Neumann TLM102 Vs Shure SM7B

Neumann TLM102 Vs Shure SM7B – The Best Of Both Worlds

Neumann TLM102 Microphone

This post is one that will show you the exciting features and every other important thing you need to know about the Neumann TLM102 microphone, and the Neumann company is one of the few brands that has remained consistent over the years when it comes to designing high quality microphones for everyone. The good thing about the Neumann microphones is they are affordable, and they are all designed to bear the Nuemann trademark quality.

This is how the Neumann brand has operated over the years, and being able to offer impressive results when used for studio and broadcasting applications is what has helped it stand out over the years. However, the Neumann TLM102 microphone can also be used for other projects and applications, and it will come to you as a surprise that the Neumann TLM102 microphone that is buzzing on the market is a recent addition to the company’s arsenal.

Having a fixed cardioid polar pattern has helped to make this microphone very effective and robust, and other features that contributes to delivering outstanding sound performances includes its transformer-less design and large diaphragm design. Compared to the Neumann side address microphone, the Neumann TLM102 microphone is said to have a smaller and compact size. Its capsule boasts of having an edge terminated design.

People were reluctant over this microphone’s ability to produce the type of sound and results they desire, but going at an affordable price tag and delivering an impressive sound quality result has helped it gained massive recognition over the years. Having a cost effective build is one of the significant features of this microphone, but one of the problem this microphone comes with is not being able to detect an issue when it pops up.

It has a no-frills design, and this tells you that this microphone you are looking at doesn’t come with filter switches or pads, and yet it will deliver the type of sound performance you require from it. The presence of a large diaphragm in this microphone means it has the ability to handle high sound pressure levels, and this is why it is considered as the right instrument for working with very loud instruments.

This makes this microphone a very good option when working with drums, guitar amplifiers, brass, and the likes, but the initial design of the Neumann TLM102 microphone showed it was designed for vocal use alone. Defining transient sounds and offering air to sounds are other features of this microphone, making it a very good option for working with drums, and it boasts of having a capsule that comes housed inside of a suspension mount.

The reason behind housing its capsule inside an elastic suspension mount is to protect the capsule from vibrations, and getting rid of plosives comes down to the effectiveness of this microphone’s dense pop screen. Interestingly, this microphone has an attractive and stunning look that makes it look beautiful when it meets the eyes, and it boasts of having an elegant look thanks to its attractive black nickel finish.

Positioning this microphone is key to obtaining clear and pure sounds, and it is advised that you experiment with balancing this microphone if you want its highs and lows to be balanced. Another reason why this microphone is very popular among so many users today is because the level of its versatility, and the fact that you can get almost everything you want without breaking the bank makes this microphone an excellent choice.

Neumann TLM102 Vs Shure SM7B

Neumann TLM102 Vs Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B

One good aspect of the Shure brand is they are not in the business of making very expensive microphones, but the Shure SM7B is one microphone that doesn’t fit into the cheap microphone category. However, this is one of the few Shure microphones that has a slight high price tag, and this is because what you are paying for is not just for a microphone but for a durable construction and outstanding sound performance.

We refer to this microphone as a studio staple microphone because it is the type of microphone vocalists, audio enthusiasts, and sound engineers love to work with. This microphone is among the few that boasts of having an off-axis design which gets rid of background noise when making a recording, and this is why it is a good option for anyone who cannot afford working in a studio room. On the other hand, this is a good microphone for podcast.

This is because it has the ability to deliver natural and crystal clear sounds, and you will be amazed at the build quality of this microphone. Shure’s integrity and consistency are two key factors that never go missing when Shure designs a product, and its high quality material construction explains one of the reasons why this microphone is slightly expensive. Attaching and detaching this microphone is very easy thanks to its yoke mounting design.

It also boasts of having a yoke adjustment design that makes sure this microphone doesn’t fall off no matter the amount of vibration it is subjected to. So many users prefer making use of this microphone during live shows, and this is based on the fact that it comes with a pop filter for getting rid of fricatives and plosives. This means you can speak freely into this microphone without being required to go closer to it.

Installing and attaching microphone windscreen is something that will be done effortlessly as it comes with a detailed manual for that, and one aspect of this microphone that always to interest sound engineers is the fact that Shure made use of advanced internal components when designing this microphone. Eliminating mechanical noise and protecting microphone cartridge are all benefits that comes with using advanced components in designing this mic.

Key Notes About The Shure SM7B Microphone

  • An XLR cable is required when connecting this microphone to a mixer or audio interface
  • It doesn’t require phantom power before functioning, and it is likely to get damaged when used with a CL-1 cloud lifter
  • When working in a studio or room, using a microphone stand is required. You can make use of a boom arm if you are a podcaster that works with a desktop

Final Note – Neumann TLM102 Vs Shure SM7B

Podcasters should be on the look out for this microphone as it has the ability to block out mechanical noise, and the fact that users will have total control over what they are working when using the Shure SM7B is another reason why users love this microphone. However, you can see that both microphones are quite reliable, so whatever microphone you choose to go for depends on your choice and preference. Good luck.

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