Features And Comparisons That Will Help You Make The Right Choice When Choosing Between the JBL GO2 And JBL GO Bluetooth Speakers

There are so many people that cannot do without making use of their Bluetooth speaker daily, and this tells you the amount of love they have developed for these speakers. There are numerous reasons why a person would be in love with a Bluetooth speaker, and the fact that they provide the best sound experience makes them worth it.

Providing users with a reliable sound experience doesn’t matter if you are watching a movie, listening to music, or playing a game, but what matters is the quality of sound a Bluetooth speaker is designed to deliver. You will find it very easy and convenient to move around with since they post of a portable and compact design.

No wonder people describe them as one of the best and recent technologies the world of music has ever seen, and this is based on all of the amazing features a Bluetooth speaker comes with. Sharing music and other files via your mobile device is another interesting feature of the Bluetooth speaker, and having a wireless design is an advantage.

Its wireless design means you do not have to struggle with wires and cords when you are gaming, listening to music, or watching a movie. You can see that there are a million reasons why anybody will be in love with a Bluetooth speaker today, and all of the features it comes with makes them one of the best investments you can make.

Being very affordable is yet another advantage that comes with investing in Bluetooth speakers, and their price tags sometimes tend to be shocking because of all the amazing features that it comes with. It is safe to say everything about a Bluetooth speaker is outstanding, and it doesn’t matter if the Bluetooth speaker technology is still growing.

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We will be shifting our focus to other reliable JBL Bluetooth speakers, and these are the JBL GO 2 and JBL GO speakers. Trust me when i say these speakers have won the hearts of so many users, and this has prompted us to want to talk about them. There is a difficulty that comes in picking between these two speakers.

We will be taking a look at different aspects of these speakers so you would find it easy to make a choice between these speakers, and we are talking about aspects like sound performance, build quality, features, and other aspects to take into consideration. Let us address these speakers one after the other.



Taking a look at the JBL GO Bluetooth speaker, it was designed to offer users with crystal clear and topnotch sound quality performance. Not delivering superb bass sounds is what people do not like about these speakers, but this still doesn’t change the fact that the JBL GO Bluetooth speaker delivers one of the best sound performances ever.

It boasts of having a good backup battery, and it comes with a waterproof design that makes it ideal for use under rain splashes and other water bodies. The sound volume you will get from this speaker is equal to that which you will get from a laptop, and music lovers will be pleased at the portability of this speaker.

It boasts of having a fast and easy connectivity function, and its level of durability makes sure you do not go back to shopping for a Bluetooth speaker sooner than expected. You can speak into its microphone thanks to its aux and mic features, and trust this speaker to last as long as four hours when it gets fully charged.

It will last this long even when its volume is at its maximum, and you can see now that there are some amazing features the JBL GO Bluetooth speaker is designed to come with.

The JBL GO 2 Bluetooth speaker on the other hand boasts of having a waterproof design just like the JBL GO Bluetooth speaker, and its ultra portable design makes moving about with it very convenient. Its Bluetooth function makes streaming of music very easy, and it offers about five hours of play when it is fully charged.

What users identified as one of the amazing features of this speaker is its clear sound quality when used in making a call, and it boasts of having an IPX7 waterproof design. This is the best waterproof design that prevent damages caused by water. This noise canceling speaker has about twelve interesting colors that makes it attractive.

It also does great when used for a conference call.

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What Makes These Speakers Different?

These speakers are designed to have similarities and differences, and below are some of the features that makes them different from one another;

  • GO 2 comes with round edges, but you will find sharp and boxy edges on the GO speaker
  • The GO 2 comes with a voice play button, while the GO comes with a voice call button
  • The GO 2 is common with the IPX7 waterproof design, but the GO has the regular waterproof design
  • The GO 2 sounds high compared to the GO Bluetooth speaker

Similarities Between These Speakers

You will get a similar sound quality from these speakers, and carrying them along with you anywhere you go is based on their portable build. They both come with rechargeable batteries that will last for about four to five hours, but these Bluetooth speakers do not possess a form of display.

The similarities between these speakers makes it difficult to make a choice between the two of them, but it will interest you to note that there is something special about each of these speakers that makes them ideal for everybody. The JBL GO 2 for instance delivers superb bass sounds but it has a smaller build than the GO speaker.

The GO speaker produces loud sounds and doesn’t sound distorted in any way. The GO Bluetooth speaker is recommended for anyone that desires a fast connection, while the GO 2 is designed for anyone that wants to combine with a smartphone. It also has a better waterproof design.


We have gotten to the final point of this interesting post, and we hope that you have a very good understanding of the similarities and differences between the JBL GO 2 Aand JBL GO Bluetooth speaker. It is completely wise that you pick the speaker that will meet up with your needs, and we will be looking forward to what you think in the comment section.

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