What Are 4 Way Speakers

Every person that has been making use of speakers for a while now would know that there are different types of speakers, and we are talking about speakers like two way, three way, and four way speakers. This has brought questions like what are 4 way speakers? Are they better than 2 way speakers? Read this post if you seek answers.

You can also refer to 4 way speakers as quad axial speakers, and judging from its number of components is one of the easiest ways you can identify what 4 way speakers are. The components we are talking about here are the components that make up the 4 way speakers, and let us take a look at what these components are before we proceed;

  • Two tweeters
  • Mid range core
  • Bass

What Are 4 Way Speakers

What Are 4 Way Speakers

You can tell from what we just listed that four way speakers come with four components, and it is okay to wonder what these components function as. Without mincing words, these four components are tasked with providing you with sounds that are well balanced, and they ensure that users get nothing short of full range sounds.

Improving the overall sound coming from a sound system setup is what a four way speaker is designed to do, but it will be able to deliver the best in sound quality thanks to the four high quality components it comes with. The four way speaker has about two unique wires that goes inside of it.

What this means is that a four way speaker controls the processing of internal functions, and this is why the four way speaker plays sounds from the tweeters and woofers. Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are two way, three way, and four way speakers. Car owners would always opt to go for 3 way speakers and not the 4 way.

You might be surprised when you find this out, but people will always opt to go for the three way speaker since it guarantees delivering high and premium quality sounds. With the help of a 3 way speaker, you are going to obtain all of the highs and lows, and this also throws more light why people will always opt for three way speakers.

However, this should make you think that four way speakers will not deliver the sound quality that you want. What all we have been trying to say is the sound quality you will get from a three way speaker cannot be gotten from a four way speaker. Despite all of this comparisons, these speakers will make sure sounds coming from your car are impressive.

Is 2 Way Or 4 Way Speaker Better?

Before going ahead to draw a conclusion that one speaker is better than the other, you need to have a very clear knowledge of these speakers. What we want you to note first about these speakers is they are coaxial speakers, and there are several differences between coaxial and component speakers.

You need to know what options are available to you when you go out to shop for car speakers, and there are three unique coaxial speakers you are going to come across on the market today. These are the 2 way, 3 way, and 4 way speakers. However, this post will be laying more emphasis on the 2 way and 4 way speakers.

Making the right choice between these speakers means you must have an in-depth knowledge about them. Two way speakers produces lows using their woofers, but its tweeters handles the production of high frequency sounds. This is why people will always enjoy superb bass sounds, better range, and clear pitch when making use of the 2 way speaker.

There is not much difference between the three way and four way speakers, but the only difference they share is the fact that they come with an extra tweeter. This might make you wonder what the extra tweeter is designed to do. Enjoying wide range of sounds and producing high end sounds is what the extra tweeter offers.

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Three way speakers come with three separate frequencies, and these frequencies are tasked with producing high, mid, and low range sounds. It isn’t easy to tell which speaker is better when comparing the two way and four way tweeters, but you should know that the number of drivers doesn’t determine how a speaker is going to sound.

What this means is there is a possibility that a two way speaker will sound better than a four way speaker, and this means that a two way speaker that possesses a top quality driver will sound better than a four way speaker that doesn’t come with a good performing driver. This is where the difference between these speakers lie.

There are some speakers that comes with added number of drivers, but this also doesn’t mean that they will offers users top quality or loud sounds.

What Are 4 Way Speakers

How Do 2 Way Speakers Sound

2 way and 3 way coaxial speakers are the most popular you will come across on the market, and the reason for this is because they have proven to be the best at what they do. They will offer the type of sound car owners desire, and producing several sound waves and ranges is what 2 way speakers will do for you when making use of them.

Enjoying an impressive sound quality is what a 2 way speaker will do for you, and this is why you need to be aware of how 2 way speaker works. They come with a woofer and tweeter, as the woofer handles the production of low frequency sounds. The tweeter will provide users with high quality sounds, and you can see that this speaker can outperform other speakers.

The setup of a 2 way speaker crossover is something that you need to carefully take into consideration, while other things that should be considered includes the cabinet design and speaker construction. How the speaker fits inside of a cabinet is based on the cabinet design, and you should try out how a 2 way speaker sounds before paying for it.

The reason for doing this is to make sure that the sound quality and sound volume is what you truly need.

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Final Note

Everything we have discussed in this post is what you need to know about 2 way and 4 way speakers, and we hope that you have found this post very helpful and interesting. We will be expecting all of your opinions and ideas in the comment section of this post.

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