Round Vs Oval Speakers

Which speaker is likely to put in a better performance between the round vs oval speakers?

There is this general believe that every ride will be fun filled, enjoyable, and memorable if you have a quality sound system inside your car, and this general believe isn’t wrong in any way. The fact is listening to interesting and high quality sounds from your car speaker will make long trips less boring and more fun, and have it in mind that the sound quality coming from your car depends on the type of speaker that is being used.

This should tell you why it is important to invest in a good and reliable speaker if you want every ride to be fun and enjoyable, and going out to shop for some replacement for your car speaker will introduce you to round vs oval speakers available for on the market. Interestingly, several people have contrasting opinions and ideas when it comes to the round vs oval speakers debate. This post is here to show you not just what we think, but with facts.

Picking just any speaker from the round and oval speakers isn’t an easy thing to do, or an easy decision to make, and have it in mind that there are so many traditional speakers known to have the round shape. Today, oval shaped speakers are becoming more present and more available in the market, and they are being designed in a way that they also possess the right features to provide valid competition for traditional round shaped speakers.

Looking at the features that lies between the round vs oval speakers, it will never be easy to make a choice from both speakers. However, whatever choice of speaker you go for depends on what your prefer or what you choose. One fact that we will not rule out is how difficult it is to choose between these speakers, and this is why we have decided to bring you this post to show you all you need to know about the round vs oval speakers.

With the help of this guide, you will be able to find out which speaker is good for you, the pros and cons of the round and oval speakers, what features both speakers possesses, and all of these comes together to show you how unique these speakers are in their own way. Now that you have a hint about what this post is all about, take a look at what round shaped speakers are.

Round Vs Oval Speakers

Round Vs Oval Speakers


Round Shaped Speakers

Trust this post when it says there is a reason behind designing round shaped speakers, and this reason is to allow for easy dispersion of signals. With round shaped speakers, there will be a synchronized and clearer sound production, but this is based on the sound dispersion provided by the driver inside the round shape speaker. Round speakers are also addressed as component speakers because they come with tweeters, subwoofers, mid-range speaker, woofers.

You will have to pass component speakers through a crossover when installing them, and the reason behind passing a component speaker through crossover is to make sure sound signal gets received at the exact frequency range. When a speaker has a round shape, it has the right amount of space required to deliver the best and outstanding sound performance you have never heard. Round shaped speakers also have the power to handle low frequencies.

Handling high frequencies adequately is also the aim of designing a speaker to have a round shape, while coaxial speakers on the other hand are designed to come in two-way settings. These are the 6.5 and 4 inches coaxial speakers, and coaxial speakers are known to have a round woofer driver and tweeter.

Round Shape Speaker Advantages

  • Having a round shape in speakers means a cut down on speaker distortion
  • Round shape speaker generally produce high quality sound
  • Since they are component speakers, they offer users the luxury of customizing sounds

Round Shape Speaker Disadvantages

  • There must be a large space for you to mount large speakers
  • Mounting them is a bit difficult because of the numerous components they have
  • The purchase of several components and ability to deliver full range sound makes them very expensive

Oval Speakers

Oval speakers are known to have an oval shape compared to the round shape speakers, and this shape of speaker is seen in 6×9 or 6×8 speakers. comprising of several drivers, the oval shape speakers provides adequate amount of space for mounting this speaker, and the 2-way. 4-way, and 3-way speakers are other oval shape speaker examples.

2-way speakers are known to possess tweeter driver and a subwoofer, 3-way speakers comes with mid-range driver, tweeter, and a woofer, while the 4-way speaker comes with a super tweeter, woofer. mid-range driver, and a tweeter. The 2-way and 3-way speakers are common coaxial speakers that you will easily come across, and trust this speaker types to fit into tight spaces because of their oval and long shapes.

You can trust oval shape speaker to provide full range sounds since they are capable of fitting into tight spaces, and this ensures that they even sound better when used in narrow spaces.

Oval Shaped Speaker Advantages

  • When used in tight space, they offer the best sound experience
  • Installing or mounting this speaker takes up less amount of space
  • Lesser component amount makes them easy to mount
  • Offering full frequency range is what they are designed to do
  • Installation is affordable

Oval Shaped Speakers Disadvantages

  • Using oval speakers makes it a bit difficult to customize sounds
  • They lack in providing excellent bass sounds

Which Is Better? Round Vs Oval Speakers

You can tell from all we have said so far in this post that round and oval speakers are very different, and this is because they have features, pros, and cons that makes them different from each other. Your choice and preference will determine which of the speakers you want to go for, and round speakers still remains a popular option when it comes to obtaining full and the best sound quality in cars.

These speakers can easily deal with distortion because of their shapes, and customizing sounds means you have to go for round shapes speakers. Installing more woofers and tweeters is recommended for anyone that desires to obtain more bass and less highs, and oval speakers are known to not provide customizable sounds. The reason for this is because they already have a full range speaker design, making round speakers the best for bass enthusiast.

If you have limited space in your car, you can opt for an oval speaker, but round speakers will use up large amount of space inside your car. It is affordable to install oval speakers compared to round shape speakers, and oval speakers are way easier to install compared to round shaped speakers. The reason for this is because oval speakers are designed to fit directly into a basket, but that of a round shape speaker is complex.

Wrapping It Up – Round Vs Oval Shape Speakers

The interesting part of this argument is that there is no winner. This is because both speakers have features that makes them unique. There are certain factors that might influence your decision like budget, space, sound quality, and ease of installation, so ensure that the speaker you decide to go for should deliver great value for whatever you intend to spend on it.

Finally, ensure that whatever speaker you decide to go for should be able to deliver the sound quality of your choice whether you are going on a long trip or on a short one. Also make sure that every pros and cons, features, and specification we have mentioned in this post is looked into carefully if you want to make the right choice of speaker to install inside your car.

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