Is Crying Good For Singing

One of the things people find it difficult to do or talk about is crying when singing, and most singers do not talk about crying and singing as they believe you will not understand where they are coming from. Is crying good for singing? Everybody has their own opinion, but we have decided to tell you what you need to know about crying and singing.

Do you think crying when singing impacts the voice? Are there benefits that comes with crying and singing? What you should know is it is not strange for singers to cry and sing at the same time, but one more thing you should know is crying and singing is in no way a sign of weakness on the part of the singer.

The fact is you might be feeling your lowest when you are crying and singing at the same time, and you might also be thinking about something powerful enough to break you down when you cry and sing at the same time. These things are capable of leaving you vulnerable when you are out performing on stage.

One truth that is difficult to look away from is the fact that singers tend to get connected to some song emotionally sometimes, but there are couple of reasons that would make a singer cry when singing. These are what we want to show you next in this detailed post.

Reasons for crying when singing might include any of the few reasons we want to list below;

  • If you are struggling with a physical problem
  • Feeling overwhelmed with emotions
  • When passing through a stage of exhaustion
  • It is the best ways of easing emotional stress
  • Crying helps you release anxiety, anger, and other emotions

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Is Crying Good For Singing

Is Crying Good For Singing

What we want you to know is that it is common for singers to cry on stage when rendering a performance, and it will interest you to note that so many popular singers have at some point been at that stage in their lives. What we want to talk about in this post is not emotions that will cause a singer to cry when singing, but if it is good to cry and sing.

This might be hard for anyone to believe but crying when singing helps in enhancing and improving a singers voice. You will definitely be surprised at learning this, and everyone who is aware now must have felt surprised at some point when they found out. Lifting strains from the vocal cords is what crying does when you are singing.

Blending the voice with vocal registers is also another benefit that comes with crying when singing, and this also creates an avenue for you to express your emotions on any song. Trust me when i say is you are going to create secure place in the heart of your audience if you are able to achieve this on stage.

This is one secret that has been left hidden for so many years and you can see that so many people are not aware of what benefits comes with crying and singing. Another advantage of being a crybaby when singing is it helps in aligning the vocal cords, and people are starting to understand the benefits that comes with crying and singing.

At some point, this might come naturally. You will not be able to obtain the benefits you want when you fake crying and singing, and shedding a tear when singing means you have to be connected or be in tune with the song. When a baby finds himself or herself in a state of perpetual mix, they end up crying as loud as they can.

This is one state where there is better and improved chord alignment, and this proves that babies can never cry wrongly. This shows you that babies can never cry the wrong way because the have not been around long enough to learn any bad habits or traits. When a baby cries, you can see how clear the voice gets.

This is why crying when singing is one of the best vocal techniques singers need to try out from time to time, and this is the reason why some singers cry genuinely when they are out singing on stage. When people cry, they sound clear, have a good pitch, range, and tone.

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Does It Make A Difference?

Is Crying Good For Singing

If you want to get familiar with this, the first thing you should do is look for a song you are very good at singing. Look fora line you love, and try pretending to cry when you sing that line. You can imaging a heartbreak you went through or one of your tough conditions in life, and try milking into this feeling.

Try making your voice shake, and you will be able to understand the difference when you make a sound. Singing with ease and producing richer tones is one of the benefits that comes with crying and singing, and you will notice that singing and crying helps in adding a new dimension and tone to your voice.

On the days you are not comfortable with singing, this technique will help in singing out loud and trust this technique to send chills down the spine of your audience. You might not believe this but crying when singing on your bad vocal days helps you sound and sing better. You will also enjoy the freedom and extra tone this technique offers.

You will get very good at this technique when you constantly try it out, and this makes it easy for you to apply this during your next performance. It might be a ridiculous thing for a person to cry when singing, but it is one of the easiest things that can help you in identifying your sweet spot.

Rounding Up

This is one technique you can have fun and play with, and you are going to enjoy making use of this technique. Try this about ten times a day, and watch how this technique is going to improve your singing voice and tone.

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