Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700

Shopping for a soundbar can be a little bit stressful, and if you have been paying attention, you will realize that there has been a battle for supremacy between the Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700 soundbars for some years now.

Making use of a high quality soundbar means you are going to enjoy topnotch and and impressive audio experience whether you are watching a movie or listening to your playlist.

These are two top class brands that has been in the business of designing top quality soundbars over the years, and the fact that these two soundbars have been placed in a battle ring over the years makes it very difficult for a person to make a choice out of the two.

You will know that the two soundbars boasts of great class and integrity else they won’t be in this sort of competition for so many years.

These soundbars are the top of any list or category when searching for a soundbar you want to purchase, but we want you to keep in mind that anybody can make use of a soundbar as it can serve different purposes.

It could be for gaming, movies, or music, and soundbars have proved to be very relevant and important since they first found their way to the electronics market. Providing you with a close-to cinematic experience has made them stand out.

All of these things we have mentioned about soundbars have helped them stay at the top of the list for so many years, and the Sonos Arc soundbar is preferred by people who desire to feel that surround sound experience when watching a movie.

Technical aspects like bass sound production and audio quality performance means you will be impressed with the Bose 700 soundbar, and this explains why the feud between them has gone on for so long.

Despite all we have said about these two products, making a choice out of the two of them isn’ as simple as making a choice between two other irrelevant products.

You have to pay close attention to their features to be able to make a choice, and it is quite difficult for you to say one of this soundbar is way better than the other if we are being factual. At the end of the day, whatever option you go with comes down to which one you prefer making use of.

In this post, we will take you through a comparison of their features. The Bose and Sonos brands have been exceptional for so many years when it comes to making excellent products, and all of their soundbars are known to have an excellent sound quality with very interesting features.

This is why people have no problems with whatever price tag they carry, so let us show you what these soundbars are really like.

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Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700

Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700

Which will you go for if it comes down to picking between the Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700 soundbar? What will you base your choice on?

Making a decision in this case isn’t something you can easily do without having proper and in-depth information about both products. This is why we will compare both products under specific categories to tell you or show you what they really are.

Features And Specifications

Audio features are very necessary categories you should consider taking a look at before making a payment for a soundbar, but the features the Sonos Arc soundbar comes with are not features you will find on the Bose 700 soundbar.

This is why people believe the Sonos Arc wins this category, and the fact that it offers a surround sound experience makes it everyone’s choice for movies, music, and gaming. Bose has a lightweight design on the other hand.

Sound Quality

This is one category where both soundbars go head to head in a battle, and this is because both products are known to offer the highest in sound quality. It is very difficult to declare a winner in this category, but both products have areas where their sound quality shows.

You can opt for the Sonos Arc if you want a soundbar for movies, music, and gaming, while the Bose 700 is for anyone who desires a crystal clear and crisp sound performance.

The Bose 700 is also known for delivering an optimal sound clarity which you won’t get from so many soundbars today, while the sound it offers is clear and balanced.

When it comes to bass and volume sounds, these soundbars are the best at it, so it comes down to what you want from a soundbar when taking a look at sound quality from these soundbars.


The Bose 700 is the one that wins this category as it has a Bluetooth connection which you won’t find on the Sonos Arc. However, both soundbars are designed to support a wireless connection using a third party application function, and they also come with Alexa Smart and Google Assistant functions.

You will suffer a limited user coverage when using the Sonos Arc soundbar, and this is because it doesn’t work with android devices.


This category has no winner too as both soundbars boasts of having great aesthetics. Whatever aesthetic choice you make will be dependent on what you want, but the Sonos Arc is ideal for anyone searching for a soundbar with a futuristic look and feel. The Bose 700 on the other hand boasts of having an elegant and classic finish.


The Sonos Arc and Bose 700 as at when we put out this post to you were being sold for eight hundred and ninety dollars and seven hundred and ninety nine dollars respectively.

You can see that there is nothing but a slight difference in their prices as the Sonos Arc is slightly expensive. However, price shouldn’t be much of a factor when shopping for something you really need.

The fact still stands that you will be getting great value regardless of how much you splash on these soundbars, so you can go ahead and make a payment for any of these soundbars you are okay with.


When looking at designs, both soundbars are known to have impressive designs. You are not likely to find a soundbar with a design as the Sonos Arc and Bose 700 designs, and they are loved some more since they come with a subwoofer.

They also boasts of having a similar layout design, but the Sonos Arc is inches taller than the Bose 700 soundbar.

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Final Thoughts

Bose is like everyone’s favorite brand if you want to go by reputation, based on the fact that it has never failed in delivering excellent products over the years.

However, the Sonos Arc soundbar might end up being the best out of the two based on technical comparisons. At the end of the day, whatever decision you make comes down to what choice you make.

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