Rode NT1-A Review

Rode NT1-A Review – Is This Microphone Worth It?

Knowing the right musical gear to invest in is one of the questions we have been getting lately from our readers, and songwriters and singers who are considering building a home recording studio are keen on knowing what instruments or musical gear to invest their money in. Building a home recording studio is a good move if you are into music, but rushing to shop for musical instruments isn’t the right thing to do.

There are several disadvantages that comes with shopping for the musical instruments and gear to use in your home recording studio, and ending up with an unreliable, low quality, and bad product is one of such disadvantage. The microphone remains of the best musical instrument and gear that your home recording studio must possess, but this goes deeper than shopping for just any microphone you come across on the market.

The amount you have budgeted to spend on a microphone when building your home recording studio is another factor to take a look at, and every songwriter or musician will want a microphone they would not spend heavily on but still has all the necessary features to deliver the best bang ever. You might doubt what we just said, but the truth is this sort of microphone truly exists.

You might find this a little bit confusing as you might not know which microphone possesses all of these abilities, but you do not have to be worried anymore as that is exactly what this post is here to do for you. There are certain standards or requirements every musician or songwriter will want their studio microphone to meet up with, and check out these requirements below;

  • Delivering clean and crystal clear recording is what the microphone should be able to do, and staying true and clean is another characteristics the microphone should possess. Possessing this quality means you will not have any issues with your final mix.
  • Versatility is another requirement your microphone should meet, and we are talking about in terms of recording vocals and instruments. Delivering crisp, clean, and natural tune is what the microphone should be able to do, and it doesn’t matter whether you are recording a guitar, piano, or any other musical instrument.
  • Building a home recording studio and wanting a microphone that is affordable yet delivers the best in sound quality is the desire of every songwriter and musician. A good way to start up when building a home recording studio is to shop for affordable but reliable musical gear, and this frees up extra money that you can spend on other musical gear needed in your home recording studio.

Settling for just any condenser microphone you come across is one of the mistakes you should avoid when building a home recording studio. You might be a little bit confused as to why we made this statement, but the truth about some condenser microphones especially the ones that fall within the one hundred dollar price range are known to deliver harsh and dull sounds. Microphones are supposed to sound crisp, clean, clear, and natural.

Using a low quality microphone means you will find it a bit challenging when mixing sounds and songs, and you will also encounter some problems in the mastering stages. You will not find it easy when shopping for a reliable, affordable, and durable studio microphone, but the aim of this post is to help you find the right and best option for you. If you are still reading this post, you must be dying to know what microphone we have selected for you.

The Rode NT1-A microphone is the best choice microphone for all songwriters and musicians, and it is one that meets up with all the requirements we have stated earlier in this post. This microphone has a large diaphragm, and boasting of several unique features means you will obtain all the sounds you want. The fact that it can be used by professionals and amateurs makes it the best choice microphone for everyone.

Rode NT1-A Review

rode nt1-a review

What This Microphone Contains

There is a lot that this microphone comes with, and we are looking at a shock mount, microphone cover, pop filter, and XLR cable. Delivering a good operation is what all of these accessories combine to deliver, and these accessories combine to make working with this microphone very easy. If you go for this budget microphone, you are going to save about thirty to forty dollars which can be spent on acquiring some other piece of instrument or gear.

The DVD this microphone comes with is another feature users love about this microphone as you are going to learn about how to get the best out of this microphone after watching the DVD. You shouldn’t get so excited about everything we have mentioned about this microphone as we are yet to tell you how this microphone sounds, so we urge you to continue reading this interesting post.

How The Rode NT1-A Microphone Sounds

Songwriters and musicians most times want a microphone that serves a dual purpose. This means a microphone that can be used when recording when singing and when playing an instrument like the guitar. Anyone starting up with building a home recording studio might not have the luxury of shopping for two microphones, so getting a microphone that can serve two purposes is a wise investment.

You can tell that the Rode NT1-A microphone is one that is common on the lips of sound engineers and musicians, and the fact that you are working with one of the most versatile microphones on the market makes it a very big win. Designed to be quiet, this microphone will work effectively in picking up guitar nuances, and any guitar recording made with this microphone is going to sound very good.

Making a recording that doesn’t have so much to do with sound coloration can be achieved using the Rode NT1-A microphone, and delivering a natural response and true performance is what this microphone is designed to deliver. What you hear is what you will get with this microphone, and this is why it is a good choice of microphone for rap and hip hop. Maximizing sounds from this microphone can be achieved by setting up a booth.

A homemade acoustic shield can be used for maximizing sounds from the Rode NT1-A microphone if you cannot afford setting up a recording booth, and these and more are what you will get when you work with the Rode NT1-A microphone.

Wrapping It Up – Rode NT1-A Review

You have read all that we have brought to you in this interesting post, and we hope that all we have said has convinced you about getting this microphone when setting up your home recording studio. Bear it in mind that this microphone has some flaws of its own, but all the features and quality performance it delivers makes it the best choice for amateurs and professionals.

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