Shure KSM32 Review

One of the notable manufacturing brands people trust to make high quality and reliable microphones is the Shure brand, and what leaves users intrigued about its microphone is the fact that it can be used by sound engineers and other people for recordings, vocals, and several other applications. The Shure KSM32 review is one that will take you into the world of the Shure KSM32 microphone, and this is one microphone that has won the hearts of many users.

Reproducing the same high quality sound level performance the Shure brand is known for is what this microphone is designed to do, and you can bank on its premium quality materials and robust materials construction that makes this microphone reliable for everyday use. The Shure KSM32 microphone is one that found its way into the market in the year 1998, and it has gone on to be one of the most versatile microphones the Shure brand has ever made.

If you are looking for the perfect studio microphone the the Shure KSM32 is one that fits the description as it boasts of having a side firing cardioid pattern, and it will deliver the level of performance you want from it thanks to some vital features this microphone possesses like a pre-attenuator that is easy to switch, bass filters, and other amazing features. It boasts of an elegant and classy vintage appearance that makes this microphone very attractive.

Its appearance makes sure it looks elegant when it meets the eyes, and the durable materials used in designing this microphone makes users worry less about this microphone getting damaged anytime soon.

It will stay protected from all forms of damage whether it falls accidentally or not thanks to its durable aluminum construction, while its level of versatility makes it the perfect microphone for use with kick drums, speaking drums, singing instruments, brass, woodwind, guitar, piano, strings, percussion, and several other instruments. You can see that this microphone is one that is designed to perfectly fit into several applications.

Its versatility contributes to why it has gained massive popularity over the years, and you can trust the Shure KSM32 microphone to get the job done whether you are using it at a live gig or inside the studio for recording purposes. A common practice nowadays is how so many manufacturing brands tend to mislead the public with a wrong product information and description, but this is an act you will not find the Shure brand engaging in. ‘

The description about this microphone from the manufacturer is genuine and true, and what you are staring at is a condenser microphone. It will be very heartbreaking for you to go to the market to shop for a microphone, go through its manufacturer’s description and get home to realize that you have been misled by the wrong information provided by the manufacturer.

This explains why so many people rely on the Shure brand as it doesn’t give out misleading information on any of its products. Pianists and guitarists will benefit from using this microphone. The fact that this microphone stays in place while in use is another feature that leaves users shocked, and this is possible why using its original shock mount. Its shock mount makes sure that the microphone doesn’t move up and down and while in use.

No matter the amount of vibrations this microphone is subjected to, its shock mount makes sure it stays in place. Being able to rotate this microphone to the vertical axis with ease and minimal effort is possible after fixing this microphone, and it also boasts of having an elastic shock mount that acts as support pillars to make sure this microphone stays well attached. Eliminating unwanted background noise is another feature of this great mic.

It doesn’t matter whether the sound is a tap made on the microphone, and what leaves users really impressed about this microphone is its recess toggle switch positioned at the back of the microphone. The switch found on the left is used for selecting bass cut filters, while the other switch plays the role of preventing overload of amplifier head.

Shure KSM32 Review

Shure KSM32 Review

Having a cardioid pattern, embossed diaphragm, and a side address are features that makes this microphone ideal for recording studios and live sound productions, while its extended frequency response paves way for open sound production and a natural sound source. Below is a list of the performance quality you should expect from the Shure KSM32 microphone.

  • It offers an increased performance output
  • It features an extended frequency response
  • It eliminates crossover distortion
  • It has an exceptional low frequency production
  • It has a very low self noise
  • It features a high input sound pressure level capacity

Shure KSM32 Microphone Features

  • It has an ultra thin, low mass, gold layered feature that paves way for a unique transient response
  • It has a replacement cartridge
  • It has an internal shock mount that helps in handling noise
  • It boasts of having¬† class-A preamplifier that eliminates crossover distortion

An electret capsule design and no transformer design are two features users will find interesting about this microphone, while its three stage mesh filer design will get rid of breath and wind noise. Its no transformer design helps in delivering large and costly footprints, and microphones with low quality transformer will only result in the production of distorted sounds. This is not the pleasant type of sound you will like.

Having a balanced and solid state preamplifier provides the same benefits as a high quality transformer will, and this preamplifier doesn’t come with any drawbacks. It is because of features and innovations like this that has made the Shure brand rank higher than several other microphone manufacturing brands on the market, while its RFI ferrite beads and chokes fights against frequency signal leakages.

The natural sound production and clarity of this microphone is made responsible by the frequency balance of this microphone, while offering a flexible sound operation is another major highlight of this microphone. If you are seeking the type of microphone that will deliver flexible transient sounds then the Shure KSM32 microphone fits the bill.

Final Thoughts – Shure KSM32 Review

Finally, producing vibrant tones when used with acoustic instruments, wind instruments, and vocals is another aspect of this microphone that has earned it great respect over the years. Trust me when i say all of these features will make it very impossible for you to get tired of working with or listening to this microphone.  Having its own unique way of capturing sounds is one of the features that makes this microphone very unique and amazing.

You can count on this microphone to deliver great results and sounds when working with it.

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