Shure SM81 Review

Just like we have mentioned in all other reviews, the Shure brand remains one of the best brands you can trust when it comes to the manufacture of premium quality musical instruments like the microphone. This is why you can easily see their products getting high ratings and reviews on shopping sites and stores. We have brought you another of their awesome product and the Shure SM81 review will tell you all there is to know about this microphone.

Most of the microphones designed by the Shure brand boasts of having an impressive build quality, and they come with features that makes sure they deliver the sort of performance every singer, vocalist, or sound engineer desires. Everything you need to know about this high quality microphone is detailed in the Shure SM81 review, so we encourage you to continue reading this post so you do not miss out on any piece of information we have for you.

The Shure SM81 microphone in this post will be considered based on features, sound quality, build quality, pros and cons, and several other interesting aspects, so we implore you that you keep on reading this post so you do not miss out on any information you need to gather. This is one of the best neutral and transparent microphones built to have an electret design, and it is the perfect studio microphone for working with guitars, pianos, and cymbals.

However, using this microphone isn’t limited to the three instruments we just finished mentioning, so trust this microphone to do very well when used with several other musical instruments. This is why so many producers and sound engineers describe it as an industry standard microphone as it can be used for a wide range of instruments, and believe this post when it says so many microphones cannot deliver the same performance as the Shure SM81.

Trust the Shure SM81 to top or outperform several other microphones speaking in terms of quality, and the type of quality associated with this microphone is one that you will not see in microphone within the same price range as the Shure SM81 microphone. Producing consistent highs, low distortion sounds, and quality low end sounds with a great definition are all interesting aspects of this microphone. However, expect it to sell for fifty percent off its original price.

Working with this microphone means you have to expect some high voltage sensitivity, and if you want a microphone for milking guitar the the Shure SM81 fits the bill. Being able to deliver mind-blowing crispness, a vibrant and definitive performance are what makes users fall in love over and over again with this microphone, and considering all of these features, it is not wrong for this microphone to be the envy of every other microphone.

One aspect of this microphone that should be taken seriously is the way it should be positioned, because the positioning of the microphone will determine if you can get the best out of it. This is why it is very crucial that you take the positioning of the Shure SM81 microphone very important, while adjusting it should be done only when it is necessary. The best way to get the best out of this microphone is pointing it towards the hole or away from it.

If you want a microphone that sounds bright and warm then look out for the Shure SM81 microphone.

Shure SM81 Review

Shure SM81 Review

This microphone is known for its ability to deliver neutral, better, and crystal clear sounds, and this is why users consider it the best choice for acoustics. You will certainly get the best out this microphone when you know how to position it, and trust me when i say the positioning of this microphone cannot be overemphasized. This is the only way you can get the best out of this microphone, and you can tame lower fundamentals by creating the right pressure area.

This helps in ensuring that sounds are not just dispersed in a setup, while delivering a comfortable and balanced high sound pressure level is one of the features that makes the Shure SM81 microphone stand out from all other microphones. People will continue using this microphone for overheads as it delivers uncolored highs and low sound distortion performance, and matching this microphone and overhead isn’t necessary to get desired results.

Combining this microphone with a percussion instrument also means you will be able to get an enjoyable sound performance, while using it with small tambourines, triangles, and bells also means great sounds will be produced. In terms of features and build, you can tell that this microphone will best so many other microphones available on the market, and you no longer have to doubt the fact that this microphone will provide the performance you desire.

If this microphone is well maintained, it is going to last more than a decade. This is because it boasts of having a rock solid build that ensures it lasts for a very long while. Its plastic case, stand clip, and wind foam are important accessories you will get when you settle for this microphone, but you need to be aware of the fact that this microphone has some flaws of its own. No product was designed to be perfect and this microphone is far from that.

It doesn’t have an internal shock mount which provides resistance against vibrations, while another issue with this microphone is it isn’t a handheld designed microphone. However, you can count on it if you are aiming at obtaining a good sound performance. You can count on sound engineers to be able to detect a good microphone from a bad microphone, and a low end distortion isn’t noticeable when using this microphone.

Its excellent self noise function is another interesting attribute of this microphone, but having a low sensitivity is another area the Shure SM81 is known to be lacking. What this means is the Shure SM81 microphone will require a high amount of amplification to attain the power and sensitivity of all other microphones. Here are the pros and cons of the Shure SM81 mic.


  • This microphone sounds very loud and clear
  • It offers a neutral response
  • It has a rich and well defined low end
  • It boasts of having a rock solid build
  • This is an industry standard microphone
  • It can be used in so many fields


  • It is a bit expensive to afford
  • This isn’t a handheld microphone
  • It doesn’t come with an internal shock mount

Wrapping It Up – Shure SM81 Review

Several users have revealed how impressed they are with the durability and performance of this microphone, and the Shure brand is well respected for making such high quality and reliable microphone. This is one microphone that you do not need to be worried about even it falls down as it has a tough and strong build, ensuring that this microphone lasts for a very long time.

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