What Can I Eat To Make My Voice Clear For Singing?

The food we take into our system has its own subtle way of reacting inside of us, and believe me when i say there are foods that will affect our voices as well. What Can I Eat To Make My Voice Clear For Singing? This is one question that is commonly asked by professionals and beginners, and this is the question this post will be answering today.

As a singer, you need to have an edge in your career. Following very strict diet is something that is common among singers, and the good aspect of following this diet is it helps keep their voice and body in the best possible condition. You will be able to deliver the best performance on stage or when recording when you make sure your voice is healthy.

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What Can I Eat To Make My Voice Clear For Singing?

What Can I Eat To Make My Voice Clear For Singing?

Hydration is one of the most important aspects that you need to take seriously when it comes to singing, and you will be able to get rid of toxins from your body daily when you take in good amount of water. The body is also going to be well hydrated when you take in good amount of water, as water makes sure you are free from certain diseases.

Nutrition tends to play a very important role in the life of a singer, but this is one common truth so many singers are yet to come to terms with. This is true as our body serves as the home of our instrument for working, so taking care of your body by providing it with the right nutrition means you are also taking care of your work instrument.

Just like we have mentioned in other similar posts, the voice is a singer’s most powerful tool. This is why you need to care for your voice and make sure it is properly maintained at all times. Bearing this fact in mind, there are foods that will help you look after your voice, while others can affect your voice negatively.

There are certain foods you can consume couple of hours before your singing performance, and there are other foods you need to stay away from when you have a performance to give. This tells you that not all foods are good for your voice if you are into singing, but we want to make it clear that the body of every individual is unique in its own way.

This means that food that goes into the body is going to react differently in different bodies. Meaning that the way a certain food will react in your body is different from how it will react in someone else’s body. Good foods for singing isn’t something that is common among singers, but there is a reason for coining that word.

It will help singers realize that there are certain foods that will help their voice get better, as consuming more of these foods for singing is going to help with enhancing the voice and making it healthy. Another advantage of consuming these foods is they will protect the voice against microorganisms and bacteria.

Most times, we take in anything and we are not bothered about how they end up affecting us. You might consume spicy or caffeine foods without knowing how it affects the voice, but this is something you need to pay close attention to as a singer. One fact about spicy and caffeine foods is they leave the voice irritated.

When the vocal cords are irritated, it is impossible to sing with such a voice. This is why taking care of your voice and watching what you consume should be your sole responsibility as a singer.

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Foods That Makes The Voice Clear For Singing

What Can I Eat To Make My Voice Clear For Singing?

The most important aspect of a singer’s life lies in his voice, and this section of this post is going to provide you with detailed information on foods that will help your voice remain in its best shape. There are foods that will provide the voice with vocal strength and stamina, and drinking plenty of water also helps all the time.

It is very important that you avoid being dehydrated as a singer as it can lead to hoarseness of the voice, and this is one situation you do not want to find yourself in.

Fresh Fruits

Before you end up shopping for the juice version, make sure you grab that fresh fruit or vegetable. There are larger amounts of nutrients present in fresh fruits and vegetables compared to when you consume them in their juice version, and they possess a lot of good stuff that the body needs.


You should eat more fish if you want to sing more, and this is because fish has proved to be the great source for omega fats and protein required to help the voice stay clear and strong. You can restore lost voice when you consume lean protein, and you can either go for the boiling or baking option to reduce the use of oil.


There are chickens that are way better than other chickens, so it is better you are eating them without skin or lean cuts. Add your already cut chicken pieces to boiling water then add some salt, and everything will be ready in less than fifteen minutes. Protein is essential for all singers as it ensures the body is overtaken by fats and oils.


You will find good fats, iron, and protein in Nuts, and all of these helps in making sure you are not lacking on energy. You will not crash during the day when you snack on nuts, and you can also have a bowl of nuts to snack on while preparing for a show. You can also opt for the lightly salted or unsalted options if you can lay your hands on them.


Consuming honey might not sound as a good idea to so many people, but the fact is honey actually is good for the voice. You will be able to sing more when you take in honey, and we cannot look away from all the other benefits it provides the body with. You will keep singing all night long without feeling tired when you consume a small amount of honey.

Peanut butter is also another healthy food that you can trust to keep the voice healthy and in a good condition.


Is Hot Water Good For The Voice?

No, taking hot water is not good for the voice. This is because hot water tends to increase mucus production and inflammation of the vocal cords, and these things tend to affect your singing performance.

What Juice Is Good For The Voice?

The Cranberry Juice remains the best juice for the voice as it makes sure the voice is clear and crisp. Cranberry juice is also effective in getting rid of mucus from the voice, making it the best juice for singers.

Final Note

We hope that all we have mentioned in this post becomes useful for you, and we encourage you to go ahead and try out the top food ideas we have recommended for you in this post. You can tell us how it worked for you in the comment section of this post.

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