What Fruit Is Good For The Voice?

Having an idea of what fruit is good for the voice is one of the best piece of information a singer should have access to, and it is of great importance that singers know this for themselves. There are so many people who are not aware of the type of fruits they need, and that is exactly why we have decided to bring you this detailed article.

The way you sing is going to be affected either negatively or positively by what you take into your body especially if you have to perform or sing right after eating. What this means is there are foods that will either affect your singing performance negatively, while others will affect it positively.

For you to know what fruit will be ideal for your body, it will depend on whether you have an event, a show, or a concert you have to perform at. Take a look at banana for example, banana remains one of the fruits the body needs to feel relaxed. However, it will come as a big surprise for you to know that banana isn’t ideal for singers.

You might be surprised at this piece of information, but this is because banana is known to produce a high amount of cream in the throat. This cream progresses into mucus, and we all know that mucus is not ideal for the throat. On the other hand, pineapple is another fruit you can count on. Why pineapples?

This is because pineapple contain a lot of anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. This might sound funny but there are so many singers who are not aware of the soothing properties a pineapple contains. This is why people are advised to try out fruits before going ahead to try out syrup, lozenges, or any other over the counter drugs.

Taking fruits is a prescription free treatment directly from nature, and this is why it is very essential that you take advantage of all the gifts and blessings nature has to offer to you. Another fruit you can count on as a singer is avocado, and this is because there are so many benefits that comes with snacking on avocado fruit.

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What Fruit Is Good For The Voice?

What Fruit Is Good For The Voice?

If you are still reading this post because you want to have an idea on what fruit you can snack on without being bothered about it having a negative effect on the throat then this is the right page for you. This is because you will find all that you need to know on this page, and you should avoid doubting the benefits eating fruits offers the voice.

The body is not just going to get the omega 3 nutrients that comes with taking avocado, but you can trust this fruit to also provide the body with its unique healing properties. This means avocado helps in healing the throat or aiding its recovery, which explains why avocado is one of the most recommended fruits for singers.

We want you to know that as much as fruits are beneficial in terms of singing, there are fruits that are also capable of causing you more harm. The difference lies in knowing what fruit will be perfect for you, and fruits that will boost your vitamin C levels helps you in dealing with sore throat.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, fruit are highly recommended for every singer out there. Having an idea of what fruit you should add to your budget is very crucial, but you can only do this when you have a detailed idea of what fruit will not just be perfect for your body but for your voice as well.

This is the point where you have to look past the nutritional value of every fruit, but you have to focus on how taking a fruit is going to affect your performance. Would it impact your singing performance negatively or positively? Come with us as we show you a short list of some fruits and if they are ideal for singers.

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Best Fruits For Singers

What Fruit Is Good For The Voice?

Is Apple Good For The Voice?

Chewing apple fruit is way better for the voice compared to taking apple drinks, and it is okay for you to take apple fruit few hours before your performance. Your body is going to have all the required vitamins it needs when you do this, and another benefit of taking this fruit is it doesn’t have high amount of sugar.

Taking excess amount of sugar is going to lead to a system crash internally, and you do not want this before going on stage on sing. Consuming apples provides the body with a daily fix of vitamins, while other benefits it comes with includes enhancing tissues, boosting immune system, and fighting against fatigue.

Is Apricots Good For The Voice?

Consuming apricots provides the body with high amounts of magnesium, and the good aspect of magnesium in the body is it helps in fighting away anxiety.

This is why people consider this fruit as the best for stage fright, and it also provides the body with vitamin A. Boosting confidence, protecting the throat, and providing antioxidants is what apricots provides the body with.

Is Avocado Good For Singers?

The body will enjoy the healing properties that avocado brings, and the fact that it provides the body with omega 3 nutrients also makes it one of the best fruits for singers. The oil from avocado helps in moisturizing the throat, and this oil also serves as a soothing balm when it gets to the throat.

Is Berry Good For The Voice?

Taking berries is going to provide the body with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, and these properties helps in taking care of the vocal cords. This is one of the best snacks you can consume from time to time if you sing, and they ensure that the vocal cords are well protected.

Is Watermelon Good For The Voice?

One of the best properties of watermelon is it comes with a high water content, and it will leave the voice well hydrated right before going out for a performance. The good aspect of watermelon is it can be consumed the day of your performance or days before your performance, but you should avoid taking very cold watermelon fruit.


Right now, you have a very clear idea of what fruits you should take as a singer. What we want you to note is that these fruits should be consumed in moderate portions, and you should avoid taking cold fruits. This is because cold fruits have a way of irritating and affecting your performance.

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