What Does A Compressor Pedal Do

One of the most important and viral effect that is used when making music is the compressor effect, and what people people think about using compressor pedals when making music is it makes soft parts sound soft, makes music loud, and makes music sound dynamic. Compression isn’t for everybody in my own opinion, and what does a compressor pedal do is one question this post is here to answer. I am sure most readers have this question in mind already.

Just like mentioned in the last paragraph, compressor pedals isn’t for everyone making music, but it is very crucial for some musical style of play. Compression effect isn’t needed when making classical music, but it is a must you make use of compression effect when making music with your guitar. This is why so many people are asking the question, what does a compressor pedal do?

So many people are yet to find out what adding compression effects to a music will do, and they also do not know the role or function of a compressor pedal. There are tones and sounds you will hear when making use of the compressor pedal, and this is why we have decided to bring you this post which contains every piece of information you need to know about compressor pedals. Without wasting further time, welcome to this interesting and detailed article.

What Are Compressor Pedals?

The stompbox pedal you can see in a signal chain is what is referred to as the compressor pedal, and the role of the compressor pedal is for enhancing guitar performances. The sound of whatever you play will be boosted or enhance using the compressor pedal, and its ability to make shallow sounds sound audible is another exciting feature of the compressor pedal.

Achieving smooth overall using compressor pedals can be obtained by striking compressor pedals forcefully to make sounds dull. Ensuring that sounds have balance is what the compressor pedal is designed to do, and it also makes sure that no part is higher than the other. Now that you have the perfect definition of what a compressor pedal is, the next question racing through your mind might be understanding its functions and features.

We understand how anxious you are to learn about the compressor pedal especially if you are new to the world of music, and helping you understand what a compressor pedal does is what we want to talk about next in this interesting article. The fact about compressor pedals is every guitarist will find them helpful, which is why a guitarist best buddy is usually his compressor pedal.

The fact that they are capable of doing so many things is another reason why every guitarist owns a compressor pedal today, and harnessing numerous dynamic ranges is what a guitarist really needs a compressor pedal for. In the next lines of this detailed article, we will be showing our readers what a compressor pedal does for a guitarist, so stick around.

What Does A Compressor Pedal Do

What Does A Compressor Pedal Do

Cleaning Tone Boost

Every guitarist wants their sound to be clean, but your inability to achieve this will cause all of your tunes to sound buried. Amplifying original signals and ensuring that every sound produced is audible is what a compressor guitar is designed to do, and you can adjust volume using an amplifier. The subtle effects produced by a compressor pedal is what so many guitarist love about this device, while boosting signals and sounds is another benefit of using this pedal.

Providing Funk And Chicken Picking Tones

Guitars are classified as instruments that focus on treble, so enhancing high sounds can be achieved by boosting a guitars signal. You can make use of a guitar compressor pedal when you want to add country western leads and funk tones to your music.

Adding Sustain To Lead Guitar

Compressing input signals is not the only benefit that comes with using a compressor pedal, but it can be used for the addition of sustain to your guitar sounds. There are dedicated knobs used in adjusting release or sustain on some compressor pedals, so finding what works for you is really important in this case.

Where To Place A Compressor In A Signal Chain

Placing compressor pedals at the same place where other compressors are positioned is what some guitarists do, but compressing clean guitar tones and sending them to an overdrive, phaser, or reverb pedal is what a compressor pedal is designed to do. However, placing a compressor pedal after other pedals will lead to a compression of sounds produced by these effects, and it can also go on to cause character in these other pedals.


Level is used for controlling the compressor pedal’s volume and understanding how a compressor pedal works will help you build a reliable and ideal compressor pedal. Boosting your sounds using the compression pedal can be achieved by turning the knob up, while turning it down will reduce the volume of the compressor pedal.

True Bypass

If the compressor pedal has no true bypass written on it then it will not be able to boost the overall sound of the guitar. Allowing audio signals to pass every time is the function of the true bypass on a compressor pedal, and it allows audio signals to pass whether it is connected to a power source or not.

The effect of a compressor pedal is compulsory in every pedal setup, and sound engineers and guitar players are all aware of the benefits that comes with having a compressor pedal. It is extremely versatile, and boosting solid state amplifier response is another reason why this pedal is a must have. It will cause the solid state amplifier to sound like a tube amplifier, so do you think you genuinely need the services of a compressor pedal?

Having a compressor pedal when playing the guitar is very crucial as it is the catalyst that will make your guitar sound audible and very good. Generating subtle, transparent, and clean boost sounds is what the compressor pedal helps guitarists achieve, so go ahead and try it out if you want to experience what working with a compressor pedal feels like. Tell us about it all in our comment section, we will be expecting your comments.

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