Neumann TLM102 Review

Welcome to our Neumann TLM102 Review that takes you into the world of this top class microphone designed by the reputable Neumann brand, and a clear fact about the Neumann brand is it has found a way of staying relevant compared to other microphone manufacturing companies, based on the fact that it produces premium quality products. Delivering an amazing performance is what this microphone does, and it goes at an affordable price.

If you are looking for microphone that will perfectly fit studio and broadcast purposes then the Neumann TLM102 microphone is the perfect microphone for you, and there are other people who believe that this microphone comes with all the necessary features that makes it ideal for wider projects. Trust me when i tell you you are staring at a microphone that is designed to meet all of your expectations, and there is more to learn about this great microphone.

Having a large diaphragm and a transformer-less design are two main features of this microphone, and it also boasts of having a fixed polar cardioid pattern which contributes to the express sound quality performance that it delivers. Compared to the Neumann side address microphone, this microphone boasts of having a compact and smaller size, while the capsule this microphone comes with has a diaphragm with an edge terminated design.

Going through past user reviews about this microphone, it was easy to tell that so many people were left impressed by the level of performance this microphone delivers. You will be surprised at the type of sound results you will get from this microphone as they are results you are likely to get from higher priced microphones, but this microphone gives you all of these at a cost-effective price. Detecting issues when working with this microphone is very easy.

Interestingly, so many people refer to this microphone as one that has a no-frills design. Surprisingly, the Neumann TLM102 microphone doesn’t come with a filter switch, but its sound quality doesn’t get affected regardless. This is one of the shocking revelations you will come across when working with this microphone, and you will be intrigued by so many other features this microphone possesses.

It comes with a large diaphragm capsule with the power to handle high sound pressure levels, and anybody working with a very loud instrument will be pleased when working with the Neumann TLM102 microphone as that is exactly what it is designed for. Speaking about loud instruments, we are referring to instruments like drums, brass instruments, guitar amplifiers and so many more similar instruments.

Initially, this microphone was thought to be designed for vocal use alone. However, the narrative changed when people started trying it out with different instruments and in different setups where it also delivered outstanding level of performances. Air to sounds and intelligibility are provided when working with this microphone thanks to its unique frequency response, and defining transient sounds makes it the best when working with a drum mic.

The capsule this microphone comes with is placed right inside of an elastic suspension mount, and preventing unwanted vibrations and sounds is the reason why its capsule is housed inside of this suspension mount. Its grille has a dense pop screen filter that protects eyes from the capsule, while its integral pop screen filter makes sure that plosive sounds are repelled. You can opt to use an external pop screen filter even this microphone comes with one.

What we are talking about here is a microphone with a stylish and beautiful design, and this is based on the fact that it boasts of shiny nickel and black finish. Its silver band makes it easy for anyone shopping for it to identify it, while other features that boosts the appearance of this microphone includes having a black basket, satin black body, and a Neumann logo.

It comes with an XLR housing with a thread inside of its stand-in adaptor that makes sure adequate support is provided. The hot side of this detailed and attractive microphone is the part that has the neumann logo on it, and this microphone is best suited for so many applications as it boasts of having low noise figure design. You can use this microphone for closed or loud sound applications, but a 48V phantom power is required for it to function.

Neumann TLM102 Review

Neumann TLM102 Review

In order to tell if you can rely on a microphone then a spoken test needs to be conducted. The manufacturers of this microphone have already conducted a spoken text and it was discovered that all the sounds produced are well balanced, but the major highlight of this test is the fact that this microphone sounds very balanced with tweaking it with an equalizer. It comes with well integrated lows and highs.

Judging by everything we have said so far about this microphone, you can tell already that this microphone is going to offer great sound clarity and closeness. This microphone will not sound spongy or like you have nasal congestion, and this is how so many low quality microphones sound on the market.

Producing a sonic class sound is another advantage that using this microphone offers, and the type of sounds it offers are sounds you can get from expensive studio microphones. An excellent feature of this microphone is breathing, and trust this microphone to sound lively, bright, and smooth when combined with an acoustic microphone. Gritty sounds will be produced when you combine a poor sounding microphone and an acoustic guitar.

Trust me when i say gritty sounds will never sound appealing to your audience, but you can count on this microphone to get the job done for you. One advice we will like to leave with everyone is taking time out to experiment positioning this microphone is very easy, but its highs and lows can also get balanced even without having to experiment positioning this microphone. You can test with percussion instruments to have a better idea.

Providing all the sounds you want from a high quality microphone is what the Neumann TLM102 microphone is going to offer you, and you can see that the versatility of this microphone is one of the reasons why it has ranked higher than several microphones over the years. You can trust this microphone to deliver the type of results you want with the array of features it possesses. Its price tag is quite shocking as you won’t spend heavily to get this mic.

The point behind telling you about the build and performance of this microphone is for you to know exactly what you are going for, and listed below are some of the pros and cons that comes with working with this great mic.


  • It has a stylish and attractive appearance
  • Delivering a decent vocal performance is what this microphone does
  • Its versatility makes it perfect for use in several applications
  • It is not expensive


  • It lacks a shock mount, so you have to shop for a shock mount separately
  • It has no storage case

Rounding It Up – Neumann TLM102 Review

This microphone might be a budget friendly and affordable microphone, but the performance it delivers is topnotch. This tells you that the level of performance you will get from an expensive microphone is what you will get from the Neumann TLM102, and this is why so many vocalist and sound engineers refused sleeping on this microphone. This is because they are well aware of its benefits, and you will be impressed by what this microphone has to offer you.

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