LG Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out

You should be looking at having a subwoofer in your home if you are the type that loves or enjoy high quality and crystal clear sounds, and there are so many subwoofer brands on the market that you can count on. One of these brands is the LG brand which has won the trust of so many people over the years for making excellent products, but the fact that LG subwoofer keeps cutting out is something that has been putting people off recently.

This issue has been going on for a while with so many people yet to discover what the problem really is, but you have absolutely nothing to be worried about if you find yourself in this tough situation and you have been searching for solutions. This is why we have decided to bring you this piece of article that will tell you the cause of this recurring issue and step you can take in fixing it. However, this isn’t the only problem a soundbar is going to face.

There are times when your soundbar might have issues during installation, but this shouldn’t take away the fact that subwoofers can be very beneficial to all of us. Some of the benefits that comes with owning a subwoofer is the freedom that comes with positioning it, while its ease of installation is yet another advantage that comes with owning a subwoofer today. On the other hand, there are several disadvantages that comes with owning a subwoofer.

Signal degradation is one of them, and the fact that it will produce poor or no sounds is something for you to extremely worried about. I mean, who wants to listen to their favorite songs in a very poor or low sound quality? This is one of the reasons we have considered and concluded that it is impossible for you to find a product or item that has no flaw. There are several factors responsible for signal degradation your subwoofer is suffering.

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LG Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out

LG Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out

Interfering with other devices based on its wireless connection makes it possible for its signal strength to be affected, and trust me when i say your subwoofer will keep cutting out if there is a massive or large space between the receiver and the subwoofer. Sounds will be constantly interrupted at different frequencies if there is large space between the speaker and subwoofer, but this particular problem comes with a straightforward and precise solution.

All that you have to do at this point is to ensure that there is little or limited distance between the speaker and the receiver, while turning off other wireless devices that might interrupt with your subwoofer’s connection can also help. Now you can see that it really isn’t a big deal when your LG subwoofer keeps cutting off, so freaking out isn’t something you should do when you notice that your subwoofer keeps cutting out. There is a reason for it.

What we want you to note is that the two possible causes we have pointed out are not the only reasons why your LG subwoofer keeps cutting out, and we all know how annoying and frustrating it is for your subwoofer to cut off when you are listening to your favorite line or song. Imagine trying to master some dance moves and the song stops playing, or you get cut off from the interesting movie scene you are watching. It can be really heartbreaking.

All these moments will be ruined if your LG soundbar keeps cutting off, and we want to show you several other reasons why your subwoofer keeps going off. Continue reading with us as we show you more possible scenarios.

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LG Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out – Other Possible Causes

Distance – This is one of the factors we mentioned earlier in this post, and it is always possible for distance to be the cause why your subwoofer keeps cutting off. There are subwoofers with better range designs, but positioning subwoofers close to the source makes sure clear signals are obtained always.

Objects – It is possible for certain objects to restrict flow of signals to the subwoofer, and a good example of this object or item is your furniture at home. A clear path must be maintained if signals must get to your subwoofer, and subwoofers should also be positioned at clear spots where nothing will interfere with them receiving signals.

Overcrowding – Another fact about wireless connections is they might be overcrowded in some instances, so you should avoid placing a subwoofer where other wireless devices or connections can easily interfere with it. These wireless devices might be routers, wireless phones, or microwave ovens.

Interference – Interference is yet another factor that people should be on the look out for as it is likely to cut off connections and signals from getting to your subwoofer. Cordless headphones and gaming consoles are capable of wrecking this sort of damage.

Bluetooth Signal – You can try resetting your bluetooth signal and see if your subwoofer will stop getting cut off, and this can be done just by unplugging and plugging back the subwoofer to its power outlet. Unplugging the television and receiver are also very necessary in this situation as they also help in dealing with such problems.

Plugs And Wiring – Ensuring that all plugs are totally plugged in is very necessary when dealing with a subwoofer, and ensure the power strip is designed to work with a subwoofer.

Wire Check – You might find this funny but pets have the tendency of chewing wires in our homes, and you will consider yourself unlucky if you discover that your pet has chewed your subwoofer cables or wires. This is why you need to constantly check for wire cuts and frays from time to time, but this option is only for people that have pets living with them.

Antenna Position – Finally, antenna position is something you have to take a look at if you want to deal with the problem of your LG subwoofer keeps cutting off. Try to move the antenna away from facing other wireless devices that are capable of causing interference, and this simple solution can help you get better and clearer signals.

Rounding It Up

We are sure that you now have a clear understanding and the perfect picture of what you must do if your LG subwoofer keeps cutting off at this point in this article. You now have a very good idea of what you must do if you want to deal with such problem again, and you can talk to use about what method you tried out which worked for you in the comment section of this detailed post.

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