Warm Audio WA-47 Review

Anyone trying to setup a home studio should know how relevant and important it is to have a good collection of microphones, and so many studio owners desire to have high profile microphones in their studio. The only drawback towards achieving this is the price of these microphones, but the Warm Audio WA-47 review will change your perception if you believe that a top performance microphone must be expensive.

One fact about the Warm Audio brand is they have been making top quality microphone for so many years, and people tend to rely and trust their microphone since the brand adopts great technology and techniques when designing all of their microphones. One of its recent production that has won the hearts of so many users is the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone which was designed to perform like the Neumann U47 microphone.

However, so many people who intend shopping for a microphone on a budget will not want to go for the Neumann U47 microphone considering how expensive this microphone is. Surprisingly, the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone is designed to function similarly like the Neumann U47 microphone at a very affordable price tag. This has prompted so many people to turn their focus towards the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone.

This is because this microphone from Warm Audio will provide users with outstanding performance and results, and it is very popular on the market considering the fact that it comes at a very affordable price tag. One of the questions that is frequently being asked about this microphone is if it can be trusted to deliver the same level of performance the Neumann U47 microphone delivers. The short and simple answer to that question is YES.

Why do we think both microphone can deliver the same outstanding level of performance? This is because both microphone are designed to have the same multiple pickup patterns, large diaphragm design, and a well balanced transformer output. A very popular United States Of America company designed the transformer that is found inside the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone, and it will come as a surprise that this company has an edge over Neumann.

The edge is this American company has a vast and deep knowledge about transformers, which is something the Neumann company lacks. Switching at power supply is one function the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone is known for, and having about nine different variations ranging from top three to intermediate positions is another unique feature of the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone. What are these intermediate positions we are referring to about this microphone?

The intermediate positions here talks about the wide cardioid and the super cardioid positions, while the top three positions include Cardioid, Omni, and Figure Eight position. There are other accessories that comes when you settle for the Warm Audio Wa-47 microphone, and these accessories include a wooden box that serves for storage, power supply cable, and a shock mount. Inside the wooden box lies a foam insert that protects against scratches.

All of these are required when you want to make use of the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone, and you can see why so many people consider this microphone as a top microphone choice to settle for.

Warm Audio WA-47 Review

warm audio wa-47

So many people are of the opinion that the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone is a clone of the Neumann U47 microphone, and you can’t say the statement is incorrect. There are so many similarities between these two microphones, and you can also see that both microphone share the same look and appearance when looked at closely. Having a high component quality design and build is what makes the Neumann U47 mic expensive.

Top Features Of The Warm Audio WA-47 Microphone

In a statement by the Warm Audio brand regarding the build quality of the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone, they revealed that the microphone has a K47 replica capsule which was also used when making the Neumann U47 microphone. You will find a well constructed circuit board when the body of the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone is removed, and this circuit board contains Rubycon and WIMA capacitors. A one percent resistor is also part of it.

The JJ 5751 tube is what will get the interest of so many users when they take a look at the circuit board of this microphone as this tube is a variation of the 12AX7 but with a lower gain factor. The JJ 5751 tube doesn’t produce low audio output, while having a metal clamping design ensures it stays in place. Serving as a heat sink and damping microphones is what this tube also represents inside this microphone.

This is why so many people have expressed satisfaction over the Warm Audio brand generally as they constantly put in efforts to make their microphone exceptional and of high quality. Listening to several U47 vintage microphones inspired the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone design, and you will be able to tell which component is responsible for the intrinsic sound being produced when you carefully assess this microphone.

Looking at this microphone alone tells you that everything is designed to last, and there will be a unique difference in the vocalists voice when this microphone is used. When the singer hits certain notes, you will notice a thick and saturated presence. Producing warmer sounds is another feature that makes this microphone rank higher than several other microphones on the market, while producing some level of thickness in lower ranges is very possible.

These features will make every vocalist run after this microphone as it guarantees the production of a colorful and syrup-like sound production. Producing crisp, clean, and transient sounds are other qualities of the Neumann U47 microphone, but noticing build up of lower mid-range frequencies when double stacking or stacking vocals is possible. This is the point where a singer will have to switch to polar pattern or change his position slightly.

When considering upgrading the microphones in your studio, the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone is one you shouldn’t miss out on. It has proved to be the best addition in any microphone setup as it produces, loud, mellow, and unique sounds, which is why it is considered as the best for vocals. It can also be used for recording instrument or as a backup microphone, while producing transient, round, and super warm sounds is another exciting feature.

Wrapping It Up – Warm Audio WA-47 Review

This microphone has been said to produce sounds that are larger than life, and this throws more light on why this microphone remains one of the best choice for vocalists and singers over the years. Finally, this microphone doesn’t cost as much as the Neumann U47 microphone, but you can trust it to produce the same level of performance like the Neumann U47 microphone.

This means it will be easy to have it among your gear, as it can be used in a home or small studio setup. If you desire recording sounds like some of the greatest singers and vocalists then turn to the Warm Audio WA-47 microphone.

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