Shure Beta 52a Review

This Shure Beta 52a Review will take you to meet a microphone that was designed with the intent of being better and greater than several other microphones that are being produced today, and delivering impressive performances is another exciting feature you should expect from this microphone if you are yet to make use of it. Its ability to put in exceptional performances is the reason why it has earned so much praises from people today.

Trust this interesting post to provide you with every piece of information you need to know about the Shure Beta 52a microphone, and this post will make sure that shopping for this high quality microphone isn’t as difficult as most people label it to be. What we will like to say to our readers is no matter all the good things or bad things you hear about a microphone, making your own findings is paramount and essential towards making a good choice.

The reason for this is because the same microphone that worked perfectly well for someone might not do the same for another person, and you need to be well informed about the characteristics, build quality, features, and price of the microphone you want to buy. The purpose for this is ensuring that the microphone you intend going for meets all of your requirements, and what other brand can you trust to make a reliable microphone if not the Shure brand.

How Reliable Is The Shure Brand?

This is because the Shure brand has been making durable and solid microphones over the years, and you can see this evidently in some of the microphones you must have found in recording studios. There are several reasons why people will pick the Shure Beta 52a microphone over several other microphones, and it isn’t just because this microphone is designed by a trustworthy and reliable brand. The level of performance it delivers is topnotch.

The Shure Beta 52a microphone is one designed for use with kick drums and bass instruments, and the quality of sound this microphone produces makes it a very good choice if you have kick drums you work with. If you are still reading this post, chances are you are searching for a good microphone you can use for your kick drum. Obtaining pure and natural sounds is one of the selling points of the Shure Beta 52a microphone, but there is more to know.

Anyone looking at enhancing the quality of sounds produced when playing a kick drum should look towards this microphone from Shure, and this is one dynamic, large diaphragm microphone that is built to focus on low frequency. Picking up drum sounds with ease is another amazing feature of this microphone, and it does this because it is capable of handling high sound pressure levels. Mounting this microphone is easy and hassle-free.

You can choose to mount this microphone inside or outside the drum and be rest assured it will deliver a standout performance, while obtaining boosts in mids and highs is another exciting feature of this microphone. Positioning this microphone close to the source is one point we want our readers to note when making use of this microphone, and the reason for this is this microphone might not pick up bass sounds if it is far from its sound source.

In other words, you are looking at a microphone that can be setup with ease and simple to use. It comes with a super cardioid pattern that makes sure isolation of sounds is eliminated and high gains are offered.

Shure Beta 52a Review

Shure Beta 52a Review

Quality, Features, And Design Of The Shure Beta 52a Microphone

Considered as a stout kick drum, this is one of the microphones people will find attractive when it meets the eyes. It comes with a silver blue enamel finish that, and you know that this microphone is going to last as it boasts of having a durable material build quality. The quality of materials used in making this microphone is excellent, and the combination of die cast aluminum materials and steel grille makes this microphone very durable.

What users find attractive about this microphone is the fact that it doesn’t contain plastic materials in its construction, and fighting off mechanical noise is another feature that makes user sought after this microphone. Eliminating mechanical noise is possible using its shock mount, while its inbuilt stand ensures this microphone stays locked in place. This means that this microphone will not move no matter the vibration it is subjected to.

No matter how loud it gets, trust this microphone not to move. Providing a high bass output is another outstanding feature of this microphone, and this tells you making an equalizer setting will not be needed. This takes away the chances of drowning out the bass guitar, but breathing life to small kick drums is what this microphone is designed to do. However, this microphone isn’t listed as one of the cheap microphones you will get on the market.

The money used in buying about four to five different poor quality microphones when summed up will not purchase this microphone, but the quality of performance this microphone delivers makes it worth the price tag. Delivering superb attack and studio quality punch is another significant point you need to know about this microphone if you are doubting is prowess, while having a redesigned knob makes it extra durable.

Furthermore, this microphone boasts of having a wider mounting base that makes it possible to accommodate a large microphone range. So many people are of the opinion that the sound quality and how loud this microphone gets is very similar to the loud sound you will get from night clubs. Its durability ensures it is protected from breaking down, wear and tear. This means you will not shop for a kick drum microphone soon with this in your gear.

Final Note – Shure Beta 52a Review

These are all you need to know about the Shure Beta 52a microphone, and another point we will like you to note is it doesn’t have a sound hole which is present in so many poorly built microphones. Another interesting attribute of this microphone is its ability to offer balance between slap and woof, and we hope that everything we have said in this post will make shopping for this microphone very easy.

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