What Foods Can Damage Your Voice

After practicing singing for a very long time, you are ready for everyone to hear you song. It is time for you to perform your song on stage, but do you know there are things you eat that could affect your performance? Do you know what foods can damage your voice? These are things this post will look into today, so keep reading for answers.

Imagine eating a food that isn’t ideal for your voice as a singer. What do you think will be the outcome of your performance? You guessed right. You are going to perform badly on stage and in front on your audience, and this is one spot singers always try to avoid. Every modern singer out there knows singing comes with a lot of voice demands.

This is because people are becoming more conscious of what they should eat and what they shouldn’t as professional singers, but practicing is something you should do and be perfect at when you have to sing or perform in front of an audience. However, putting in a very good performance doesn’t come down to just practicing alone.

Constant practice should be combined with some tips that will help in keeping the voice healthy. Do you know what foods you should eat if you want to maintain a healthy voice? Do you have an idea of what foods can cause damages to your voice? This might be surprising but there are so many foods that have the ability to damage your voice.

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What Foods Can Damage Your Voice

What Foods Can Damage Your Voice

If you have been searching the internet constantly for answers, you must have found pages that have information on what foods you should stay away from if you want to keep your voice healthy at all times. However, it is okay for you to feel unsure of these list of foods, but you have nothing to worry as we have a list of foods to stay away from.

Let us show you a list of these foods and what they are capable of doing inside of the body;

  • Diary products – Triggers acid reflux and heavy production of mucus
  • Caffeine – Dehydrates and diuretic
  • Acidic and spicy drinks – nasal drainage, hiccups, and acid reflux
  • Chocolate – triggers reflux, dehydrates, sticky saliva, and sugar crash
  • Soft drinks – carbonation, burping, and sticky saliva
  • Alcohol – sticky saliva, poor voice control, and dehydration
  • Processed sugar – excess production of mucus, sticky saliva, and high levels of sugar
  • Friend foods – dehydrates, mucus production, and acid reflux

The fact about singers is they all have a unique internal body strength, type, and structure, and this explains why singers will react differently when certain foods are consumed. There is a possibility that consuming in any of these foods will not leave you with a negative effect depending on your body type, but you must pay attention to what you eat.

Paying attention and getting rid of what goes into your system is the right thing for you to do once you notice that a certain food is not good for your voice, and this tells you that there are certain foods that will affect the body in one way or the other. People are also aware of the fact that these foods can also negatively impact their singing voice.

What we consume is the greater cause of the problems you have with your voice today, and anyone with no idea of what to eat or drink is going to find this very difficult to understand. Singers will develop vocal problems the moment they consume certain foods compared to non singers, and this is because their voice is considered as a work tool.

The fact that you make use of your voice as a work tool means you need to care for it at all times, and anyone who doesn’t earn a living using the voice will not be concerned about eating what is likely to affect the voice or not. They have no need for that piece of information.

This is why watching what you consume remains the best place a singer can start from when it comes to watching what they have to eat.

Foods And Singing

What Foods Can Damage Your Voice

Even though eating healthy will provide the body with all the nutrients it needs, it is still not okay for a singer to eat whatever comes his or her way. Being extra careful with whatever goes into their system is of great importance, but this doesn’t change the fact that eating healthy has so many benefits that it brings.

Even though eating good foods provide healthy benefits, you will be surprised to learn that they are not ideal for the singing voice. There are couple of reasons why it is very important you stay away from certain foods, and maybe you might be trying to avoid triggering an acid reflux or an allergic reaction.

A running nose and constant sneezing remains one of the symptoms of allergic reactions, and there are people suffering from allergic reactions without knowing it. You are going to have a dramatic impact when changes takes place in the vocal cords. Taking care of your voice involves you getting all the help that you will need.

Acid reflux is yet another problem people will face, and this condition ends up leaving people with a hoarse feeling in their voice. Any singer suffering from acid reflux is likely to lose their voice, and this is something every singer out there should try and avoid. There is a condition known as the silent acid reflux, and people have this without knowing.

This condition refers to when you are suffering from acid reflux without experiencing any of the symptoms. Your vocal cords will swell and you will experience running nose if you have either allergic reactions or acid reflux, and this is why you need to start considering what goes into the body.

Food Factors To Consider

There are about four factors that should be taken into consideration when planning what you should eat as a singer, and this is because there are foods with the potentials of destroying the voice. Stay away from foods that;

  • Tend to cause acid reflux
  • Enhance production of gas
  • Enhance phlegm production on the vocal cords
  • Tend to leave the body dehydrated

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Can You Lose Your Voice Forever?

Yes, a person is likely to lose his voice forever, and there are cases when detecting what you say can be very difficult for most people. This could be a long or short term condition, and they tend to be caused by viral infections. They are not so serious like people think.

Does Yelling Make The Voice Deeper?

Yes, your voice tends to get deeper when you yell. This isn’t dependent on how long you scream, but what matters is screaming so your voice can get deeper.

Final Thoughts

Picking up a workout routine is one of the best advice we can leave for anyone who is new to singing, and these exercises might include swimming or taking a brisk walk. These exercises helps in keeping the body in a very good condition, and they also tend to clear the lungs and the airways. Maintaining blood circulation is what they also do.

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