One Earbud Louder Than The Other

A very common situation you are going to find yourself in is having one earbud louder than the other, and people tend to notice this when they want to listen to music, watch movies, or even play games on their device. Having unbalanced sounds in your earbuds is going to make every listening experience frustrating, and this is why we have decided to bring you this post so we can tell you more about it and what you can do about it.

There are so many reasons why your earbud is going to have this sort of problem, and this is why finding out what the problem is is very essential so you don’t go about throwing your earbuds again. We have all been there and we all know that having one of your earbud bad while the other isn’t can be a predicament. If you are noticing unbalanced sounds in your earbuds, there is no way you will find pleasure listening to music or watching a movie.

Most people are fond of concluding that the earbuds are faulty when they notice that one earbud is louder than the other, and they end up throwing the earbuds away. This prompts them to throw the earbuds away without knowing what the problem really is, but it might come as a surprise to you when you find out that there are so many steps you can take when dealing with this problem.

This is why we want to advice everyone to stop throwing their earbuds away when they notice that sounds are not properly balanced, but they should try out some of the tips we want to talk about in this post, so continue reading this article with us.

One Earbud Louder Than The Other

One Earbud Louder Than The Other

Without wasting further of your time, we will like to show you some possible reasons and causes why you will notice that one earbud is louder than the other one. Go ahead and check out some of the tips we have left you in this post today.

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Audio Mixing Problems

Like we stated in the beginning of this post, no one should be in a hurry to get rid of their earbuds when they notice that sounds are not balanced inside of them. The fact is music producers, sound engineers, and professional DJs tend to work with headphones or earbuds that have unbalanced sounds, and this is because professional sound specialists are focus on hearing all aspects of sounds.

The reason for this is for one side of the earbud to sound loud so you can clearly hear the best of what you are listening to, while low side of the earbud is for hearing the vocals clearly. Listening to file on another audio device is another option you can try out once you detect the problem at hand is far from an audio mixing problem.

Audio Signal Loss And Problems

You might be able to hear sounds that come from poor signals, making one earbud to sound louder than the other. Dealing with a very long cable is one of the causes of audio signal loss in earbuds, and this is because it takes a lengthy period for signal to travel through long cables. You will be dealing with high resistance of you have long cables, and this ends up in the production of poor audio quality in your earbuds.

If you are listening to a music player which has a line remote then it might be a cause of signal loss and problems, and disconnecting the music player from the line remote is another way you can get to improve audio and sound quality.

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One Earbud Louder Than The Other

Problems With Connectivity

If you are working with a wireless or bluetooth earbud then you are going to experience connectivity problems, and the reason for this is because you might have your bluetooth or wireless earbud disconnected from the connection. This will result in one earbud producing sounds higher than the other earbud, and pairing issues on the other hand can also make it impossible for you to get balanced sounds from these earbuds.

Device Setting Problems

Another reason that might be the problem is a device setting issue, and there is a possibility that a device setting problem on your media player, smartphone, or laptop might be the cause for the poor and unbalanced sounds you keep getting from your earbuds. Checking if the problem is from your earbud is what you must do first before anything, and your media player might be the problem if the problem still persists.

Dirty Earbuds

The design of the earbud brings it in close contact with the ears, and this makes it easy for debris and dirt to fill up your earbuds easily. The sound quality will never be balanced if there is greater amount of dirt in one of your earbuds, and checking the condition of your earbuds is necessary if one earbuds sounds higher and better than the other. You should do this first before going ahead to troubleshoot the problem you have on your device.

A cotton tip applicator or a cotton bud are two items you can make use of when cleaning your earbuds, and wetting the tip of the cotton bud or cotton applicator with little amount of alcohol will effectively get rid of dirt inside of the earbud. Check for tears, breaks, and frays when cleaning the earbuds.

Dirty Headphone Jack

If you are dealing with a faulty and dirty headphone jack then you will notice that one part of your earbud sounds greater and louder than the other one. However, figuring out this problem doesn’t come easy as most people think it does. Cleaning up a dirty headphone jack might be all you need to do to get balanced sounds from your earbuds, and you will be surprised as how a small amount of dirt on your headphone jack can cause sounds not to be balanced.

Get a soft piece of cloth and small amount of alcohol if you want to get rid of dirt on your headphone jack.

Earbud Defects

An earbud defect is likely the problem if you have check out all the possible causes we have mentioned and come up with nothing productive. If your earbuds has a factory problem then the earbuds would not sound good or balanced, but you will need to check the manufacturers warranty on the earbud. Why will you check for manufacturer’s warranty? This is for you to know if you are qualified to return it to its manufacturer.

Now that you have a very good idea about the possible causes of having unbalanced sounds in your earbuds, you now have a vast knowledge of what you are dealing with. Throwing away your earbuds without identifying the problem is a wrong thing to do, and every situation we have mentioned in this post are possible causes of your having one earbud sounding louder than the other.

Now that you have read this post, you do not only know the problems you are dealing with, but you can now figure out ways to avoiding spending money unnecessarily. Now that you know what to do, go ahead and try them out so you can go back to enjoying well balanced and clear sound quality.

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