Tama Vs Pearl

Two of the most powerful drum brands that you can say have been around for a very long time are the Tama and Pearl brands, and these brands have designed so many powerful drums on the market for everyone. The interesting fact about the Tama Vs Pearl drum brands is you are going to find one of them in the possession of a very popular or renowned drummer. This tells you how good and reliable these drums are.

Another fact we want you to note about these drum brands is they are also into the making of drum kits, but making a choice between the Tama Vs Pearl brand can be very difficult. This is because both of them are already famous and well established brands, but there are few points that also sets these brands apart. These points are what makes it easy for drummers to make a choice between the two of them.

Tama Vs Pearl

Tama vs pearl

You might be confused regarding which of these drums you would love to go for, and it is okay for you to think the shiny Pearl drum is the best choice for you. You are also making the right choice if you think going for the reliable Tama drum will work for you, and this is because whatever choice you pick at the end of the day comes down to the drum of your choice.

One thing we would advice you to do is to get more info about both drums before going ahead to make a choice, and you do not need to surf the internet much longer for this information. This post is here to tell you all you need to know about these brands. Let us start with the Pearl drums.

Pearl Brand

A very old drum brand is the Pearl brand, and it might come as a surprise to you when you realize that this drum brand has been in existence since 1940. Kicking off officially in Japan, it didn’t take so much time for the Pearl drum brand to hit the roof. You might be wondering why there was such a high sales percentage of drums, and the answer to this question is because there was rock and roll music available at that time.

Fast forward to the 2000’s, the Pearl drum kits was already sold all over the world. After that time, the drum brand lost its relevance, but the Pearl company remains one you can trust to make high quality and reliable drums with drum kits despite their unexpected fall. Furthermore, there are several producers that still rely on the Pearl drum, and other music professionals also share the same thoughts.

The Pearl company witnessed a huge impact based on proceeds from their export kits, and these export kits is part of what also contributed to Pearl’s popularity all over the world. Known as an entry-level kit, the Export kit is one of the highest sold entry level kits of all time. The Roadshow kits have taken over the show now, so it might be difficult for you to still find the Pearl Export kit around.

The Pearl Export kit is still relevant today despite losing its place to the Roadshow kit, and the Pearl drum kits features the use of high quality hardware in manufacturing them. This is what helps them standout from the rest.

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Tama vs pearl

Tama Brand

The Tama brand is younger compared to the Pearl brand, and what surprised people about this brand is they started off production with the making of high quality drums. It also kicked off operations in Japan, and there are so many popular drummers today that get their drum and kits supplied by the Tama brand. Surprisingly, the Tama brand remains the first brand to ever design the tom mounting hardware.

The fact that this hardware doesn’t interfere with drum shells is what makes them exceptional, and this also lets you in on the truth that the Tama company paved the way for the making of high quality drum kits. Having an impressive look is one of the attributes of the Tama products, while delivering punchy bass sounds is what the Tama drum is known for. You will find its drum kits in the possession of several rock and metal artists.

Factors That Helps In Choosing Between The Tama And Pearl Company

High Quality Kits

Making of high quality kits is the area drum companies ought to place more focus on, but you should also know that these flagship kits as they are popularly called might change as technology changes. These brands have two flagship kits each that has a high taste of excellent craftsmanship, and this also explains why these flagship kits comes with a heavy price tag. Hardware and holding shells is what differentiates both kits.

Entry Level Kits

The kits that are mass produced are the entry level kits, and these kits also leaves an imprint regarding how good these drum brands are. Equipping drummers to be very good and efficient is one of the benefits that comes with working with any of these kits, while the best and affordable entry level kit is the Pearl Roadshow kit. It offers good tones and comes with an exciting hardware.

On the other hand, the Tama brand has the TamaStar Imperial kit, and this kit costs more than that of the Pearl kit. The Tama entry level kit boasts of having better cymbals, and it also provides users with an avenue for customization. Both kits are popular since they are designed to offer clean and great tones, but whatever kit you get will be based on what your budget is.

Combining Everything

Having drum kits that fits into the entry level and flagship kits is what makes these brands unique, and you can count on these drum kits to make every drumming session or performance outstanding. This tells you that these brands specializes in making drum kits that will meet up with different needs and functions, just like how the Tama kit will do great when used for metal and rock music.

You can also make use of these drum kits either for studio or for a live session.

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Wrapping It Up

One fact about these brands is you can never pick one that is better, because what you pick might be what another person rejects. This goes back to what we said earlier about how making a choice comes down to preference, and the type of sounds you would want to obtain will also decide which of these drum kits you go for. The type of hardware you like will also decide what drum kits you want.

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