What Food Makes Your Voice Soft And Clear

It is very crucial that every singers knows what food makes your voice soft and clear, and we are happy to tell you that you have found the right page if you are looking for information on what food you can consume to make your singing voice soft and clear. There are tips singers should be aware of when it comes to taking care of the voice.

An aspect of every singers life where they tend to invest all that they have is their voice, and taking care of the voice is something everything singer should be dedicated to doing without being told. This is because a singer’s voice is their work tool, so they have to be conscious of what they eat and what they drink as these things impacts the voice.

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What Food Makes Your Voice Soft And Clear

What Food Makes Your Voice Soft And Clear

Singers should know that there are certain foods they need to stay away from, and there are certain foods that can be moderately consumed which helps in enriching the voice. Foods like spinach, broccoli, and other high quality vegetables do not just provide the body with iron, but it helps in providing the throat with vocal stamina and strength.

Drinking lots of water is yet another factor singers need to carefully consider, and we implore singers to start incorporating drinking lots of water into their diet. Drinking about eight glasses of water is essential daily, and you might be wondering what benefits comes with drinking up to eight glasses of water daily.

You will be able to flush away phlegm or mucus from the vocal cords or throat when you consume the right quantity of water daily, and you ought to know that mucus have a way of impacting your singing performance. They make the voice sounds unclear, and the audience will not be able to grab what lyrics you are singing to them.

The vocal cords are going to be properly hydrated when you take hydration very serious, and one advantage of proper lubrication is it is going to help you sound good. You will not be able to sound clear and soft if you sound hoarse, and have it in mind that it is not all temperatures of water you can take down your throat.

Very hot or very cold water are two temperature types that you need to stay away from, and taking in very cold water is going to cause the vocal cords to constrict. Hot water on the other hand is capable of irritating the vocal cords, and this is why we always recommend room temperature water as the best for singers to consume.

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Is Milk Good For The Voice?

For so many years, there has been numerous arguments regarding the impact of dairy products on the voice. There are people who think dairy products have no negative impact on the voice, while there are other people who share different thoughts. What we want you to know is the body parts is connected one way or the other.

This is why you need to be cautious of what you consume as it might likely affect your vocal cords or not. This means there is a possibility that you might consume a food with high nutritional contents, but it will end up having a negative effect on the voice. This might even affect the way you sound when you go out on stage to sing.

People want to know what alternative you can switch to if milk is bad for the vocal voice, while others just want to be sure if milk is bad for the voice. Is taking milk ideal before going out on stage to sing? Can dairy products impact the voice negatively? There might be a lot of confusion that comes with answering these questions.

However, singers have been warned several times to stay away from dairy products when they want to take care of themselves. The reason for this is because milk leaves behind a creamy texture on the vocal cords which later progresses to mucus production in the vocal cords.

The mucus ends up getting thicker, leaving behind a negative effect on the vocal cords. Having thick sized mucus on the vocal cords is going to irritate the vocal cords, and this will make singing quite challenging for singers. Transiting between vocal registers will be difficult for singers when you have mucus present on your vocal cords.

Having thick mucus on your vocal cords is going to cause you to have more vocal breaks, and this is why we advise singers to stay away from taking milk right before going out on stage. Mucus makes it difficult to open up or raise the palates, so switching to water is the best alternative singers have to take.

This is because water is very effective when it comes to clearing up mucus, and trust me when i say drinking the right amount of water is going to leave the vocal cords well lubricated. Staying hydrated is more beneficial compared to taking milk. This is the best advice you can give to a singer today.

How Can I Soften My Voice

What Food Makes Your Voice Soft And Clear

Singers are going to sound soft and pleasant when singing to their audience, and you are likely to fall into a relaxation mood when you listen to a soft singing voice. There are people who believe that singers with soft voices are a special gift from God to man, but you will be surprised to read you can learn how to sound soft when singing.

This is a professional skill for you to work on, and it can also get really challenging for everyone. Connecting with your audience’s emotion is another benefit attached to singing softly, and this is why so many people are in love with singers like Adele, Elvis Presley, and other soft sounding singers. Below are some techniques you can try out;

  • Opening up your mouth shouldn’t make you feel embarrassed
  • Improve on breathing with the diaphragm
  • Work on your natural vibrato
  • If you are thinking low then you can sing high notes
  • Ensure enough air is being taken in when you sing
  • Make use of a microphone so you don’t have to sing too loud
  • Master shaping vowels and consonants perfectly well


Does Milk Affect Singers?

Yes, milk affects the singing voice negatively. This is because it produces mucus which ends up stressing the vocal cords, but this doesn’t mean you need to take milk away from your diet. Make sure you do not take them when you have to sing, and they shouldn’t be taken in very large quantities.

Is Ginger Good For The Voice?

Yes, ginger comes with several properties the voice needs. It has properties that helps in dealing with respiratory diseases, and ginger are also the best when it comes to repelling cough. Soothing irritated throats is yet another benefit that comes with taking ginger.

Wrapping It Up

If you have gotten to this point in this post then we hope you have found useful all we have mentioned in this post. We are looking forward to your comments and ideas in the comment section of this post.

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