Sound Volume Too Soft

Dealing with sound volume too soft? Check out the necessary tips we will be discussing in this post

It doesn’t matter whether you are relaxing, driving, or working, so many people have converted their computers and phones to entertainment devices.

Anyone that does this must be looking forward to obtaining a high quality sound performance, but what do you do when all you keep obtaining is an extremely soft sound volume? This is why it is of great importance that you figure out the necessary steps to make your audio devices sound louder.

You do not have to worry about sourcing for the right steps and tips as that is why we have decided to bring you this post, and we are all aware of the fact that people enjoy listening to music, gaming, and watching movies in crystal clear and a loud sound performance.

This guarantees enjoying whatever it is you are doing, and trust this post when it tells you it doesn’t matter whether you are making use of PC, stereo speakers, or phones.

What truly matters is finding the necessary steps that will help you in obtaining loud and powerful sounds at all times.

Sound Volume Too Soft

Sound Volume Too Soft

We will be taking a look at some of the things you can do under various situations that will help in improving sound quality, so you no longer have to put up with low and poor quality sounds.

Under Windows Computers

When you take a look at your personal computer, there are so many inbuilt settings you are going to come across. The good aspect of these settings is they are going to boost sounds irrespective of what you are doing, but what might seem like a bit of a worry with this approach is the fact that these inbuilt settings might not be present on every PC.

Why isn’t this setting available on every computer? This is because computers are designed by different brands to have different software, so the driver you find in your computer might not be the same driver you find in another computer.

To make this approach easy for you, we have identified four simple steps you can follow when trying to enhance sounds on your windows devices. Audio enhancement settings is what you are going to work with when trying to enhance sounds on your windows devices, and the four step we want to show you below will help in getting it done.

  • Under the system tray, you are going to find a volume or audio icon. Right click the volume or audio icon when you find it
  • Click on playback devices
  • This will bring you to a section where you have to choose speakers from the playback tab, and you will find properties under the speaker option you have selected. Click on the speaker properties so it can open up
  • This will take you to an enhancement tab where you have to tick the loudness equalization option
  • Once you have done all of this, you can start enjoying high quality sounds and volume on your windows devices

The overall sound system of your windows device will be enhanced by carrying out all of the steps we have mentioned in this post. However, there are sound cards that makes it possible for you to utilize the loudness equalization option your computer comes with.

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Sound Volume Too Soft

Making Use Of Booster Applications

Surprisingly, you can get so many free booster plugins on the internet. We know the option of getting a plugin for free sounds exciting, but doing this comes with a limitation of its own. Doing this means you will have very few features to work with, and you will need to work with the best features if you want to enhance sounds.

Upgrading to a paid plan remains the best option when making use of a booster plugin, and this approach has proved effective since people started making use of it. Here are some of the best audio boosters that have worked for so many people who have found themselves in similar conditions;

  • Sound Pimp
  • Bongiovi
  • DFX Audio Enhancer

An interesting information about the audio boosters we just mentioned is they come with amazing features that makes it easy to convert low and soft sounds to something powerful.

Making Use Of A VLC Media Player

This is for people who want a superb volume performance for their music and movie pleasure. You can get the VLC Media Player for free on the internet, and trust the VLC media player to boost al multimedia formats. It doesn’t matter if the format is a music or movie or format, but the VLC media player will definitely improve its sounds.

Surprisingly, the VLC media player is not limited to the one hundred percent maximum volume level you constantly come across. It functions by exceeding that limit and going as far as one hundred and twenty five percent, which is the highest volume it can get to.

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Making Use Of External Speakers

If you are aiming at enhancing sound volume then making use of external speakers is another option you can pick from the table. Taking a good look at the market today, you will come across several portable speakers designed to offer an impressive sound quality. A good example of this type of speaker is the Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speakers are designed to offer one of the best sound performances you have ever seen, and it is shocking that it mostly sells at a very affordable price. Combining Bluetooth speakers with plugins or a trusted software means you are going to get the best sound volumes, and external speakers or headphones keeps you focused.

You will stay focused on your movie or music especially when you find yourself in a noisy environment, and you should consider reinstalling your windows computer if all of the methods we have discussed failed to yield something positive. Reinstalling also provides computers with a fresh start and eliminates any issue you are dealing with.

Under Stereo Speakers

If you are looking forward to enhancing the sound volume of your speakers then you need to figure out a way to get more electrical power into it. You can easily achieve this either by making use of a high quality speaker cable or a high powered amplifier, and you should know that the natural acoustics of a room can also boost sound volume.

Using room acoustics to your advantage can help in increasing sound quality, and how you get to position your speakers will also help in obtaining loud sound volumes. What we want you to note is there is a possibility of increasing speaker volume above its limit, but doing this will result in distorted sounds being produced.

Wrapping It Up

We hope that everything we have discussed in this post has helped in enhancing the sound volume problem you have been dealing with on your speaker or windows device. What makes this post amazing is how it has provided you with different approaches to follow, so what matters right now is finding out which of these steps will work for you.

We are looking forward to your thoughts, comment, opinions, and ideas in our comment section.

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