Neewer NW-800 Review

Every fresh recording artists with the desire to start their personal home recording or do it yourself studio, trust this post when it says achieving that goal isn’t as simple as it might sound or seem. This is because there are so many items that needs to be bought for use in the studio, but the Neewer NW-800 microphone is one that should be at the top of your shopping list.

Shopping for a reliable microphone to use in your studio shouldn’t bother you so much, and this is because there are several microphones available on the market that you can trust. However, the Neewer NW-800 microphone is one that leads the pack, and this is the microphone this post wants to talk to you about. The Neewer NW-800 microphone is one that is most talked about by so many studio owners, podcasters, and singers.

It is considered as a professional studio microphone if you have set your budget on having a professional microphone in your studio, and there are so many things to benefit when you make use of this high profile microphone. It has an awesome build quality which has left so many people impressed over the years, and it boasts of the combination of having a firm grip, metal body, and a plastic grille which makes it extra sturdy and durable.

Users will find this microphone attractive as it boasts of having a black matte design, while the presence of mesh holes means there will be no popping or breath issues when making use of this microphone. Users will not have to struggle with background noise as this microphone boasts of having a shock mount that fights off unwanted external or background noise, and there is a pop filter that effectively helps in dealing with sibilance and breath issues.

In addition, users will be pleased with the high quality cable this microphone comes with but bear it in mind that this cable has nothing special about it. Furthermore, the Neewer NW-800 microphone is considered as an omni-directional and cardioid microphone, meaning various sounds will be easily picked up when you spin this microphone around. This microphone comes in a set, which is one of the benefit it provides users with.

When we say this microphone comes in a set, we mean it comes with every other accessory that is required for use. This accessories includes an anti-foam wind cap, power cable, shock mount, and a pop filter. The fact that it comes with every accessory you need makes it a cost effective microphone, and we all know that you will be forced to spend more money when you have to shop for accessories separately.

This is one factor that the Neewer brand took into consideration when designing this microphone, as they have made everything to work with available to you at an affordable price. Every accessory it comes with means you will be able to start recording the moment you step into the studio with the complete set of this microphone.

Neewer NW-800 Review

Neewer NW-800 Review

Being suitable for professional use is one of the main highlight of this microphone, while the combination of a non linear audio output and a bass control switch will effectively reduce microphone noise. Another exciting feature of this microphone is its ability to get rid of sound distortion, and this is possible thanks to its precision electronic circuit that helps in prevent distortion of sounds. Creating a low noise output is yet another benefit of this microphone.

There are several things you will stand to gain when you settle for this high quality microphone, and having an all round metallic design makes it tough, strong, and very durable. This tells you this microphone will last longer than several other microphones on the market, and we are speaking with reference to build quality. It will look attractive when it meets the eyes as it boasts of a fashionable appearance, and it boasts of a portable and lightweight design that makes moving around with it easy.

Earlier in this post, we mentioned to you that this microphone came with an anti-foam wind cap, but what do you think are the benefits of having an anti-foam wind cap. Protecting and enhancing the microphone are the benefits of having an anti-foam wind cap, and trust this wind cap to increase the life service of this microphone. Furthermore, increase audio quality output of this microphone is another benefit of having an anti-foam wind cap.

This means that every annoying sound that comes out of this microphone like breathing and popping sounds will be eliminated so they won’t interfere with its audio sound quality production. Trust the anti-foam cap to get rid of all of these sounds, and this is why we referred to this microphone as a microphone for professional use. Guaranteeing topnotch and excellent sound quality results is what this microphone is designed to do, and we will not forget to talk about its quality shock mount that is effective in eliminating interference.

The interference might come from the floor or the microphone stand, while its power cable will allow you to connect this microphone to a power source. Its power cable comes with an ideal length that ensures it gets to a power source, and trust this shock mount to identify and eliminate unwanted vibrations. One truth we want you to come to terms with is that every product comes with an advantage and disadvantage.

There is no product without a good and bad side, and being aware of the good and bad side of a product will help you weigh your options on whether you want the product or not. Knowing the good and bad side of the microphone will help you make a decision whether you should go for the product or not, and that is what we want to show you next about the Neewer NW-800 microphone so you can easily make up your mind about it.

Neewer NW-800 Review Pros

  • It has an affordable price tag, so you don’t have to empty your wallet for it
  • It sounds good compared to several other microphones on the market
  • It is ideal for beginners

Neewer NW-800 Review Cons

  • This microphone isn’t compatible with mobile devices, tablet, and Mac
  • For it to operate at its peak, it requires 3V or 5V power

Neewer NW-800 Review

This is a great microphone with its price tag, and it will deliver a good performance whether it is used for vocals or for recording. Be rest assured that this microphone will put in a decent and unique performance no matter what it is used for, and every beginner can opt to settle for this microphone. This is because it has a versatile build and is easy to use, and this is the microphone you should start with as a beginner before moving to a high and expensive microphone.

This is the best option you can go for if you want a microphone that comes with every accessory you need, and the fact that you can have everything you need at once means you can start working immediately. There will be no reason for you to rush to any shop to pick up an item or accessory you need, and getting this microphone means you have a guarantee that it will do whatever you expect from it.

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