There are different answers to this question today which makes one stop to wonder what type of music did Jimi Hendrix focus on. The reason for this is because Jimi never maintained a straightforward concept of making music, and you will love the fact that Jimi made so many music like psychedelic rock, hard rock, rock, rhythm and blues, and blues music.

Several people have tried and failed when it comes to attaching a label to Jimi Hendrix’s musical journey. His versatility in playing the guitar and making music explains why he made use of several amps, and the Marshall amp was the common amp found with Jimi during his time. However, he still made use of any available amp in he studio when working with other artists.

You can see that having an unorthodox and unique playing style is what made Jimi Hendrix popular all over the world, and everything we have mentioned about this man tells you how creative and innovative he was. His type of music always stood out because of his style and versatility, and Jimi Hendrix was one artist that was very comfortable with playing other instruments, even though people think he plays better with the acoustic guitar.

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