What Does A Phaser Pedal Do

Finding out the right piece of information about a phaser effect will help in providing an answer for the question, “what does a phaser pedal do”? The phaser effects first stage is characterized by the passage of guitar signals through numerous stages, while ensuring that a dry signal is maintained is what the second stage is all about. The end of the signal is where you will find both signs, ensuring that an in-phase and out-phase output signal is created.

The significant control users have when working with a phaser pedal is using to increase dry to filter signal ratio results, and this will result in a change in speed of the phase. Let us break this down in easy and simple terms; phaser pedals are considered as modulation effects just like the flanger and chorus pedal, and sounds will pass through various stages, depending on what phaser pedal you are working with.

Stimulating a varying number of stages is what the digital phaser is designed to do, and we want to take you to the fun part of phaser pedals now that you already have an idea of what a phaser pedal functions. The phaser pedal is one guitarist can count on to help them bring out their creative side and master it, but there are guitarists that are of the opinion that there are times you should work with the phaser pedal no matter the amount of freedom it offers.

What Does A Phaser Pedal Do

What Does A Phaser Pedal Do

Honestly, i will have to disagree with what those people think because phaser pedals was designed to help enhance creative skills and ability, so exploring your creative side regardless of what time ore period you choose to work with a phaser pedal is all that matters. One big question that so many people have been asking and are yet to find an answer to is ; “where can phaser pedals be placed in today’s music”?

The answer to that question is simple, as all it means is providing answers regarding what you can use a phaser pedal for. Below are reasons why you should not miss out on working with a phaser pedal.

Providing Melodic Verse Fills

In modern day music, phaser pedals can be used in obtaining melodic verse fills, and you can also make use of a phaser pedal as a thickening agent. This is why it is possible for people to believe you play more than the usual notes when working with a phaser pedal, and the phaser pedal is known for providing a detailed chorus and bridge when playing about three to four notes. Adding depth to chorus and bridge is another use of the phaser pedal.

Used For Chord Swells

The moment a phaser pedal hits its peak, a sustain is created and this sustain is what people refer to as the chord swell. Chord swells will sound better when you are playing a slow song, but chord swells will clash on the other hand when you are playing songs at a fast pace.

Used For Spicing Up Solos

Each time a solo guitarist plays the guitar, adding spice to solo sounds is what the phaser pedal will do. On the other hand, adding depth to solo sounds is what the phaser pedal is also designed to do, and you can also count on phaser pedals when you want to play a few notes filled with so many emotions.

What Are The Best Settings You Can Use On A Phaser Pedal?

Everyone will find operating a phaser pedal quite confusing when they are working with it for the first time, and below are some of the knobs you will find on a phaser pedal.

  • Depth knob
  • Feedback and resolution knob
  • Speed knob

These knobs have no rules regarding them, and trust this post when it says the way a user experiences this knob will be different from the way another user interacts with it. The experience a user will get from this knob will depend on the needs of the user, and there will always be a speed knob no matter the phaser pedal you buy from the market. Controlling troughs and peaks in every sound is what a speed knob is designed to do.

increasing the volume of the speed knob too high will cause production of chaotic sounds, and a tap tempo is another feature you are going to find on a phaser pedal. Selecting a user’s speed is the function of the tap tempo, and helping users to select a phaser speed that will equal a song’s rhythm is another function of the tap tempo. This option isn’t found on all phaser pedals, so it is a win for you if your phaser pedal has the tap tempo function.

Waveform selection, dry and wet knobs are what you will find on expensive phaser pedals, and obtaining vintage sounds can be achieved through the following.

  • Feedback – 0
  • Stages – 4
  • Rate – 3
  • Depth – 8

The following is the setting you should maintain if you want to obtain rock sounds;

  • Rate – 7
  • Depth – 4
  • Stages – 8 and 10
  • Feedback – 0

It is very possible to make changes to any settings found on a phaser pedal, but the type of controls present on the pedal and your preference will determine what settings changes will be made. There are so many phaser pedals on the market with unique pros and cons, and you are likely to get a phaser pedal with little knobs if you go for a cheap phaser pedal. This doesn’t mean you will not be creative because your phaser pedal has fewer amount of knobs.

An inexpensive phaser pedal will also provide you with the opportunity to get creative as you will on an expensive phaser pedal, and you can see how interesting phaser pedals are from everything we have said so far in this detailed post. Guitarists, musicians, and bassists can benefit greatly from working with the phaser pedal, and this post has given you some insight on the class of sounds you can get when working with a phaser pedal.

Having a low internal frequency is very common with phaser pedals, and this is known for affecting already enhanced frequencies. Phaser pedals are known for deleting already enhanced frequencies, and i am sure you will agree with this post when it says phaser pedals are used for producing catchy sounds.

Conclusion – What Does A Phaser Pedal Do

Surprisingly, you can mix up phaser pedals with other effects or opt to use it alone. Users will be able to obtain cool synth sounds when you combine a phaser pedal with long or volume delay. What amazes people the most about phaser pedals is they sound very even when distorted, and slow phasing will also sound very excellent. You should keep an eye out for some of the knobs and features of a phaser pedal now that you know what it can do.

Phaser effects are known to sound very incredible but some manufacturers can get it wrong sometimes. This is why you should always be on the look out for the features we have mentioned about phaser pedals in this post.

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