Numark Mixdeck Express Review

This post will be focusing on the Numark Mixdeck Express Review, and this is one of their standout DJ controllers you will find available on the market.

One of the trustworthy brands that has furnished the market with several efficient products is the Numark brand, and being able to constantly put out high quality products to the market is one of the reasons why it has gained so much popularity for so many years.

The Numark Mixdeck Express is an all in one DJ controller, and this is one item that will take up as much space as possible anywhere it is kept because it has a very large design.

People have been working with this unit for years, and this is because it boasts of having several unique features, and it is also affordable. This tells you that you are likely to find some of the best features on Numark Mixdeck Express like you would on an expensive DJ controller.

People love how sophisticated the Numark Mixdeck Express dj controller is, and do not forget that being sophisticated also implies requiring adequate care and maintenance.

One of the questions that is being asked is how can a person take care of the Numark Mixdeck Express controller, and trust me when i say even professionals tend to ask this same question.

Keeping it away from certain elements like water and heat remains the easiest way you can care for the Numark Mixdeck Express controller, and trust me when i say both elements have the tendency to cause a very serious damage when they start attacking this high quality controller.

Another point you need to note when caring for the Numark Mixdeck Express controller is ensuring that you do not spray oils around or on it. This can cause damage to it too.

When it comes to cleaning up this mixer, you should make use of a clean and soft cloth, and this step is effective in fighting against dust and other particle buildup.

Now that we have been able to introduce this efficient mixer to you, it will be best if we talk to you about the pros and cons of this mixer. This is something important that you should know as it will help you in making the right choice.

Numark Mixdeck Express Review – Pros And Cons

This mixer is known to have two significant pros, and these are being completely affordable and very easy to work with. What users love about this mixer is the fact that working with it isn’t underwhelming or overwhelming, and this makes it the perfect mixer anybody can work with.

Another pros of this mixer is the fact that it easily saves on another device, making it possible for anyone to carry along their music with them anywhere they go.

You can carry this music anywhere you go using your phone or a backup drive like the USB, and the cons of this equipment is something we are yet to find out.

So many positive reviews have been made by people who have made use of this mixer, and its build is one of its features that people are constantly being left impressed with. You will find a jog wheel and several unnecessary buttons when dealing with a traditional mixer.

So many people have ended up working with this mixer for so many years, and it is designed in a way that it is compatible with other platforms and equipment.

However, the Numark Mixdeck Express isn’t designed that way, but what it comes with are dials and side controls that are cool when felt or touched.

One surprising fact about this mixer is how beginners have no issues with working with it, and this is because it boasts of a user-friendly design that eliminates all forms of difficulty when working with it. Anyone can conveniently work with this mixer.

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Numark Mixdeck Express Review – Features

Numark Mixdeck Express Review

Before you can work with any item like a mixer, it is very important that you have a very clear knowledge of the features it comes with.

The features it comes with will help you determine if it will be able to meet up with the task you have for it. Here are the features of the Numark Mixdeck Express Mixer.

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This mixer boasts of having the Serato DJ software, and this software is very popular and DJ’s love to work with it. It is packed with so many features and has so many capabilities, and you will get to meet several amazing features when you eventually upgrade this software.

This software has a lite format that is filled with restrictions, but you will have no difficulty with activating this software.

Jog Wheels

You will be able to carry out scratches effectively on this mixer since it comes with a sensitive touch platter, and what we also find interesting about this mixer is how solid its sensitive touch platter is.

The truth is the Numark Mixdeck Express mixer might not be as high quality as several other expensive and premium quality controllers on the market, but it remains one of the best equipment to kick start your career with.

Interestingly, there are several professionals that have agreed to working with this mixer, and some of the buttons it comes with includes brake, reverse, search, and scratch buttons.

Pitch Faders

The pitch faders on the Numark Mixdeck Express mixer is one feature you will be very excited to work with, and its long pitch faders can be used when making accurate adjustments.

Beat matching using the ears is a skill that might take a little time for you to master, but making use of a long pitch fader makes this skill easy to learn. You can alter pitch faders using dedicated buttons, and hitting BPM when blending tracks is also a possibility.

Media Sources

So many people have been left amazed with the media sources of the Numark Mixdeck Express mixer, and there are very few mixers that have the ability to handle the vast range of media sources that are available.

You will love the media sources this mixer offers, and another point you should take down is this mixer can also function as a standalone mixer. There are very fixers within this price range that has this level of versatility and flexibility.

Performance Pads

You will not find performance pads on the Numark Mixdeck Express mixer, but these are features that are just finding their way on newly designed mixers on the market.

Setting cue points and carrying out other active functions is what performance pads are for, and performance pads are likely to be on the upgraded version of the Numark Mixdeck Express controller if there ever is one.

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