Vizio Soundbar Lights Going Up And Down

One interesting feature of the Vizio soundbar is how it can be controlled either by the use of buttons or remote control, but with the Vizio soundbar light going up and down, you will be worried and seeking ways to help deal with the situation. This doesn’t mean the Vizio soundbar haven’t been consistent in making high quality product for years.

Having your Vizio soundbar lights flashing up and down is one of the common complaints you are going to get from a Vizio soundbar owner, and this is capable of causing you to have no audio at all or you end up losing all of the settings you have done on your soundbar. You might be surprised this issue is common with the Vizio brand.

Every audiophile out there will be pleased at how the Vizio soundbar designs their speakers to deliver topnotch and high quality sounds, but this doesn’t rule away the fact that the Vizio soundbar is totally free from internal or software problems.

This tells you why we are always emphasizing on the fact that the finding a product or brand, or item that is completely free from error is almost impossible. This tells you that you cannot find a product that comes with no system flaw or error. It is rare to find a product that comes with no error or design flaw.

Vizio Soundbar Lights Going Up And Down

Vizio Soundbar Lights Going Up And Down

You can tell that your Vizio soundbar has developed some problems when you notice that its lights keep going off and on, and you might wonder what the cause of this might be. Maybe a setting you have carried out on your soundbar has been altered, or maybe it is starting to experience interference from other devices.

There are people who actually think the problem with their Vizio soundbar lights flashing up and down has to do with a software problem. This is because you can try to analyze the problem while taking a look at several angles or possibilities, and we all known customizing settings on the Vizio soundbar is easy thanks to its intuitive controls.

There are times when your soundbar might experience a system glitch or something goes wrong with the settings, and trust me when i say any of these is likely to cause a problem with your soundbar. This is why we mentioned earlier that something is definitely wrong with your soundbar when its lights keeps coming on and off.

This shouldn’t scare you away from the Vizio soundbar when shopping for a soundbar today as these problems tend to come up at anytime irrespective of the brand. However, you have found the right page with all the answers that you need if you have been searching for answers.

Fortunately for you, this post contains several interesting steps you can follow to put an end to this problem with your soundbar. The steps we will be showing you in this post are very simple and straightforward, and it doesn’t require you to spend money in getting anything done.

Continue reading this post as we provide you with what steps to take in our next lines.

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Key Steps To Follow

Vizio Soundbar Lights Going Up And Down

Something is definitely not right with your soundbar anymore if its lights keeps going up and down, and there are couple of reasons why this will happen to your Vizio soundbar. One of such reason could be your soundbar is trying to cycle through potential inputs, but we want you to note that the LED lights on a soundbar stands for something.

Your soundbar lights will keep going up and down if it is in its Bluetooth mode and is looking for a device to pair with. The LED light on your soundbar will come on immediately when you press the Bluetooth button on the soundbar or on its remote, and this search for a device will last for about fifteen minutes.

As long as your soundbar LED light is still on, you are going to find your Vizio soundbar on the device you want to pair with. Failing to connect with any device will cause the LED lights on your soundbar to go off. Having issues with your soundbar lights going off and on is enough to make you feel lost concerning what to do.

For you to get rid of this problem, you must first stop thinking that this is a hardware problem. This is because the problem with your soundbar might have to do with some settings on it, so one of the first things you must do is turning off your soundbar and turning it back on. This steps has solved so many problems when dealing with soundbars.

If turning it off and turning it back on doesn’t solve the problem then the next step you can take is going back to the last settings you made on the soundbar and change it. These are the two best steps you should try out first when dealing with lights keep going up and down on your Vizio soundbar, but what happens when these steps don’t work?

This is the hardest part as the last step for you to take is to reset your Vizio soundbar. So many people will not be pleased with resetting their soundbar because they tend to lose all they have put in place on the soundbar. This means every settings done on the soundbar will be lost, and it goes back to how it was when you bought it at first.

Losing whatever settings you have made on your soundbar is not pleasant, but resetting your soundbar will surely deal with the problem your soundbar is facing.

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Final Thoughts

Enjoying a better sound experience is one of the reasons why anyone will invest in a soundbar, and it is okay if you make use of your soundbar for music or for movies. Getting the best sound experience is something that will be limited if your soundbar lights keeps going up and down.

Every step we have discussed in this post is going to solve the problem with lights going up and down on your Vizio soundbar, so you can try out any of them and tell us which one worked for you in our comment section.

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