PS4 Mic Not Working But I Can Hear

PS4 Mic Not Working But I Can Hear – How Do You Fix This Problem? Read This Post

Playing games is one of the ways people tend to wind down after a difficult or stressful day, and it is also an activity people engage in as a hobby or during leisure time.

You need to be in control of sounds when gaming, and this applies to gaming sounds and the sound from the microphone. You are going to feel very disappointed when gaming and you notice your microphone isn’t working.

This is why we have decided to bring you this post which will help in addressing the issue, and providing you with solutions so you do not have to put up with no sounds from your microphone. There are simple steps you can follow when you find yourself in this spot, and that is what this post is going to address right away.

What we also want you to know is you are not alone if you are experiencing problems with your PS4 microphone when gaming. So many PS4 users report on a daily basis how they can clearly hear the audio sounds, but they can’t make use of their microphone.

There is something simple you can do to check where the problem is from before going ahead to show you some detailed steps you can try out.

The quick answer is ensuring that the headset isn’t muted when you connect it with the PS4 device. Also make sure that the headset jack you are working with is compatible and properly plugged in.

Finally, you should also make sure that the audio output is connected directly to the headset. You are not going to get sounds if it audio output is connected to the television or any other gadget or device.

These are quick steps you can take when you find yourself in this situation, but there are several other things you can do which are more detailed that what we just talked about.

There are several scenarios that can cause your microphone not to work when gaming on your PS4, and we will be leaving you with simple tips on how you can troubleshoot these problems.

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PS4 Mic Not Working But I Can Hear

PS4 Mic Not Working But I Can Hear

Despite being a stable gaming platform for so many years, so many people report one problem on the other on a daily basis when gaming on their PS4. A common problem is the issue of microphone not working, but there are several causes of this like we mentioned earlier in this post.

Come with us as we take you through an in-depth tour of what could be the cause of your PS4 microphone not working.

Below are tips on what steps you can take when you are faced with the problem of your PS4 microphone not functioning like it should when gaming.

Unmute Your Microphone        

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the microphone isn’t in the mute setting when it is connected to the PS4 gaming device. People tend to do this wrong way and expect to get sounds, but you are not going to get sound if unmuting the microphone isn’t done the right way.

Plugging in your muted headset into the controller then unmuting it is not going to give you the solution you seek. Instead, what you should do is unplug the headset then unmute the microphone before plugging it back inside the PS4 gaming device.

Furthermore, the first step remains checking if the headset isn’t muted. Below are the following steps you should take when you want to unmute your microphone;

  • Hold the home button
  • Select sound and device
  • Look for mute all microphones
  • Make sure the box isn’t checked

Doing this will ensure your microphone works when gaming if the headset is muted.

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Inspect Cables                 

Something else you can do to figure out why your microphone isn’t working when gaming on your PS4 is to make sure all necessary cables are plugged in properly. We are referring to cables like the power cord, and every other cord or cable you work with when gaming.

Plugging in the headset correctly and ensuring it goes all the way in is very important for it to function. Check your PS4 controller manual if you do not know how to plug in the headset all the way in, and you will need an adapter if what you have is a 3 sleeve jacket instead of a 4 sleeve jacket.

You can consider shopping for a 4 sleeve jacket since it is compatible with the PS4 gaming device. Disconnecting and reconnecting the cables is what you should do if the problem persists, and also try to get rid of any dirt on the cable. Replace cables that are burnt to avoid further damage.

Check For Updates                             

Make sure the controller is up to date, and the steps below will show you how to check for the latest software update;

  • Navigate to the settings menu
  • Select systems software update
  • Click on update if you find a pending new software update

Check Sound Setting                          

The sound setting on your PS4 is the next thing you should check if your microphone isn’t functioning. Below are the steps to follow;

  • Find your way to the settings menu
  • Select sound and screen
  • Select audio output settings
  • Select USB headset under Output Device
  • If this fails in working, select Headphones instead

Update Sound Card Driver         

You need to go to the manufacturer’s website when you want to update sound card driver, and you should install and restart your device when the new sound card is updated or downloaded. Try the microphone to see if it’s working after doing this.

Restart Your PS4                       

If you have done all of the things we have talked about in this post and none has provided you with the answer you need then you should consider restarting your PS4 device.

Doing this requires you to hold the power button down for about ten seconds as the system is going to shut down. Turn it back on after doing this and try your microphone to see if it is going to work.

Replace The Microphone                             

If you have tried out all of the steps mentioned above and the problem remains unsolved then you need to change the microphone. Shopping for a PS4 microphone is super easy as you can shop for a better one online or from a reliable store.

Wrapping It Up      

Checking the audio setting on your console remains the first step for you to try out if your PS4 microphone fails in functioning like it should.

The output and input should be set to the correct ports, and you can also try out all of the steps we have provided you with in this post to solve the problem. Contacting support at Sony is the only option on the table if you try all of our steps out and the problem stays the same.

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