Static Noise In Headphones

Trust me, any music lover or audiophile will not be happy with the static noise coming out from his or her headphone. It is a huge turn off when you get static noise and you are trying to listen to some of your favorite songs, and static noise in headphones has become a very common problem almost everyone complains about nowadays.

If you want to go back to enjoying crystal clear and pure sounds, it is very crucial that you start seeking out solutions, because you really cannot put up with the static sound you keep getting from your headphone for long. No matter how much you try to figure this out on your own, you might not be able to do that without having the right information.

Luckily for all of our readers, static noise in headphones is what this post is set out to address, and we will also discuss possible steps that can be taken when dealing with static noise in headphones. Finding out the cause of static noise in headphones is the first step you must take, and this will point you in what direction to take when it comes to dealing with them.

This means that troubleshooting what the main problem is will show you the right step to take when you want to deal with the problem you are having on your headphone. All we are saying is finding out the cause of static in your headphone will provide you with very simple ways you can adopt in taking care of the problem, and you might already be wondering what could be the reason behind the static sound you keep getting from your headphone.

If you are yet to figure that out, you do not need to worry yourself as we have outlined the possible causes of static noise in headphones below for you.

  • Problems with the auxiliary port
  • Damage to your headphone speaker
  • Static noise in wireless headsets
  • Incorrect audio settings
  • Presence of a loose or damaged wire in headphone

At the beginning of this post, we pointed out the fact that getting static noise when trying to make use of your headphone can be a huge turn off. Whether you want to watch a movie, play some games on your device, or listen to some good rap music, static noise will end up getting rid of the joy in the moment. Not being able to identify the cause makes the entire situation more complicating, because eliminating what you don’t know is impossible.

No matter what you intend doing with your headphone at any point in time, getting static noise will cause a major inconvenience. Surprisingly, you will be amazed upon learning that there are simple steps that can be taken when dealing with static noise in headphone. However, whatever approach you choose to take when dealing with static problems will depend on the cause of the problem itself.

Understanding the foundation of where static noise is coming from in your headphone puts you on the right track regarding what you must do in dealing with them.

Static Noise In Headphones

Static Noise In Headphones

Presence Of Loose Or Disconnected Wires

There might be a problem with the wire inside the headphone which has caused the presence of static sounds in your headphone, and using your headphone roughly might causes a wire to feel loosed inside or disconnected. Dealing with this problem requires you to connect the headphone jack to a system or device.

Try moving the loose or disconnected wire to the side gently, and doing this is likely to solve the problem. This solution might pose a little bit of stress or problem, as you have to cut down wires from every side and manually attach it to the headphone. Opening up the wire cover first before is what you must do for you to connect them easily.

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Problems With The Auxiliary Port

If there is a problem with your auxiliary port then you are going to hear static noise when gaming, watching a movie, or listening to music on your headphone. This problem will arise if there is dirt inside of your headphone, and oxidization of your auxiliary port will also lead to the production of static noise in headphones. Like we mentioned earlier, cleaning up your auxiliary port will end up dealing with this problem.

Make sure you do not stop cleaning till you can no longer see any dirt inside of your auxiliary port, and also do not stop cleaning the auxiliary port till you no longer hear any static noise from your headphone.

Damage To Headphone Speakers

Checking your phone’s hardware is another step you can employ when troubleshooting the cause of static noise in headphones, and checking your headphone speakers is the first thing you must do when trying to check where the static noise is coming from your headphone. You might be wondering how you can tell if there is a damage already done to your headphone speaker.

Thus shouldn’t be much of a problem as all you have to do is plug in the headphone to another device to check if the speaker will function well or produce static sounds. If you keep getting static noise then the problem probably lies inside of the headphone’s hardware, and you can invoke your headphone’s warranty if this is the cause of the static noise you are getting from your headphone.

Incorrect Audio Settings

If your playback device has an incorrect audio setting then you are likely to get static sounds from your headphone. The problem is most likely an incorrect audio setting on your playback device if you have tried all other situations and steps we have mentioned with no positive results, but it will be helpful for you to note that the type of device you make use of will determine how you are going to deal with the incorrect audio settings on it.

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Getting Rid Of Static Noise In Headphones

You might experience program errors, audio source problems, and hardware problems with no forewarning, but there are simple steps that can be taken when dealing with these problems. These steps we want to show you will effectively get rid of static noise in headphones, so take a look at them below.

  • Consider changing your headphone if the one you have presently has lasted for long. This is a necessary step to take if your current headphone has been giving you issues for a while
  • One way to deal with static noise is by watching how you handle your headphones. Note that forcefully making use of your headphone will end up causing damages, and use minimal force when removing and attaching headphones to an audio jack
  • Cleaning your headphone jack constantly is another sure way you can use in dealing with static noise, and doing this means they will last for a longer period

Rounding Up

You no longer have to worry about putting up with static noise when making use of your headphones since we have provided you with the best solutions you can find. If you want to use your headphone for a long while, ensure you put all of our tips to use.

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