Is Banana Good For Voice?

Singers always find it confusing to know what food is good for them or what food could be harmful for their voice. It is even difficult for singers who do not have access to these information, but one fact about fruits is they provide the body with great nutrition. Is banana good for the voice? You will find the answers you seek in this detailed post.

One fact we cannot look away from is the fact that banana provides the body with numerous benefits, and there are several studies that have showed that consuming banana helps in boosting moods and confidence. When you eat banana, you feel full and satisfied, but you would be surprised to learn that banana isn’t a good fruit for singers.

Surprised that you have read this about a fruit like banana? I bet everybody felt this way when they first learn that banana isn’t a healthy fruit for singers, and this is based on the fact that banana has a creamy texture which ends up leading to mucus production inside the throat.

There is no doubt that bananas come with all the nutrients that the body needs, but the fact that it produces so much amount of mucus means it is a threat to the vocal cords. Having mucus inside the throat or on the vocal cords is going to cause severe irritation, and this will definitely affect you negatively when you want to sing.

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Is Banana Good For The Voice?

Is Banana Good For Voice?

The irritation of the vocal cords means you will find it very difficult to hit full ranges, and you will feel the weakness and hoarseness in your voice. Boosting serotonin levels is also another benefit that comes with consuming moderate amounts of banana, and this serotonin levels helps in reducing anxiety and depression levels in the body.

Now, you can see that bananas also has a way of helping the body before going out on stage to sing as it has properties that helps in dealing with anxiety. What we are trying to say is consuming banana in moderate amounts might leave you with more benefits than harm.

Despite the benefit we have mentioned about consuming banana, it is not kind on the voice. Bananas are very good at producing high amounts of mucus and phlegm, and these things are capable of causing the voice to not sound clear when you sing. This will end up affecting your performance when you sing, and you clearly do not want this.

Having a very strong texture is yet another common property of the banana fruit, and having a strong texture makes it easy for the banana fruit to sit on the vocal cords. This will end up putting a lot of pressure on the vocal cords, but the vocal cords ought to be free at all times so they can open up easily and allow you sing freely.

Consuming banana before singing will put a stress on your vocal cords, and this will end up affect your performance as well.

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Are Bananas Good For Singing?

It is not ideal for a singer to consume banana, especially when you have to go out in few hours to sing on stage. However, there are singers that do not agree with what i just said, but it is simply a fact that has been proven over and over again even though some singers choose to disagree with it.

Eating banana leaves with a husky and unclear voice, and staying away from bananas is going to be a very difficult thing for anyone to do considering the fact that it is almost everyone’s favorite fruit. The good aspect of bananas like we mentioned earlier is they will lift moods, make you relaxed, and ensure you feel much better.

Singers are not going to enjoy eating banana as it hinders them from singing clearly. It also comes with a heavy texture that is capable of sitting on the vocal cords, and this is why eating banana few hours before going out to sing or record is totally a bad idea. The body will need fuel for it to go out on stage to sing or to the studio to record.

This means you will need all the strength, energy, and confidence when you want to sing, and these are things that banana can offer you when they are taken in moderation. Knowing what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat should be the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to take care of your voice.

There are few foods that can help you with energy and confidence when you have a show to sing at, and one of the attributes of this food is the fact that they ensure you are hydrated. Hydrated foods will definitely help you get the best out of your voice when you sing, but banana doesn’t fall into that category of fruits.

You do not rely on the banana fruit when you want to hit the stage to sing, but there are several other fruits that can help you deliver the best performance or recording when you eat them few hours before singing.

Does Banana Clear The Throat?

Is Banana Good For Voice?

Like we mentioned in one of our recent posts, there are fruits that helps in dealing with throat issues before you can go ahead and try out over the counter medicines. Everyone is comfortable with pills nowadays that we have forgotten about the importance of nature.

Banana might not be the ideal fruit for singers, but this doesn’t change the fact that it has some useful properties of its own. Banana has a cooling and soothing effect if you are dealing with a sore throat, and this is based on the fact that banana comes with the vitamin C nutrient which helps in boosting the immune system to fight off colds.

Banana is very easy to swallow, making it the ideal fruit to take when dealing with a sore throat. It is also rich in calcium, potassium, and vitamin B. There are other things you can try out when dealing with a sore throat like;

  • Honey
  • Soup
  • Garlic
  • Yogurt

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Voice Not Loud?

This might have to do with being shy or not having confidence when speaking, but there are several other factors that might cause your voice not to be loud enough.

Why Do I Speak Softly

Social anxiety disorder might be a very possible reason why you speak softly, and this is the reason why people who speak softly do not get enough attention when speaking in public. Speaking loudly shows a sign of confidence.


The secret in maintaining a healthy voice for singing lies in the ability to know what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat, and the quantity you should eat. Everything you want to know about banana with respect to singing is already detailed in this post, so we are looking forward to your comments.

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