Shure KSM137 Review

It is common for large diaphragm microphones to get all the accolades from microphone lovers, but there are certain aspects where small diaphragm microphones tend to deliver outstanding performance. An example of this role is in the area of acoustic instrument recording, and there are lots of microphones that will do great when used in this setting. All of these microphones are designed by so many brands that you are familiar with, and the interesting part is these microphones comes at an affordable rate when shopping on a budget. This is our Shure KSM137 Review.

The Shure brand designed the Shure KSM137 microphone which shoppers can get at a decent and affordable price tag, and the fact that this microphone boasts of having a simple structure and design makes it very easy to work with. It can be used in several applications, while being designed as a fixed cardoid polar pattern microphone with an end address design means the end of the microphone should be aimed at the subject being recorded.

You should not use the side of this microphone to aim at the subject that is being recorded or you risk not capturing clear and audible sounds. Earlier in this post, we revealed how this type of microphone can be used in various applications, but the common area where this microphone is used is with kick drums, milking acoustic instruments, milking electric instruments, overhead instruments, brass, woodwind, and double brass drums.

The Shure company designed the KSM137 microphone to be similar like the KSM141 microphone, but the significant difference between both microphones is they have different polar patterns. One had the cardioid pattern, while the other had the omni polar pattern.

Interestingly, both devices can be used in same settings or applications, and using the Shure KSM137 microphone means obtaining a transient response because of its thin, low mass, and gold-plated diaphragm.

Obtaining high quality and crystal clear sounds is very possible with the Shure KSM137 microphone, and all of this is made possible thanks to its low noise, low distortion, and class-A transformer-less design. High quality components were used when designing the circuitry of the Shure KSM137 microphone, and the Shure brand boasts about using only gold plated internal and external conductors when designing its microphone.

The reason for this gold plated design is to maintain or support low contact resistance, while fighting proximity effect is made possible using its three position, low cut, recessed switch. Cutting down on low frequency noise is another benefit of its recessed switch, and you can tell that the Shure KSM137 microphone is one that is packed with numerous features based on everything we have talked about so far.

Interestingly, all of these features come together to ensure that only superior quality performance is delivered. The sort of performance this microphone delivers is not one that you will easily find on just any microphone on the market, and the fact that you get all of these at a very low price makes this microphone one of the best musical instruments you will ever invest in.

Shure KSM137 Review

Shure KSM137 Review

This microphone is designed to have a subsonic filter for eliminating mechanical vibrations, and this filter is a feature that you will get only in expensive microphones. The way this microphone is built, it is built to have similar standards to high end microphones on the market, and it also comes with a shock mount and a protective case. Its shock mount will get rid of vibrations, while the plastic case helps for moving it around conveniently.

The case used in transporting this microphone protects it from transportation, and this microphone is designed to have the cardioid and omni-directional pattern. Anyone who isn’t new to microphones should be aware of the Shure brand, and this is one brand everyone can trust to make high quality microphone. Its rugged build makes this microphone very durable, and all of its rugged build is the reason why it is well suited for live applications.

Every user will be pleased with its ability to fight off high sound pressure levels, and you can count on this microphone when working with a recording instrument. Versatility, durability, and precision are some of the significant features of this microphone, while its outstanding design is the reason why it is recommended when you want to work with brass, piano, acoustic guitar, percussion, and wind instruments.

It works with all of these instruments comfortably because of its ability to produce amazing sound isolation results, while its pad makes handling sound pressure levels convenient. Here are some of the characteristics that the Shure KSM137 microphone comes with;

  • It has no crossover distortion
  • It has low self noise
  • It produces a high sound output
  • It has a unique common mode rejection design
  • It has an amazing low sound frequency production
  • It has an extended frequency response
  • It delivers a universal polar response

This microphone can also be purchased as a stereo pair, and it comes with every necessary accessory that makes working with it immediately you get it. This microphone comes with a stereo adapter that makes mounting two microphones possible at the same time, but making use of this microphone requires you to connect this microphone to a phantom power adapter. If you want to isolate unwanted pickup sounds, make use of its isolating shock mount.

You will obtain natural sounds in almost every application thanks to the flat response that this microphone possesses, but operating at 11V means you will suffer a loss in sensitivity. There will also be a loss in sound pressure level, and so many people couldn’t find the right words to use in describing the sound produced by this microphone because of how good it sounded in any application.

The Shure KSM137 microphone knocks out other competitors in terms of quality and performance, while users will find it very easy to use thanks to its easy to use user interface.

Final Note – Shure KSM137 Review

The Shure KSM137 microphone has a features, good build, and a simple design that makes working with it easy and making this microphone easy to understand. These features combined makes it convenient for beginners to work with this microphone, and many people will find this microphone attractive thanks to its beautiful look and appearance. Its champagne color finish makes it very attractive.

Finally, this microphone comes with a carrying case and foam windscreen, and there are several other accessories that comes with this microphone so you can get busy when this microphone gets delivered at your doorstep.

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