Polk S30 Vs S35

Between The Polk S30 Vs S35, Which Of These Center Channel Speaker Would You Go For?

Selecting a reliable center channel speaker isn’t as simple as most people make it look as there are so many things you will have to take into consideration. Selecting a center channel speaker doesn’t have to do with paying attention to sound alone, but you can also pay attention to size of the speaker and how its appearance complements your room.

Just like we mentioned in one of our recent posts, the Polk Audio brand has been supplying the market with premium quality speakers for so many years. They are also good at making speakers which comes with amazing designs, shapes, and different sizes. Today, we will be taking a look at two high quality Polk Audio speakers.

Polk S30 Vs S35

Polk S30 Vs S35


The purpose of bringing you the is post on Polk S30 Vs S35 center channel speakers is for you to easily make up your mind on which center channel speaker you should go for. In this post, we will be looking at these speakers based on their pros, cons, features, and other interesting factors which will help you in making the best choice.

Without taking further of your time, we will be looking at some interesting categories while making reference to both speakers, so continue reading this post with us.

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Polk S30 Vs S35 – Similarities

Speaker Design – One interesting fact about these speakers is they share same style and sound quality, and having a curved design makes them look sleek and stylish. Something about their grille is the anti-diffraction design with magnets that makes it removing the grille super easy for anyone.

Power Port Technology – Also referred to as patterned technology, you will find this on both center channel speakers we are considering today. These are small ports designed behind the speaker, and enhancing bass sounds is the reason why you have this ports installed behind the speaker.

Tweeter – These center channel speakers come with a standard one inch tweeter, and the type of tweeter you will find in these center channel speakers are terylene high resolution tweeters.

Crossover – The crossovers that you will find in both center channel speakers are the high quality crossovers which are tasked with dividing unfiltered signals into high and low frequencies.

Nominal Impedance – So many speakers on the market come with a nominal impedance of 6, 8, and 4 ohms, and there are so many people who do not believe that nominal impedance can boost how these speakers sound. This might be true, but nominal impedance also helps in control efficient use of power.

These speakers also come with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

Binding Posts – You will find a 5-way, gold-plated binding post connectors on both center channel speakers, and they ensure that sound information and power will easily pass through these speakers.

Warranty – The warranty period of these Polk Center Channel speakers is 5 years, and you are likely to not get this warranty period from other brands.

So far, you have seen the similarities that these center channel speakers share. There is more to know about these speakers, and we will be showing you some categories where these speakers are different.

Polk S30 Vs S35 – Differences

Appearance – You will notice a slight difference in the appearance of these speakers, and this appearance becomes more obvious when you take the grille off. However, this doesn’t change the fact that they both come in black color and have a curved design.

Speaker Type – You are going to find this category very confusing, but there is still a slight difference in speaker type. The S30 is compatible with 2.o t0 9.1 speaker setups, while the S35 can work as a right channel, left channel, and center channel speaker. It will also work with other types of speakers.

Drivers – Both center channel speakers comes with drivers installed inside of them, but you should know that they do not share the same drivers. The S30 comes with a 5.25-inch driver, while the S35 comes with a 3-inch driver. You can see that the difference in drivers is related to sounds.

Wall Mounting Option – The wall mounting option of each speaker makes mounting them very easy, but the S30 speaker doesn’t come with a mounting option. The S35 speaker on the other hand comes with a keyhole slot mounting option that makes it very easy to mount.

Frequency Range – This is the range where a speaker is going to give out its best highs and lows. This point is going to ensure that you enjoy crisp, crystal clear, and high quality sound production. It is also the point where you are going to get deep bass sounds, and these center channel speakers do not share the same frequency range.

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Polk S30 Pros And Cons


  • It offers the best in vocal accuracy
  • It is a bit affordable
  • It offers the best in sound whether you are gaming or watching a movie


  • It is a bit bulky

Polk S35 Pros And Cons


  • It fits perfectly especially in narrow spaces
  • It provides great boost whether in left or right channel speakers
  • It works great with other speakers


  • It will take a little while before you start hearing bass sounds when making use of this center channel speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Polk Speakers Good?

Yes, the Polk brand of speakers are speakers that are designed to be reliable and excellent. Providing solid sounds is what they are very good at, while their cool and retro appearance helps complement any room. They also boast of having some unique specification.

How Important Is A Center Channel Speaker?

Yes, center channel speakers are very important regardless of any sound system setup you find them in. They make sure you hear every conversation and action especially in movie scenes, and this tells you that center channel speakers will offer you great sounds and words. These speakers cannot be overlooked.

Final Thoughts

This is everything you need to know about the Polk S30 Vs S35 center channel speakers, and we hope that all we have talked about in this post helps in making a very good choice. Please tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section of this post.

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