Shure Beta 98a Review

Everything you need to know about the best and superb kick drum microphone is detailed in the Shure Beta 98a review, and anyone that is keen on shopping for this microphone will find all they need in this interesting article. Every piece of information required to help you make the best choice is detailed in this post, and being manufactured by one of the most trustworthy and reliable microphone making brand makes it a must have for everyone.

The Shure company has designed and produced so many microphones over the years that has led many people to fall in love with the brand and all of its designs, and this is because their microphones do not fail in delivering the performance and sound quality that a user demands of it. One of its microphone that has gained a high amount of recognition over the years is the Shure Beta 98a microphone, and this is what this post will talk to you about today.

One of the reasons why this microphone is constantly gaining so much recognition is because of the sound quality it provides users with, but knowing that it produces an impressive sound quality isn’t enough reason for anyone to walk into a microphone store and pay for it without finding out other things about it. You should know what it should do and what it shouldn’t do, so you can have an idea on what to expect from it when working with it.

Previously on this site, we have already discussed the Shure Beta 52a and the Shure Beta 91a microphones, and these are other top quality microphones designed by the Shure brand. Described as a miniature condenser microphone, the Shure Beta 98a microphone is noted as the best for so many milking situations. It has been used in so many settings and applications since it got introduced into the market back in 2010.

It boasts of having a two piece design, while its small capsule head makes positioning it very easy. Trust me when i say you can get the best out of this microphone when using it inside a studio, while its less visibility design makes it the best microphone you can make use of on stage. It boasts of having a compact design, ensuring that it perfectly fits into any space, while its high level of versatility makes it ideal for so many scenarios.

Its ability ti deliver a professional sound result is why it is best suited for stage and studio use, and another reason why this microphone gained so much popularity in the microphone market is its ability to offer high output sound results. These are things you are likely not to get from other microphones within its price range and build, and we will not forget to mention its uniform cardioid polar pattern which eliminates unwanted noise when necessary.

Its cardioid polar pattern is also responsible for producing an outstanding sound quality even when this microphone is used in a high sound pressure environment, and you can also trust this microphone to provide an excellent6 gain before feedback.

Shure Beta 98a Review

shure beta 98a review

Below are some of the performance characteristics of the Shure Beta 98a microphone;

  • It gets rid of crossover distortion
  • It has a superb low frequency production
  • It handles high sound pressure levels excellently
  • Offers a high sound output level

There are so many features this microphone comes with that contributed to why so many users cannot get over the experience of working with it from the get-go. Take a look at these outstanding features below;

  • It comes with a wide dynamic range that makes it ideal for use in a high sound pressure level setting
  • Its tough design ensures it fights back early wear and tear, and this is made possible because of its enamel coated and stainless steel material construction
  • Positioning and adjusting this microphone is easy using its flexible gooseneck design
  • It has an easy setup, and eliminating microphone wire clutter is another benefit working with this microphone provides users with
  • It is perfect when working with drum or percussion instruments thanks to its well tailored frequency response.

Earlier in this post, we mentioned how versatile this microphone is and its versatility is another reason why so many users are attracted to this microphone. Its versatility makes it perfect for use with acoustic and amplified instruments, and we are talking about instruments like drums, piano, reed, wind, and strings. Believe me when i say the sound quality produced when this microphone is used with any of this instrument is exceptional.

There are no difficulties when working with this microphone which is why it is a good choice for beginners and professionals, and we won’t forget to mention that this microphone comes with a connecting cable used in connecting it to a preamplifier. An advantage that comes with making use of this connecting cable is it helps in preventing signal loss.

Furthermore, this microphone package comes with a guide that will help you when it comes to mounting this microphone on an instrument. This means there will be no hassle when mounting this microphone on a drum or on a cymbal. It comes well packaged and delivered in a zippered pouch that doesn’t just suit transportation needs but also ensures this microphone is well protected during transportation.

Getting the best out of this microphone means positioning it the right way, and this implies positioning the microphone facing the desired source. Unwanted sounds should be directed towards this microphone’s null point, and this is done if you want only desired sounds to be obtained. Positioning this microphone away from reflective surfaces is also necessary to reduce comb filtering.

Wrapping It Up – Shure Beta 98a Review

One point we like our readers to note about the Shure Beta98a microphone is making good use of close proximity, and you might be surprised as to what this means. This is perfect if you want to get a desired bass response, and you can avoid dealing with mechanical and vibration sounds if you can reduce handling this microphone during use. You should not cover the microphone’s grille as it might affect your microphone’s level of performance.

Finally, this is the best microphone you can use for outdoor or indoor purposes. This is one feature that is rarely gotten from so many microphones on the market, because microphone are vulnerable to damage when used in some scenarios. If you want to make use of this microphone outdoors then you can give adding a windscreen to it a deep thought. The purpose for this is to ensure that the microphone lasts long.

An impressive quality, ruggedness and reliability are three amazing features of the Shure Beta 98a microphone, and these three features also contributes to why this microphone has ranked higher than several other microphones on the market.

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