Singers Who Use Autotune

The use of autotune has become very popular nowadays, and there are so many singers that occupy the list of singers who use autotune. You would be surprised to find out that such a list actually exists, but you shouldn’t be all surprised as that is exactly what this post is here to discuss with you today, so continue reading this post.

In some of our previous posts, we have talked about how autotune is being viewed generally by song lovers and a brief history of autotune. We have also discussed if making use of autotune is good or bad for the music industry at large, but we will indulge you to critically analyze the benefits of autotune before going ahead to downplay it.

We understand when people say things like they enjoy listening to their favorite artists singing with their raw and natural voice, but what you should know is that making use of autotune has helped so many artists improve when it comes to making music and sounding good on a song.

We do not want you to think that making use of autotune is going to make you a very great singer, but trust me when i say making use of autotune serves a very great importance for artists today. Correcting sounds, pitches, and making voices sound ethereal and metallic and some of the pros that making use of autotune offers singers today.

Regardless of how important autotune is, there is a genre of music where autotune cannot be used. The genre we are talking about is rap music, and it is almost impossible for an artist to make use of autotune when rapping, singing pop, or hip hop. Truth is there are few artists that still make use of autotune, but trust me, they are very few.

Singers Who Use Autotune

singers who use autotune

The list we have decided to show you on singers that have made use of autotune at some point in their career might not be as extensive as you think or envision it to be, but what matters is finding out the top artists that have made use of autotune when making modern day music. You will be surprised at some names you will come across.

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Now that you have a very good understanding of what autotune means, its history, and how it works, its time for you to find out the artists that have made use of it when making music. Check them out below;


If you have come across the name Cher, you are going to find out that so many people refer to cher as the founder of autotune music. This is because Cher was the first person to make use of the effect, and believe which is one of her biggest tracks was the first song she used autotune on.

Believe by Cher wasn’t her first official song, but this song went on to be bigger than most songs she recorded before it. This should tell you how the use of autotune influenced Cher’s song and made Cher more famous than before.


A modern day artist that has made use of and constantly makes use of autotune is T-pain, and this is one fact that everybody knows. Listening to T-pain sing would tell you he makes use of autotune on most of his songs, and this is because his voice has that robotic feeling when he sings.

One of the things you will easily identify about T-pain’s song is the autotune he makes use of at the beginning of his song, and the use of autotune has helped T-pain in creating a unique and extraordinary voice that stands out from all other voices you must have heard in music.


The next artist on our list is Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas musical group, and what makes this artist’s use of autotune exceptional is how subtle his autotune matches all of his songs. There is a slight difference between the way T-pain uses autotune, and the way Will.I.Am uses autotune.

Will.I.Am is an artist everyone can attest to the fact that he went on to achieve greatness ever since he burst into the music industry. Surprisingly, the artist has never denied using autotune when making music, but he admitted to making use of autotune in all of his music.

Lil Wayne

The fourth artist to make it to this list is Lil Wayne, and you will be surprised at how a rapper made it to this list. Remember we said the rappers that use autotune are very few, so Lil Wayne is part of the few rap artists that make use of autotune. Lil Wayne and T-pain on a track created magic for everyone to listen to, and this helped them stand out from the rest on the list.

Kanye West

Anyone who doesn’t know Kanye West for his music should be able to know that he got married to Kim Kardashian of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kanye West once disclosed that he always made use of autotune when he felt like showing off some level of emotion on a song, and he also has some joints with T-pain.

One thing about making use of autotune for Kanye is how the effect makes his voice pleasant and sweet, and you can see how his voice is always accompanied by keyboards and drums in some of his songs. Kanye is basically a genius singer when it comes to making use of autotune.

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This is one name that so many people will find impossible to believe, and so many people are divided over the opinion that Beyonce makes use of or don’t make use of autotune when recording songs. Let’s be realistic, it is quite difficult to tell if the singer makes use of it or not, but there were traces of autotune during her ‘Apeshit’ performance on stage alongside her husband Jay-Z.

Country Singers Who Use Autotune

Believe it or not, there are country artists that have made use of autotune too in their career. This might come as a surprise to you but you shouldn’t be, and there is still constant criticism from fans that would love their country artists to make use of their raw voices instead of making use of autotune.

Even though autotune was introduced to country music in 1997, it didn’t gain so much popularity till 1998. In the next line, we will show you a list of some country artist that have mad use of country music when singing or recording music.

  • George Strait
  • Faith Hill

You will still be surprised at the fact that country music was able to find a place for autotune to fit in, but what makes this topic interesting is how country music didn’t lose its originality despite the introduction of autotune. To be very¬† honest, using autotune also helped some country songs sound better than the regular crossover effect.

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