Shure SM81 Vs Shure KSM137 Review

Shure SM81 Vs Shure KSM137 Review – Product Comparison And Differences

Shure SM81 Microphone

Just like we have talked about in other posts, so many people trust the Shure brand to deliver premium quality microphones to the market. This explains why so many of the Shure microphones out-perform and are ranked higher than several other microphones on the market. Some of the features of a Shure microphone is having a solid build and overall quality, while notable features ensures its performance exceeds your expectations.

The trademark that the Shure brand is known for is what the Shure SM81 microphone carries, and being top rated in terms of sound quality, performance, and features ensures it stands out from all other microphones on the market. If you want to know more about the Shure SM81 microphone then you should continue reading this interesting post, and it is easy to tell that past users are pleased with the performance of the Shure sm81 microphone.

The combination of a transparent and neutral design with an electric bias design makes this the best microphone for working with cymbals, pianos, and guitars. This doesn’t mean you can work with this microphone using only the three instruments we have mentioned, but it boasts of having an excellent and unique build that makes it stand out from all other microphones on the market. It works with a wide range of instrument.

It is possible to work with several instruments which is why it is considered as an industry standard microphone, but the surprising fact is you will find other so many expensive microphone on the market that do not have the features and level of performance the Shure SM81 will deliver. In terms of construction, build quality, and features, this microphone stands out, and it is surprising it has all of these and still sells for an affordable price.

Its low distortion sounds, consistent highs, impressive sound definition, and having low quality ends are all exciting features of this microphone, and this microphone is considered a wise investment for any sound engineer, pianist, or guitarist as it sells for half the price of a very expensive microphone. You will be pleased with the performance of this microphone if you combine it with a high sensitive instrument, making it the best for milking guitar instruments.

Delivering a shallow end is one of the benefits that comes with working with the Shure SM81 microphone, while offering a vibrant, definitive, and crisp sound performance is another reason why it ranks higher than several otherĀ  microphones on the market. You can see that there are so many reasons why you should not miss out on the Shure SM81 microphone, but learning how to position the Shure SM81 microphone helps in obtaining pure sounds.

You can obtain crystal clear sounds when this microphone is positioned away from the hole, and delivering amazing sound quality performance can be achieved no matter the instrument you work with. A lot of emphasis is placed on positioning this microphone, and the level of performance it delivers when used with an overhead is described as priceless. Delivering crisp sound performance, no distortion, and uncolored highs is what you get from this mic.

Shure SM81 Vs Shure KSM137 Review

Shure SM81 Vs Shure KSM137 Review


The relationship between this microphone and an overhead instrument is one that offers an outstanding sound performance, while natural and clear sounds will be obtained when you combine this microphone with a deep sound percussion instrument. The durability of this microphone is one we cannot neglect, and this is because the Shure brand has been in the business of making microphones using premium quality materials over the years.

Having a solid materials build ensures it lasts for a very long time, and you will also receive all the required accessories to work with when you settle for the Shure SM81 microphone. It comes with accessories like wind foams, stand clips, and a plastic case, and all of these makes this microphone the bets for outdoor use. The only complain about this microphone is the fact that it doesn’t come with a shock mount, and this isn’t a handheld microphone.

This microphone is also lacking in the region of sensitivity, but having a unique self-noise function is another feature that makes this microphone stand out.


  • It offers crystal clear and pure sounds
  • It boasts of having a rock solid build
  • Its versatile design makes it ideal for different purposes


  • Some customers are of the opinion that this microphone is still expensive
  • It lacks an internal shock mount
  • It doesn’t have a handheld design

Shure KSM137 Microphone

In the discussion of microphones, large diaphragm microphones are known to bag so many accolades and praises. However, there are areas where you can count on a small diaphragm microphone to deliver excellent results like the large diaphragm microphones. Recording acoustic instruments is one area where small diaphragm microphones will don exceedingly well, and there are so many small diaphragm microphones that will do great in this field.

Familiar brands have designed so many microphones in this field, and being affordable is one of the features of microphones from these brands. Having a fixed cardioid pattern and pointing the microphone to the side is one way to ensure the KSM137 microphone captures crystal clear sound quality, and its versatility is an interesting aspect that makes it ideal for use in so many fields.

Instruments that you can work with using the Shure KSM137 microphone includes double brass drums, woodwind, brass, overhead instruments, electric instruments, and for milking drums. The ShureKSM137 and KSM134 microphones are designed to be similar, but having different polar patterns is what makes them different from one another. Designed using premium quality components is what the Shure KSM137 microphone is known for.

Having gold plated internal and external connectors ensures that this microphone fights off proximity effect and handles low resistance. Trust me when i say all of the features of the Shure KSM137 microphone combines to put together a detailed and high quality sound performance. It comes with a protective case that makes transporting and protecting this microphone possible.

Below are some of the characteristics performance of the Shure KSM137 microphone;

  • It delivers a high sound output
  • It is designed to withstand high sound pressure levels
  • It boasts of having a uniform polar response
  • It has a unique standard mode rejection design

Purchasing this microphone as a studio pair is another interesting feature of this microphone, and coming with every accessory you need to work with is another stand out feature of this microphone. This takes away the stress that comes with shopping for additional items to work with.

You can tell from everything we have said that the Shure KSM137 and Shure SM81 microphones are high quality microphones that so low quality microphones cannot compete with. The fact that they come with important accessories to work with means you can get to work immediately when you unwrap it from the package. You can also get this microphone for an affordable price tag, so you will not spend much to get the best sounds from a microphone.

Wrapping It Up – Shure SM81 Vs Shure KSM137 Review

Judging from everything we have said about these microphone, you can tell that they can be used in similar applications and settings. They work with the same instruments and delivering transient and crystal clear sounds is what these microphones are known for. These are microphones you will never go wrong with when used in any setting.

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