Warm Audio WA-87 Review

The Warm Audio brand is one that has risen massively over the years despite coming into the limelight in 201, and the reason for this massive fame and recognition is the fact that it specializes in the production of reliable and durable microphones. Within a short time, Warm Audio became a permanent microphone making brand on the lips of everybody. The Warm Audio WA-87 Review will tell you about one of their most reliable microphones.

Introduction To The Warm Audio Brand

However, what helped the Warm Audio brand to gain so much fame and recognition within a short time span is how it has allowed so many microphone lovers to own a version of the microphone they have desired to own all their lives, and the interesting thing about the Warm Audio WA-87 review will tell you about the build quality, key features, and other notable and interesting aspects of this microphone.

The principle and high quality technology that the Warm Audio is known for is something they still replicated in making the Warm Audio WA-87 microphone, and this is a condenser microphone designed to have a large diaphragm and similar in terms of appearance, build quality, and features of the Neumann U87 microphone. There are people that would have loved to own the Neumann U87 microphone but could not because of its high cost.

This is where the Warm Audio brand steps in as it ended up designing the Warm Audio WA-87 microphone to deliver same professional quality results like the Neumann U87 microphone but at a very affordable price tag. What this simply means is the quality of sound you hear coming out from the Neumann U87 microphone is the same that you will get from the Warm Audio WA-87 microphone. How was Warm Audio able to achieve this feat?

Instead of creating something that can mimic the Neumann U87 microphone, the Warm Audio brand makes use of the same circuit design used by the Neumann brand in design their U87 microphone. Producing warm and classical tone is one of the benefits that comes with working with the Warm Audio WA-87 microphone, and new generation sound engineers, artists, and vocalists can get all of these benefits at a very affordable rate.

Surprisingly, some reviews about the Neumann U87 microphone claimed the microphone produced brittle and harsh sounds because of the design and technology used in designing this microphone, and this prompted the Warm Audio to make the WA-87 microphone to sound more warm and cool. What surprises people so much about Warm Audio microphones is how they are able to make affordable microphones without compromising on quality.

The Warm Audio WA-87 microphone boasts of having improved versatility and a three polar pattern that makes it sound unique and in a class of its own. The audio capsule found in the WA-87 microphone is one that took so many years to perfect, while its diaphragm is designed using high quality Japanese mylar material. What people should know is there is a high demand in topnotch instruments, but there is a very low supply. What does this means?

This tells you that there are so many people that will end up with poor performance and low quality microphones that are being sold as originals, but brand like Warm Audio have taken advantage of the low supply of high quality microphones to make premium quality replicas and sell them off at very affordable rates.

Warm Audio WA-87 Review

Warm Audio WA-87 Review

Design, Features, And Performance Of The Warm Audio WA-87 Review

Having class and style is one of the special attributes of the Warm Audio WA-87 microphone, and this microphone comes delivered in a wooden storage case to protect against dust and moisture. The first every designed Warm Audio WA-87 microphone that was produced has a nickel finish, but the ones being designed today are known to have more attractive finishes. Shopping for this microphone means you will have a shock mount and hardware mount.

The versatility of the Neumann U87 microphone is a feature you will see in the Warm Audio WA-87 microphone, and this microphone boasts of having a three polar pattern and high pass filter that ensures it delivers a smooth recording regardless of the situation. Capturing orchestra and vocal sounds is what the WA-87 microphone is designed to do, and having this microphone leaves user fulfilled even though it is not the Neumann U87 mic.

Just by taking a look at this microphone, you can tell that it has a high quality build. It is made using top class components that ensures it lasts long, and the diaphragm you will find in the Neumann U87 microphone is the same as the one in WA-87 microphone. When people used the Neumann U87 microphone, they were very sure it will be difficult for another microphone to sound just like it. This changed when the WA-87 microphone hit the market.

You will get an amazing sound quality, high quality build, and seasoned sounds for a very little amount, and this explains why you are likely to find this microphone in a vocalist or sound engineer’s possession. Producing sounds that are not overbearing is another reason why this microphone is making so many waves on the market, while its versatility is responsible for being able to use this microphone in so many different setups.

You can record easily in various sound ranges using its high pass filter, and the WA-87 microphone is one that will offer excellent results when used with instruments like acoustic guitars, percussion, vocal, and string instruments. When it comes to designing and manufacturing, the Warm Audio is one brand that will never compromise, and you can confirm this by taking look at some of the microphones it has produced over the years.

The parts of the WA-87 microphone were all carefully engineered in terms of having a strong casing and packaging, and anyone that makes use of this microphone will be left impressed with its build quality, performance, and sound production. When it comes to emulating and replicating vintage instruments, no one does it better like the Warm Audio brand, and you can tell that every microphone it has emulated and designed came out really good.

Final Note – Warm Audio WA-87 Review

The Warm Audio WA-87 microphone has ended up leaving so many users impressed with the quality of performance it delivers, and we strongly say it out that emulating and redesigning vintage microphones is the specialty of the Warm Audio brand. If you feel like working with the Neumann U87 microphone but can’t afford it, you can end up shopping for the Warm Audio WA-87 microphone which will provide same excellent performance and result.

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