Neewer NW-700 Review

So many people must have heard about the Neewer NW-700 microphone, so we suggest going through our Neewer NW-700 Review to have better and deeper knowledge of the microphone before going on to make a purchase. It is wise that you have basic knowledge of a product before splashing your cash on it, and that is the purpose of bring you the Neewer NW-700 Review today. We urge you to continue reading this post to learn more about this microphone.

If you are shopping for a powerful and durable microphone on a budget, the best choice microphone you can go for is the Neewer NW-700 microphone. They might be seen as cheap and small cardioid microphones, but the level of performance they have delivered over the years has earned them a top spot among several other great, budget-friendly microphone. The demand for entry-level and budget-friendly microphones have increased over the years.

This is because so many people are now considering going into podcasting, making YouTube videos, online streaming, and video blogging, and people consider the Neewer NW-700 microphone as a good choice based on so many review by past users. Its authenticity and performance over the past years has earned it a good reputation among so many users, ensuring that it has a massive fan base globally.

Podcasters, singers, musicians, and anybody thinking of a high-quality microphone will be pleased with performances delivered by the Neewer NW-700 microphone. It is designed to be picked up by instruments whether outdoors and indoors, which has helped it gain popularity over the years. This microphone has been designed to get better with each year, and meeting all the needs of beginners has helped it becomes highly sought after today.

What users love about this microphone is the fact that it captures crisp and crystal clear sound quality when in use, and it will deliver the best in audio sound quality whether you are a singer or recorder. Users will be impressed with the optimal performance this microphone is built to deliver, but it will need a phantom power adapter for it to function.

Anyone that wants to go into video blogging, podcasting, online streaming and the likes need phantom power adapter for this microphone to function, and anyone who sings can power up this microphone by plugging it directly into a mixer.

Surprisingly, using the direct plugging option or phantom power adapter option will enhance the sound quality of this microphone, and preventing plosives from interfering with this microphone’s audio quality can be achieved through the pop shield this microphone comes with. Its pop shield can be used whether you are talking or singing, and people working in an environment where they have to sit at a desk can make use of this microphone too.

This is because it comes with a boom arm that makes it easy for you to make use of this microphone, and everything we have been talking about the Neewer NW-700 microphone so far will help you get the best out of it. However, there is still a lot more to talk about so continue reading this post.

Neewer NW-700 Review

Neewer NW-700 Review

Features And Functions

Performing excellently is what this microphone is designed to do, and this is one of the reasons that has ensured it has built a huge fan base over the years. Another factor that has helped the Neewer NW-700 microphone gain popularity over the year is how it was able to knock out several other competitors over the years, and we are talking about other entry-level competitors.

It has an improved audio circuitry that boosts microphone performance over the years, and you can count on this microphone to capture full, rich, and sharp audio sounds. Its sounds are natural as users do not have to edit sounds coming out from the microphone, and eliminating background noise is possible as this microphone boasts of a cardioid pickup pattern. This will boost the audio quality of any project you are working on.

Finding all these qualities is quite rare in a microphone, and there are so many microphones that have the same price tag as the Neewer NW-700 microphone but they lack in features and functions. It is designed to protect certain elements from wind interference, which is another enviable feature of this microphone. Its sensitive elements are protected using its foam cap.

However, its foam cap will work effectively when used outdoors, and users will have no option that to settle for this microphone as it ranks higher than several other microphones in terms of features and functions. Here is a list of certain features of the Neewer NW-700 microphone;

  • Easy to adjust scissor arm stand
  • easy to fold arm type
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Windscreen pop filter mask
  • Body is made of full metal
  • It works with most 5V devices
  • It comes with a 3.5mm male to female cable
  • Its metal shock mount has an adjustable angle
  • It comes with a ball type anti-foam wind cap

Despite all of these interesting features, this product comes with a downside. Downsides are common in almost every product, because it is very rare to find a product that is one hundred percent free from flaw. This device will not work with tablets, mobile phones, and mac products. This downside is the same with that of the Neewer NW-800 microphone.

Design And Build Quality

From the reviews of past users that have tried out the Neewer NW-700 microphone, it is easy to deduce that so many users were left impressed with the sturdiness and durability of this microphone. The manufacturers of this microphone didn’t compromise on the build quality and design of this microphone despite this microphone having an easy to afford price tag.

This is because the Neewer brand has an understanding that it could be very hurtful for anyone to shop and pay for an item that will fail to last or live up to expectations. Without doubts, there is a high degree of assurance that the Neewer NW-700 microphone will endure all forms of use because of its durability. This is why we consider this microphone as a wise investment as it is built to last for years.

Moving around with this microphone is very easy thanks to its lightweight design. It can b easily stored after use thanks to its compact build as it won’t require so much space for storage. This is also why we consider it as the best travel buddy if you are a YouTuber, video blogger, or podcaster.

Final Note – Neewer NW-700 Review

From everything we have said so far in this post, you will agree with us that this is the best entry level microphone whether you are a singer, podcaster, interviewer, or a recorder. We hope that everything we have said in this post will encourage you to place this microphone at the top of the list of microphones you want to check out when you are out shopping for an entry level microphone.

Users can rely on this microphone because of its performance and abilities, and the level of performance it delivers helped in knocking away competition from other entry level microphones on the market. There are so many excellent reviews from the Neewer NW-700 microphone on the market, and that tells you this review was written based on performance, function, durability, and not on sales.

There are different expectations from different people when it comes to shopping for an entry level microphone, and the Neewer NW-700 microphone is one that is built to live up to your expectation. It is definitely one of the best entry level microphones you should not miss out on.

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