Midas M32R Review

If you want to talk about a brand that has been making powerful, reliable, and high quality mixers, the Midas brand is one that is well talked about. Our Midas M32R review provides with an in-depth knowledge of everything you need to know about this premium quality mixer, and this is one brand that has a trademark for making unique products.

The good aspect of the Midas mixers is they are mixers that you will find in professional studios, and this is the right page for you to read if you have been searching for a post that talks about the Midas M32R mixer. Anyone who wants to work in a live or studio session will be pleased with working with this mixer as it proves to be the best solution.

You will have no idea whatsoever about the Midas M32R mixer if you are still new to mixers, and this is why you need to grab every information and knowledge you can get about this mixer. If this is what you want then today is your lucky day as we have decided to spill all there is to know on our Midas M32R review. Keep reading this post.

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Midas M32R Review

Designed as a digital audio mixer, the Midas M32R mixer boasts of having twenty five buses, forty input channels, and sixteen microphone preamps. This mixer can be used in several scenarios and instances as it boasts of having a professional grade build and design. There are so many places you can consider working with the Midas M32R.

We are talking about places like medium sized venues, recording studios, home studios, and even in churches. The first Midas M32R mixer was designed and sent to the market back in 2016, and there has been several upgrades and revisions made on this mixer since it was first introduced to the market. There has been some updates over the years.

The surprising thing about these updates is they didn’t come with so many iconic features, but what they have come with over the years are simple and minor updates. The minor updates focuses on this like the mixer’s interface and settings, and people often wonder who and what field can make use of this high quality mixer from the Midas brand.

Who Can Work With The M32r Mixer?

Having a versatile digital mixing design is one of the significant selling points of this mixer, and this design makes this the perfect mixer for a variety of functions. There are so many advantages that comes with using the M32R mixer, and musicians of different musical genres will benefit greatly from working with this mixer.

It doesn’t depend on whether you are a professional or an amateur, anyone can make use of it. This mixer comes with an internal structure that makes it perfect for live events and studio recording, and there are people who are of the opinion that this mixer has an expandable design.

What our last statement means is this mixer can work in larger and greater venues, but there is a debate regarding its price tag. It costs about two thousand dollars, and there are people who either consider the price tag to be too cheap or too expensive. Amateurs think this mixer is expensive, while professionals think the price tag is worth it.

Midas M32R Review

Midas M32R Review

Beginners and amateurs will find it a little bit difficult to get familiar with all of the controls this mixer from Midas comes with. You should know that working with the faders, inputs, and other buttons on this mixer can get very overwhelming. It gets more difficult if it is your first time working with such a high quality equipment.

No matter how difficult working with this equipment is, you are guaranteed obtaining topnotch sounds. However, you should be aware of the fact that this equipment doesn’t come wit accessories. You are going to get a mixing console and a cable when you unpack or unbox this mixer, but there are no microphones or instrument cables.

You are also going to get rack rails which makes it possible for you to mount this mixer on an audio rack, and it is okay for you to know that what you are dealing with has a heavy weight. You might need to bend more than usual when trying to lift this mixer, and this is why you need to be cautious when lifting this mixer.

We have said so much about this mixer that we haven’t even told you about the advantages that comes with working with this mixer. If you are keen on finding out all of the benefits that comes with working with this mixer then come with us as that is what the next section of this post is going to talk about.

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Benefits Of Working With The M32R Mixer

A product that is close to function like this mixer from Midas is the Behringer X32 mixer, and it can be really exhausting for you to discuss one of this mixers without seeing an option of talking about the other. This tells you how similar these mixers are, and they share same features like having forty input channels and sixteen preamps.

If working with the M32R mixer seems overwhelming, it is okay to switch to the Behringer X32 mixer. The Behringer X32 on the other hand is less expensive compared to the Midas M32R mixer, but the M32R mixer weighs more in terms of quality settings, controls, features, usage, and many other aspects.

People are divided over the price tag the M32R mixer comes with, but what people need to know is the this mixer still isn’t the most expensive mixer on the market presently. However, spending two thousand dollars on a mixer of your choice will depend on whether the mixer comes with all the features and controls you need or not.

There are so many things you are going to get from the M32R mixer that you would not get from several other mixers out there. The only drawback about this mixer like we mentioned earlier is the fact that understanding its layout and interface might be very exhausting for amateurs and beginners.

This shouldn’t discourage anyone from working with it as it comes with a manual that shows you how to get the best out of it. Only a beginner will complain about working with this mixer’s interface, but a professional sees it as one of the best to work with. Remember that there is always room for improvement if you are new to it.

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